Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 16 Summary

Glory Jane epidode 16, here we are. I’m sure many people just couldn’t wait to find out about the “what’s next” after the kiss between Young Kwang and Jae In. But for me, personally, the most interesting character’s progress in this episode is Seo In Woo’s.
But we’ll get there later.

There was actually an audience watching the kissing scene live that moment. She’s none other than Mrs. Kim. She’s surprised,but not shock because i think she had been suspicious about Young Kwang and Jae In’s relationship.

Love is blind, well that’s how it worked at that moment. Young Kwang asked Jae In if they should run away to the place where no one know them and where their names don’t matter at all. But Seo In Cheol was fast. She got Jae In back and had his men beat up Young Kwa for attempting to fight for Jae In. In Woo’s coming was quite a distracting In Cheol’s men.

Mrs. Kim came to rescue her son. She told Jae In not to come and see them ever again. “Now that your mom is back to life (from a long coma), go and run your life well!”

Jae In was very surprised about the fact that her mom is still alive. She asked time to In Cheol that she needed to ask more about her mother to Mrs. Kim. But of course, In Cheol just ordered the bodyguards to bring her. In Woo took over Jae In and they went home together.

In woo heard about Jae In’s mother from Jae In. So after he arrived home he talked about it. He went against his father about the idea of letting Jae In meet her mother. In Woo just wanted to make Jae In happy, but Chairman thought it was a foolish idea because it will jeopardize his whole plan. The conversation ended up with Chairman Seo beating up In Woo with a golf stick. Thankfully, Jae In jumped forward and beg for the chairman to let In Woo go.

In Woo went up to his room and Jae In found him hiding somewhere in the closet, his hidings since he was a kid. In Woo remembered the way Jae In used to treat his wound when they’re kids, exactly the same situation like they were then. When Jae In sat beside him, In Woo grabbed her and hugged her tight.

After breaking her promise to Chairman Seo of not meeting anyone from the Kim family again, Jae In tried to avoid Young Kwang in the office. And that morning in the elevator when Young Kwang tried to catch up with her, she told Young Kwang about her deal with Chairman Seo. Young Kwang got the message and about to go out when the elevator suddenly crowded with Jae In’s bodyguard kept his eyes on Young Kwang all the time. What the bodyguard didn’t know was Young Kwang and Jae In were holding hands. Young Kwang secretly gave Jae In a letter to cheer her up.

Because In Cheol reported that Mrs. Kim had visited Mrs.Yoon in the hospital, Chairman Seo summoned Mrs.Kim and warned her not to meet her again or have any contact with her in anyway. Mrs.Kim played innocent, but she gave him her words.

Sadly, Chairman Seo finally knew that Mrs.Yoon had waken up from a coma. The doctor and the head nurse was in his side.

Jae In still lied about her loosing her product to sell as the task in the office. But she kept her spirit up. And Seo In Woo kept cheering her up. He stole a kiss from Jae In that afternoon.

In Woo asked to the doctor about Mrs.Yoon whereabout and then forwarded the message to Jae In. She immediately rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately was too late. She asked all the nurse there and was told that Yeo Eun Joo was not even a patient there. In the same time, Chairman Seo was having a conversation with the doctor. He had moved her somewhere.

But also in the same time, Mrs. Kim went to the hospital because she felt there’s something wrong with Chairman Seo’s words. And then she met Jae In and found out that they had taken Mrs. Yoon away. She told Jae In that she personally had met her in that hospital. She asked Jae In to believe her words about Chairman Seo might be up to something even though she didn’t really know what that is. She suspected it had something to do with the accident and why her husband had put Jae In in the orphanage and hide Mrs. Yoon away from Jae In.

Back in the office, Young Kwang made Joo Dae Seong asked him for help to get rid of a protest old man, who was already known as a hard person to persuade every time he came down the office. I had a feeling that the old man was an important person and he’s part of Heo Yeong Do’s plan for Young Kwang.

Coming back to the Seo Residence, Jae In kept Mrs. Seo’s words in her mind very well. Chairman Seo asked her to sign a legal agreement related to her rights on Geo Dae as the legal heiress of her late father. Chairman Seo promised her that it was the best way for everyone and the company.

Poor Mrs. Yoon was kept somewhere. Seo In Cheol came to her and asked if she still remember him. This guy was so mysterious and very hard to read. I still can’t figure out the way his thinking and what his planning is.


Jae In was being more alert and kept remembering Mrs.Kim’s words in her mind. She hesitated to sign the agreement, but almost went for it when In Woo suddenly burst in and told her not to do that.

For the first time in his life, In Woo kept his head up when going against his father. He said that agreement just put Jae In in disadvantages and asked his father to stop this whole evil plan. Chairman’s Seo megalomania symptom was provoked and he was ready to hit In Woo. Surprisingly, for the first time in their father-son relationship, In Woo got his hand!

And Young Kwang decided to sit along with the old man since he couldn’t be persuaded with any words…


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