Meet Jang Hyuk in Midas

When he canceled his role on “Secret Garden”, I thought I’ve lost him. I was very disappointed, but thanks to Hyun Bin my disappointment was paid off pretty well.
Back to Jang Hyuk, there is no cancellation again, this time Jang Hyuk certainly appears in “Midas”. “Midas” is running to replace “Athena” since last week on SBS (February 28th). Frankly, I have not had time to watch this melodrama, so I can not discuss much about it.

Besides Jang Hyuk, “Midas” is featuring Lee Min Jung (oh…I love her acting in “Cyrano”). Jang Hyuk plays as a lawyer and of the few I know, Jang Hyuk and Lee Min Jung play as the couple who were engaged, but ambition ultimately destroyed their love.
Actually, this drama theme is very hard for my-seven-years-old-brain so I have not decided whether to watch this drama or not, but I really miss Jang Hyuk … oh I’m in dilemma. :?

This is MV for drama soundtrack, not bad for a treat my longing on Jang Hyuk…ouch..ouch..his abs…spechleeeessssssss… :mrgreen:


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