Love Rain Episode 13 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 13 started exactly when it ended last episode. The parents got off the boss just across the street Joon approached Ha Na. Unfortunately it was only Seo in Ha who noticed Ha Na. He also sensed Joon but then he said, “Maybe I mistaken someone else.”

Joon brought Ha Na to the hotel and it upset Ha Na. “Who’s going wash first?” asked Joon coldly. Ha Na shot him with an upset look. “What? Aren’t you thinking about doing something like this?” challenged Joon coldly. The upset Ha Na just said, “Yes, something like this!” Ha Na went into the bathroom and Joon went outside.

Mi Ho was furious hearing Joon was together with Ha Na in the beach area. Unfortunately, in the right time Hye Jeong came and heard Mi Ho’s words. She asked what Mi Ho meant and what girl he’s going out with. Mi Ho didn’t say Ha Na’s name, but mentioned that the girl even stayed there together with Joon. Seon Ho tried to prevent her saying more, but Mi Ho was even going to show Ha Na’s picture. Thankfully, Seon Ho reasoned with her.

In the hotel, Ha Na was left alone. Then someone was knocking on the door. Then two men burst in like trying to find something. They’re about to do something bad to Ha Na but Joon came right in time. They haven’t strated to have their conversation yet. So then they sat together, didn’t say anything until Joon’s hand accidentally touched Ha Na’s. He held Ha Na’s hand. Ha Na started the conversation by asking him the reason of their current situation, but Joon didn’t say anything.

Next day on the beach. The parents walked along the beach they used to go to.Seo In Ha said just like the foot prints they left on the sand, he wanted them to be together facing the future. He finally asked Yoon Hee to marry him and kissed Yoon Hee’s forehead gently.

On the other side of the beach, the children also walked along it. Joon told Ha Na the beach was a historical beach for his father. He used to go there too.He finally said he had something to tell her. He almost started, but Ha Na suddenly said, “Oh, that’s mom! She’s with Prof. Seo…” She was about to approach them, but Joon dragged her into the wood.

Ha Na finally figured it out herself. “Prof. Seo In Ha…Seo In Ha..and Seo Joon…”She wondered the name. Joon finally told her the truth. “Your mother and my father was…” He couldn’t ever finish his sentence. Ha Na and Joon went back to te city by train in silence.

Tae Seong was coming down to Yoon Hee’s house and found it empty. Another staff came and informed him what happened to Yoon Hee. He recalled Yoon Hee was once meeting Hye Jeong, so he ordered his men to look through this matter.

Ha Na got off the train. Joon called her, “Ha Na.” And Ha Na said how good it was to hear him calling her name. Joon called her name over and over again. They ended up having dinner together at bbq place. Ha Na finally realized how’s the heartache Joon felt when he first knew the truth about their parents because she was feeling the same thing then. It’s now Joon who tried to cheer her up.
“Do you hate my mother?” asked Ha Na. “Do you hate me? You don’t hate me for being my mom’s daughter?”
“For me you are just you,” said Joon.
“Do you know how much I like you?” asked Ha Na. Then she just cried and Joon was only watching her got drunk.

Joon piggyback Ha Na home. Ha Na sobered up in her room, kept crying. Joon, from his room, started to talk. “Can you just go away with me? Don’t care about our parents. Let’s just go away from here together, can we?” The knew it wasn’t the best way to solve their problem, so both of them just cried in each of their room.

Seo Joon was suddenly summoned by Tae Seong. He asked Joon why his mother made Yoon Hee’s fired. “Was it because of Ha Na?” Joon who knew nothing about it was upset both for the fact he was facing Tae Seong and what his mother had done. Then Joon came down to his mom’s office. He confronted his mother for doing that far. “Because I hate her so much, can’t I do it?” But Joon finally made her to fix the problem right away. After doing what her son asked her, Hye Jeong asked Joon to go back home, but Joon just left. When he was out of his mother’s office, he met his father. He asked if his father came to tell his mother about his relationship with that woman. In Ha wondered how he knew. Joon just said he shouldn’t meet his mother because her situation wasn’t that good.

Tae Seong came and took Ha Na for a ride. He told Ha Na about Joon and Joon’s mother. Knowing that Joon knew nothing about this made Ha Na worried about his feelings. It upset Tae Seong that she worried about Joon more than herself. Tae Seong brought Ha Na to her mother’s working place and spoke with both Yoon Hee and Ha Na about Yoon Hee’s job. She’s getting it back. Tae Seong asked her to come back.

Yoon Hee was asking about Ha Na’s feeling and her relationship with the guy she liked when Seo In Ha came. When the three of them sat down and had a conversation, Ha Na was staring at In Ha that he asked why she’s looking at him like that. Ha Na asked if they went to the beach. The parents asked how Ha Na knew it. She said she just knew about the beach, “So have you been there together or not?” Yoon Hee told them they had gone there to the beach. Then In Ha told Ha Na about their planning to start their lives together. Ha Na had no other choice but to say congrats and be a good support for her mother.

Arriving at the studio, Ha Na found Joon was sitting in the garden. She said,”I had no memory about my father because he passed away when I was a kid. I’ve been always sad seeing other people had full family while i’m not. So the truth is…” Ha Na was indicating that she would support the parent’s plan to get married. “Stop it,” said Joon. Then he approached Ha Na and hugged her. “It’s okay.” He said if she’s going to do it, he would do it. “Let’s just do it.” to support their parents. Joon was the one to release the hug and left.

Ha Na was leaving the place by just leaving notes and flowers, different flowers for each boys. Only Joon who didn’t get any present. He was upset Ha Na left without any notice to him. But he was wrong. Ha Na left a flower and a note for Joon on the book shelf.

Ha Na caught her mother reading a poem over the phone with Seo In Ha. Ha Na said, “If you’re happy, I love it.” Yoon Hee asked Ha Na to go have lunch together with her and Seo In Ha, but Ha Na made an excuse that she had to attend a seminar. She went out of the house early because she’s meeting Tae Seong in the pool. Since our leading actor cannot do the must-have-seen-in-kdrama: bare chest scene, it comes down to the supporting actor with perfect body shape to execute the scene. Tae Seong came out of the water and approached Ha Na. He treat her a feast of lunch.

Joon’s life turned a mess. He buried himself in his room until Mi Ho pulled him out. She was talking about the fact she knew and Joon was upset Mi Ho interfere his life. She confessed her feelings to Joon, but he just responded her coldly. Seon Ho’s friendship with Ha Na was still good. They still talked through phone. He told Ha Na that Joon still couldn’t get over the break up, Ha Na said it’s also the same with her.

Yoon Hee had someone knocked on the green house door, but no one was there. There’s only a book and a note left on the door. Yoon Hee went out to the garden, following what was said in the note. Then suddenly three men, the c’est la vie trio were singing “Love Rain” with their guitars just like the old time. Seo In Ha officially proposed her with a bouquet of flower and a ring. “Let’s get married,” said In Ha. Yoon Hee gave a nod. It was a nice reunion for the boys and Yoon Hee. The men were definitely on In Ha’s side.

In Ha thanked Yoon Hee for accepting him. They’re talking about their future lives together. Ha Na came home and saw her mother was sitting together with Seo In Ha. They looked so happy. She could only cried in silence. Meanwhile Hye Jeong came home and told Joon that In Ha was going to marry that other woman. Dong Wook and Chang Mo had definitely informed her. Joon was sick of his mother’s hatred and his father’s plan of marrying Yoon Hee.

Chang Mo’s nephew came down to the cafe slash studio, looking for Joon and Seon Ho. He explained himself as Joon and Seon Ho’s best frienf to the waiter and Joon’s assistant. He bumped into Mi Ho and got into a fight with her. He tried to remind Mi Ho that he was Kim Jeon So.

In Ha was calling Joon to meet him and had a talk. It turned out In Ha suddenly had a plan to introduce his son to Yoon Hee and Ha Na. In Ha told Joon to greet the two ladies. The children just pretended it’s their first meeting.

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  1. So sad for the young couple..:(

  2. tks soo much!

  3. Can’t InHa just go back with his wife? I don’t like ‘divorce’.
    I can’t even imagine how suffer Joon’s feeling when he see his dad n yonhee want to get marry. And makes Joon’s mom like in the hell~

  4. thanks. i don’t know how the two kids can get together. :(


  6. Thank you soo much!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 really appreciate your hard work :)

  7. I just hate this kind of situation. It makes me so uncomfortable.

  8. daebak!!

  9. How sad for Joon and Ha Na :( I dont know what will happen to the next episodes.I hope the marriage will be cancel because their parents will know that Joon and Ha Na had a relationship :) Thanks anyway for the summary

  10. Thanks for the summary.

  11. There is this unconditional love for their children that parents innately possess. I’m pretty sure if they find out that Joon and HaNa sacrificed for their happiness, the wheels will turn around. Im guessing that Yoon Hee’s sickness will aggravate or they would just give up the love that was not really meant to be.

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