Love Rain Episode 18 Quick Summary

While Joon got a clue about Yoon Hee’s condition, Hye Jeong finally found out Ha Na’s relationship with Joon. She of course opposed it. She said after what happened with Joon’s father and Ha Na’s mom, she would never let Ha Na and Joon be together. “Never, even until I die!”

Joon met Ha Na in their appointment place. Joon asked Ha Na what she wanted to do for today. Ha Na said she just wanted to go home and spent with her mother. Joon noticed a little change in Ha Na’s expression, so he asked if anything happened today, Ha Na didn’t say anything about her encounter with his mother. Ha Na said she just wanted to go home alone and him as well had to go home.

Joon got home and his mother started to talk strange about matching him and Mi Ho. “I really like Mi Ho and you’ve known each other since you’re young,” persuaded Hye Jeong. Joon just reponded to his mother coldly.

After spending time with her mother, Ha Na talked on the phone because Joon called her. Ha Na asked what kind of person Joon mother was. and Joon also asked the same question. And just like Joon said his mother was a broken hearted person, Ha Na also said the same thing.

Seon Ho changed his hairstyle a bit, but everyone noticed it and asked him what made him did it. Seon Ho said nothing in special. Then Joon came and asked Seon Ho if he had told his father about Joon’s request. Joon told Seon Ho about Yoon Hee’s condition and Seon Ho was asked to tell his father and had him check on Yoon Hee himself. They decided to keep it a secret from Joon’s father.

Yoon Hee’s problem with eyesight got worsen.Lee Dong Wook came down to see her and told her if she’s ill she could tell him. Yoon Hee knew Dong Wook’s sudden visit was because of Joon’s information. Dong Wook need a good effort to make Yoon Hee go to the hospital with him. Yoon Hee finally got examined and the result was not good. Joon who was waiting for Yoon Hee at the hospital got the bad news from Seon Ho instantly. Joon talked to Yoon Hee in the hospital how and when she’s gonna tell Ha Na. He said he didn’t want to lie to Ha Na about anything. Yoon Hee decided not to tell her daughter.

Ha Na suddenly got a call from Hye Jeong. She summoned Ha Na for a meeting. Mi Ho was there too. Joon called her without knowing that she’s in his mother’s house and Ha Na of course didn’t tell him. Hye Jeong told her to break up with Joon, but Ha Na said she couldn’t. “I have promised Joon since we started again our relationship that I have to think about Joon’s feeling.” Hye Jeong got very upset hearing Ha Na’s answer. Suddenly Joon came in and found Ha Na was yelled by his mother.

He hurriedly drove her away from his mother’s house. Feeling very upset, Joon stopped his car and let out his anxiety. “Are you stupid or what? Don’t you know my mother? Why did you come when my mother called you?” Joon was upset and worried in the same time, knowing his mother’s character. Ha Na said she wanted to defend their relationship and then left Joon.

Mi Ho came to see his brother and told him what happened with Ha Na. She said she didn’t know when Hye Jeong summoned her and she actually disagreed with what Hye Jeong did. “Said sorry to Ha Na,” said Seon Ho. Of course Mi Ho refused to do it. Seon Ho video called Ha Na just to make sure Ha Na was okay.

Tae Seong’s mother came down to the resort and Tae Seong introduced her to Ha Na. But Tae Seong didn’t told Ha Na in advance that the Chairlady was his mother.”Why your mother wanted to see me?”asked Ha Na. “Because you’re the girl her son liked,” said Tae Seong. Ha Na once again had to beat Tae Seong’s optimism by telling him that her heart just belonged to Joon. “I’m sorry,” she had to say those words again to the poor Tae Seong. Joon actually saw it when Ha Na was walking with Tae Seong and his mother. Later that night, Joon came down Ha Na’s house to apologize.

In Ha, Dong Wook and Chang Mo got together for the “boys’ night out(in)” in one of the men’s house. Dong wook almost told In Ha about Yoon Hee, but he couldn’t.

Ha Na spent the evening sitting on the bench around her house with Joon. She brought up the topic of Mi Ho with him. She told him that his mother seemed to like Mi Ho very much. Joon said he and Mi Ho had nothing in common while he and Ha Na had. One of them was they both were easy to get jealous. “If you’re tired and what ever happened to you, just don’t runaway,” said Joon.

At home, Joon tried to talk to his mother, but Hye Jeong’s mind was firm. She couldn’t give them her blessing, no matter what.

The next day, she met Ha Na again.She asked if it’s impossible for Ha Na to break up with Joon. Ha Na just said sorry. “Then don’t you know that your mother is sick? She had a problem with her eyesight and soon to lose it, don’t you know it?” Hye Jeong got this information from her men, of course. The point of Hye Jeong’s speech was she’s supporting Yoon Hee, in her poor condition, to be with In Ha because she understood she must need In Ha very much. The parents should be together, thus the kids wouldn’t have any future together. After listening to what Hye Jeong said, Ha Na wasn’t focus to Joon’s topic anymore. She just left for her mother.

Hye Jeong confronted In Ha about him stepping forward in his love for Yoon Hee to let Joon be together with Ha Na. “Why don’t you just do it (marrying Yoon Hee). Just you who should do it. It can’t be for Joon. I would never let him,” said Hye Jeong.

In Ha visited Joon and told him about his mother knowing his relationship with Ha Na. “I’m fine,” said Joon coldly. “It’s good you’re fine. Whenever you need me, just call me whenever you want.” Feeling sorry to both Yoon Hee and his father, Joon decided to tell his father about Yoon Hee’s condition.

Ha Na came to the resort and asked her mother’s co-worker about her mother whereabout. Ha Na got the information that her mother went to the hospital. In the hospital, Yoon Hee who was left alone by the nurse at the corridor thought In Ha was Joon when he took her hand and led her walk. Until In Ha said something and Yoon Hee realized he was actually In Ha. Ha Na came and just hugged her mother and cried. Joon watched the scene and it somehow put him in a very great dilemma.

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