Man of Honor (Glory Jane) Episode 22 Summary

GloryJane episode 22 is about the war of tricks and power. And it’s no more merely between Jae In and Seo Jae Myeong. There’s In Woo’s determination to find out the truth related to his childhood trauma and also In Cheol’s ambition to come out as the ultimate winner.

Remember the night when In Woo suddenly came to meet Young Kwang in front of his house in the previous episode? My guess was right, they’re planning on something. In Woo said he would sue Young Kwang even though he knew precisely that Young Kwang wasn’t the culprit. He asked Young Kwang to believe him. Then In Woo called his father and told him about what In Cheol had done.

As soon as they heard the news about Young Kwang’s being arrested by the police  Heo Yeong Do team came to the police station. But surprisingly they found Young Kwang in a very well condition that he was even enjoying a bowl of noodles. Meanwhile all the policemen were hurriedly back to GeoDae to search for the CCTV video for proof.

Seo In Cheol found out that the video hasn’t been erased, so he quickly ran to the control room. He was very surprise finding his uncle there, looking at him in flare of hatred in his eyes. In Cheol told Chairman Seo that it’s not like what he thought, but Chairman Seo knew that he’d been backstabbing him. “The man on the video was the same man who brought Yeo Eun Joo on the wheelchair during the share holder meeting the other day, wasn’t him??”

And right after he’s dealing with Chairman Seo, In Woo also confronted him. In Woo asked him for the last time, “Tell me, was it you, Hyeong, or was it father?” And Seo In Cheol in his typical cold expression just smirk and said, “You’ve decided to start this, so you better play until the end to find out the answer.”

In worry about Kim Young Kwang’s safety, In Woo had told Prosecutor Oh to keep Young Kwang behind the bars until morning. Meanwhile at his house, Jin Joo freaked out because he had lost her grandmother. Mrs. Kim and Jin Joo went out to search for her but they couldn’t find her anywhere.

In panic, Jin Joo tried to call Gyeong Joo, but she was with In Cheol in the hotel. Then she called Young Kwang but he’s not answering. After Young Kwang successfully persuaded the officer to let him make a call home and found missed calls from home, he called back and found out about his grandmother’s missing. Being unable to go anywhere, he called Jae In for help.

Jae In heard about grandmother’s illness and she hurriedly searched her around the city. Meanwhile Young Kwang tried to reason with the policeman telling him about his grandmother’s illness and situation. The policeman finally let him go.

And Jae In finally found grandmother at a corner of a street. She told Jae In that she was waiting for her to come home. Both of Jae In and Young Kwang brought grandmother home safe and sound. And Mrs. Kim made Jae In stayed overnight.

The next morning, Chairman Seo called some directors for a meeting and tried to convince them to support him fighting Jae In and her bizarre idea of distributing the shares to the employees. He convinced them that there’s no one more capable of running the company other than him.

Meanwhile at Kim’s House, everyone was enjoying breakfast. For a moment, they’re back to the time when the family was still completed by Jae In…felt like she never had left.

Heo Yeong Do’s team was in full spirit to keep the ball rolling. They’re ready to finish the war with victory. They had 3 days before the deadline of making sure that the registration of the new shares from the employees reach 50% again, otherwise they wouldn’t win on the share holder meeting.

Jae In had to make sure the employees register for the new shares and their accumulation had to reach 50%. Unfortunately they didn’t reach the target. When everyone was down, Seo In Cheol suddenly came out and told them he had the last turf that could bring down Chairman Seo. In Cheol definitely had a hidden agenda, but he’s too smart in reading Jae In’s character. But Heo Yeong Do and Young Kwang didn’t take him that easy.

Young Kwang confronted him telling that above all people in his team, he’s the one who could never believe on In Cheol. He still suspected In Cheol’s involvement in his father’s death.

And it’s good to see these two rivals eventually became a solid team. They had one voice to bring In Cheol down. In Woo told Young Kwang he had a plan and all he needed to do was to believe in him till the end. Young Kwang agreed. He needed Young Kwang as a bait to make the real culprit to come out. Young Kwang just needed to hold him for an hour. In Woo had his man follow Young Kwang everywhere.

But what they didn’t know was Seo In Cheol had anticipated their alliance and he had a more vicious plan.

The real culprit finally showed up. Young Kwang remembered what In Woo said. All he needed to do was to hold him and his men for an hour.

In Woo informed Young Kwang’s situation to Prosecutor Oh. She was the one who could help both men. But what In Woo didn’t know was, In Cheol had actually sent a message to Prosecutor Oh, “If you want to catch Seo Jae Myeong, come to Geo Dae at 11.”

So In Woo had planned everything to happen in the same time. He had made Jae In showed up in the share holder meeting with him with the proofs of Chairman Seo had been vexing the tax and also had some illegal fundings. And In Cheol ordered his men to finish up Young Kwang on the hospital basement.

Prosecutor Oh had to choose, between helping In Woo to catch his kidnapper or hand cuffing Seo Jae Myeong after all these years.

Sorry i’ve been very late posting this summary. Well, episode 23 had aired last night and we’re one more episode to the end.

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