Love Rain Episode 17 Quick Summary

“Do you really have nothing to say to me?”asked Joon. “I want to go together,” said Ha Na. Joon approached Ha Na and hugged him. He took her hand and they both left. His mother apparently didn’t recognize it was Joon and Ha Na on the bridge. The couple really escaped.

Meanwhile In Ha and Yoon Hee had their friendly reunion. “Are you really okay?” asked In Ha. Suddenly Hye Jeong came, saying she worried that In Ha gave her no news. “Let’s talk,” she said. Yoon Hee tried to convince her that she and In Ha would continue to be friends. Yoon Hee said Hye Jeong had nothing to do with her relationship with In Ha, and she doesn’t wish to see her again. “But I hope one day, we can see each other as friends,” said Yoon Hee.

Hye Jeong didn’t stop there, she told In Ha she had something to talk to him.She asked In Ha about Joon. “You may never be my man, but Joon is my son,”said Hye Jeong. “Is it true that you give up your marriage because you want to start over with Joon?”

Joon and Ha na arrived at a house and they just planned to spend their time together without thinking anything else. Joon just hugged Ha Na from the back and then they really spent their quality time joyfully. They went to the market together and one of the seller ladies thought they’re newlywed. “Now, here, we’re just going to think about us,” said Joon.

Later that night Joon cooked for both of them and they both wear the clothes they bought in the market. Then the conversation about the historical diamond snow, but Ha Na said she had forgotten it. “You even threw away my ring,” said ha Na. Apparently, Joon still kept Ha Na’s ring as his necklace pendant.

Yoon Hee just realized that Ha Na wasn’t around. Her co-worker told her that she left with a boyfriend, who was not TAe Seong. Yoon Hee made a call to Ha Na. And just like any other kids, Ha Na made a lie using school as her excuse. “Ha Na, are you okay?” asked Yoon Hee, worried. “Yes, I’m okay,” said Ha Na. Tae Seong came and Yoon Hee had the right person to ask about Ha Na’s boy friend. Tae Seong told her that he knew about Ha Na’s boyfriend.

Ha Na and Joon were talking outside the swinging bench. “What should we do now?” asked Ha Na. “Let’s reveal ourselves,”said Joon. Then suddenly rain came pouring. Ha Na asked him to go inside, but Joon just stood there in the rain.

Yoon Hee went into Ha Na’s room and she checked on Ha Na’s pocket camera. She finally saw Joon and Ha Na’s picture and figured out everything. She finally understood In Ha’s heartbreak for himself and for their children.

Ha Na woke up alone and then went outside to find Joon. He’s standing on the bridge having a deep contemplation about their destiny and their future. Ha Na put on her ring on Joon’s finger. “No matter what, you’re always be the first for me,” said Ha Na. And then they hugged.

Yoon Hee waited for the children to come home. She watched how Joon was saying good bye to Ha Na, but she turned right away feeling uncomfy.

Hye Jeong came to Joon’s place because she’s looking for her son. She came to talk about his father’s cancelation of his marriage. “Is it true he did it because of you?” she asked. “What’s the reason? Why?”

Yoon Hee said she really wanted to see Ha Na’s boy friend, but she didn’t tell her that she already knew about her and Joon. Ha Na came to see Tae Seong in the morning because she knew he told his mother about her boy friend. Tae Seong said he worried about her. Ha Na told him that now she couldn’t think of another man but Joon. “I’m sorry, Senior.” On her way out, Ha Na met Hye Jeong. From her conversation with Tae Seong, Joon’s mother finally realized that Ha Na was a gardenist.

Yoon Hee came down to In Ha’s place. She helped In Ha cleaning his studio, insisted, saying that she always wanted to do it. In Ha kept a book that brought back Yoon Hee’s memories. When In Ha came back, she returned her engagement ring. She finally told In Ha that she knew about the children. She said that for the past 30 years she had lived loving In Ha in her heart, but she really wanted their children to be happy together.It hurt, but it was what parents had to do for their children. In Ha agreed to her.

Joon and Ha Na just did their relationship as casual as other young couples. They set appointment about how their should spend time together and what they should eat.And the next day, Joon came down her house and brought chocolate as she requested.Ha Na asked joon if he had fix his relationship with his father. Joon said no, he’s not.

The next day, Ha Na came down to meet In Ha. She gave her a bucket of flower. Ha Na thanked him for understanding her situation with Joon. Meanwhile joon came down to the greenhouse to meet Yoon Hee. In the same time, she saw Yoon Hee dropped her things and noticed there’s something wrong with her eyesight when she just walked pass her.

Ha Na was waiting for Joon on the rooftop garden. When she heard footsteps, she thought it was Joon. It turned out to be Hye Jeong. “Why are you here??” she demanded Ha Na.

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