Love Rain Episode 5 Quick Summary

Love Rain episode 5 started at the train station. A girl named Ha Na bumped into Seo Joon. She was saying “sumimasen” to him, but turned out to be a Korean because she spoke Korean with her friends.

Seo Joon was a pro photographer. He said to his assistant that he had never felt a heart thumping moment even though he had met so many beautiful girls. He and the model were flirting towards each other in Seo Joon’s car (the model came into his car voluntarily).  He said that he didn’t have any girlfriend yet because he didn’t believe in love and seemed to have a bad experience with first love, so he just be a playerHe was leaning and about to kiss the model when a cute ringtone rang. There’s a mobile in his pocket that didn’t belong to him. Ha Na called and asked to meet him because she needed her mobile. Seo Joon told his whereabout and Ha Na straightly went to the winter resort.

Seo Joon’s intimate time with the model was ruined by his assistant was calling out. His boss was calling him through the teleconference. He wanted a particular model with a particular photograph that it upset Seo Joon. Ha Na called again, but it was not a perfect timing for Seo Joon’s mood, but Ha Na needed her phone badly. However, Seo Joon and his team was leaving the resort and went back to the hotel. And as soon as he arrived at the hotel, the cellphone was ringing again. He gave the phone to his assistant.

Ha Na was angry because she was already at the winter resort. Seo Joon’s assistant told her their whereabout and Ha Na decided to leave by herself bu bus. Seo Joon’s assistant was laughing out loud seeing the cellphone, but didn’t know what really made him laugh. He just said to Seo joon that the girl was interesting.Then the assistant left, leaving Seo Joon alone with the phone. Seo Joon checked on the phone and saw a scary image out as soon as he opened it. Apparently Ha Na had many interesting photographs and there’s an interesting video titled “Diamond Snow” that caught Seo Joon’s attention.

Almost arriving at the hotel, Ha Na was almost hit by Seo Joon and his assistant’s car. The men thought the girl was Japanese, so with his arrogant character he spoke Korean to his assistant that offended Ha Na. The assistant apologized, but Ha Na just continued her walk to the hotel. Ha Na called out her phone but no response.

Seo Joon and his team were partying in the town all night and made Ha Na waited at the hotel lobby.Feeing upset and desperate, Ha Na decided to sneak in. He phone was left in Seo Joon’s room. After checking all room by calling her own phone, she finally heard her phone’s ringtone from inside Seo Joon’s room. She was banging at the door but surprisingly it wasn’t lock, so she got in. After having her phone again, instead of leaving instantly, she did something to pay back to what Seo Joon had done, made her wait for hours. She wrote something on the bathroom mirror with a lipstick and when she was about to go, Seo Joon was coming with the model. When they dropped their bodies onto the bed, they found things scattered on the bed. The model slipped her tongue that it probably the work of her boyfriend. And Seo Joon instantly felt a resentment. He was going to go the toilet and was surprised by Ha Na’s presence. Ha Na explained that she only wanted to get her phone, but Seo joon took her phone and they quarreled.

Seo Joon took Ha Na away, making her mobile a confiscation. Ha Na was willing to do anything to get it back and Seo Joon, who was curious about the diamond snow video Ha Na had in her phone, asked her to show him the place. But it was already close when they got there and Ha Na said she came in the morning the other day. They slept over in the car. In the morning, Seo Joon made Ha Na accompany him to the exact location of the snow by threatening to throw her phone away.  Ha Na asked if he wouldn’t be cold with such an improper clothes. Seo Joon boasted that it’s an expensive style. But during the hike, he kept complaining because it was too cold for him.

When they arrived at the location, Ha Na said they should wait for two hours because it required a certain angle of the sun. Seo Joon asked Ha Na to take off her coat for him. Instead she just gave him another layer of underclothes. To kill time Ha Na was giving him questions, but Seo Joon already knew all the answers because they were all written in her phone. Then Seo joon gave his hand, asked her to take it and made it warm. Ha Na unwillingly took it and put it in her pocket.

Ha Na said there’s a saying about watching the diamond snow. If two people who like each other watch the diamond snow together, their love would bloom. “Then what if we watch it together?” asked Seo Joon. “No way!” said Ha Na. They quarreled and Seo Joon fell into the snow. So now the situation changed. Ha Na was in more advantage position. She asked for her phone first before agreeing to help Seo Joon. As soon as she got her phone back, Ha Na fled.

It took time for Seo joon to dig up the snow with his hand. Then he left that spot and forgetting about the diamond snow. But it actually came to the perfect timing. The diamond snow starting the show as the sun was up in the sky. Seo Joon instantly forgot about getting mad at Ha Na and started taking picture. But he caught Ha Na’s face enjoying the snow and ended up taking her pictures.

Seo Joon’s condition was bad as they got into the car. He was trembling very badly that Ha Na had to drive the car. Suddenly the car stopped in the middle of nowhere because the gas was empty. While Seo joon was making a phonecall, Ha Na saw a sign board of a natural hot spring. Seo Joon’s assistant was still sleeping when Seo Joon’s father called. After talking to Seo Joon’s father, it was Seo Joon’s phone call turn to tell his assistant his whereabout.

Ha Na and Seo Joon found the natural hot spring. Seo Joon still confiscated Ha Na’s phone to make her stay.  When Seo Joon’s was taking pictures,  Ha Na wa about to take her phone secretly, but Seo joon caught her. She fell into the water, the kitchen sank, Seo Joon only cared about his camera. Ha Na’s phone was off.

Seo In Ha was holding a press confrence in Japan. His assistant said there’re Korean exchanged students who would like t give him some questions.

Seo Joon said he didn’t believe in love, because his father’s first love was bad that he ended up married to someone else and had Seo Joon. But he wanted to know if there’s a love in 3 seconds. He looked at Ha Na deeply and counted 1 2 3 but nothing happened. Then Ha Na also talked about her mother’s first love that even though it didn’t work out, his mother was happy with that first love. She wanted to experience such love, too. This time it was Ha Na who was counting 1 2 3 by looking at Seo Joon’s face, but Ha Na was just making fun of it. However, that 3 seconds made Seo Joon startled. The he hugged Ha Na, saying “just a while, just a while.” Ha Na pushed him away, but then Seo Joon slowly leaned forward and was going to kiss Ha Na.

Aaaahhh really, I miss the 70s!


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  1. no way!!! just when its getting sooo good!!!! thank you so much for the recaps, i look forward to reading your blog everyday (^_*)

  2. What is the song title used in the scene where they are walking towards the inner part of the snow forest to find and watch diamond snow? THanks.

  3. --ChodingYeol

    Same, the modern times seem like such a big shift from the 70s :”(

  4. --ChodingYeol

    OMG, Wait, so … what’s Ha Na’s last name? What’s Yoon Hee’s last name?
    Seo Joon is In Ha’s son … is it ?
    Ha Na is Yoon Hee’s daughter … is it?

    If it is, their parent’s (His dad, her mum) were split and did they marry later to another person?


    The two could’ve been silblings then !!! (If Inha & Yoonhee married of course xd)

    OMG It makes things seem so interesting it’s so … DAEBAK !!XD

    Thanks for the summary ! <3

    Btw, are their parents still alive? o.O

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