Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 15 Summary

Glory Jane this week was getting dynamic in the story. I really want to throw a pair of high heels into Seo Jae Myeong’s face! That man is a real devil…

With Chairman Seo’s side of story, Kim In Bae became the bad guy. He told Jae In about who she really was and who her father was. He told Jae In about the accident that night and how Kim In Bae was responsible for the event.  He also told that he had been looking for her all these years and didn’t know that Kim In Bae had put her into an orphanage. Well, what he said wasn’t all lie, but hearing the story confused Jae In.

Then Jae In asked Mrs. Kim if it’s all just a lie and that Mr. Kim was actually a bad guy. Mrs. Kim couldn’t hold herself from crying saying that she didn’t know anything about what her husband had done in the past by putting Jae In in an orphanage and didn’t deny when Jae In thought he was her father. Mrs. Kim could only apologize and apologize to Jae In for what had happened to her all these years.

Jae In collapsed. She woke up and found herself in a white color room. Then she found the mysterious old man occupying the next bed. He told Jae In that she had to hang on even though it would be a tiring for the time being, but everything was alright…it was alright…

It was of course just a dream. Jae In really woke up this time, finding herself in a hospital, but the old man wasn’t there. Young Kwang came to check on her and then he brought her home.

They had a talk. Everything was so shocking for both of them. The other time, it was Young Kwang who was so desperate about why he had to be Kim Young Kwang and she had to be Yoon Jae In. This time, it was Jae In who said that. But that time was actually a bit better because at least they thought they’re half siblings…they have a clear relationship. But then with the truth unveiled, Jae In said, “So what are we now? What kind of relationship do we have, Kim Young Kwang?”

Kim Young Kwang immediately inform Heo Yeong Do about Chairman Seo taking Jae In. They were suspicious that the chairman must have had a plan with it.

Jae In moved into the Seo residence. The only person who was sincerely happy was of course Seo In Woo. The morning breakfast situation was very awkward, especially with Jae In’s casual behavior she used to have while living with the Kims, like the loud saying of “I will eat well!” and the slurping sounds…

Gyeong Joo Noona came to Young Kwang’s room asking him to stop with his plan becoming Geo Dae employee since the situation about Jae In and Chairman Seo. Young Kwang refused. He said he couldn’t stop because he wanted to clear his father’s name, for their family’s sake and also Jae In.

In the office, Young Kwang bravely confront Chairman Seo. He just told Chairman Seo that he would survive in Geo Dae and proof him that a driver’s son could do more.

After Chairman Seo was off, he just found out that In Woo and Jae In witnessed it all. Young Kwang-Jae In’s situation became awkward, but what surprised Young Kwang was Jae In just passed him by without even giving any glance.

Jae In remembered about her agreement with Chairman Seo the other night. Jae In asked him not to put blame on Kim In Bae’s family and to help them with their property problem. Chairman Seo agreed on that with a condition: Jae In wouldn’t ever meet them again. Jae In agreed.

Because of theat, Jae In’s mind seemed to be troubled the whole day. Young Kwang was about to approach her during their break at the park when In Woo blocked his way. In Woo said Young Kwang had nothing to do to Jae In anymore, so he should leave her alone. Young Kwang had no choice…

Mrs. Seo complained about Jae In’s taste in fashion, so she throw away Jae In’s old clothes and prepare a closet full of brand new ones. That really upset Jae In because she didn’t want it all but Mrs. Seo didn’t care. Jae In looked for her clothes at the dumped corner.

Mrs. Yoon kept trying her best to stand up and got recover soon, but she often got desperate. She really missed Jae In.

The Seo residence was shocked by the fact that Jae In was no where in the house. In Woo was the one most worry and he knew whom to call to ask about Jae In’s whereabout. He called Young Kwang, “Is Jae In with you?”

Young Kwang was pittying his life again drinking soju, at the noodle shop, almost drunk when his phone was ringing. Hearing In Woo asking for Jae In, he got the real message: Jae In was running away. He rushed out, but instantly stop because Jae In was actually sitting there on the stairs at the front part of the noodle shop.

She told Young Kwang that everything was not alright. She told him everything that troubled her mind. Jae In was crying. Young Kwang wiped her tears, and then execute his initiative to kiss her. It was a short passionate kiss, but sadly looked one sided.

Young Kwang paused to read Jae In’s reaction. But the girl was too surprise to really express anything else. But Young Kwang kind of knew that she didn’t reject him, so he proceed with the second shot. I was hoping that Jae In knew how to kiss back  :rolleyes: because the kissing scene was quite terrible because it looked like a one-sided kiss.


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