Midas Episode 6 Summary

Kim Do Hyeon is our arch villain everyone, remember that. He’s not our hero! Oooh, I really hate saying that. But this episode just tells us that. it’s so scary of how money can turn someone into a half evil. Do Hyeon got everything he had dreamt about, but he has to sacrifice his love and humanity. Let’s get back to where we were last episode. Yoo Sung Joon finally knew he created the mess. The duet between his own half-sister and this newbi family attorney. He heard about those two people going abroad, so he rushed to the airport, but he was too late. He made a report to his dad about this issue, but Chairman Yoo told him that it’s not Attorney Kim who take billions of dollars from Yoo’s capital. He got more furious. Then he had only Mr. Choi who sided him in the family.

Jeong Hyeon tried to move on and she looked like she did. She was more cheer up and could give some times for herself to enjoy the life. She went shopping with her friend. It was in Yoo family’s mall. The girls were about to leave the mall when Yoo Myung Joon was coming. He was there for business. Well, practically he was the boss then. I can tell that Myung Joon’s eyes when seeing Jeong Yeon were pretty serious and deep. Could he be falling for her for real. I mean like love at the first sight? Anyway, Yoo Myung Joon showed everyone that he was not a stupid womanizer wealthy kid who didn’t know business. He’s actually quite good. If things continued to be like this, my heart could sway to him…

Chairman Yoo’s health was in a little problem. He’s summoning a doctor (with nurse Jeong Hyeon) to do the examnination at the Yoo mansion. The whole children were then, but Sung Joon came late. When he came and saw his sister, he asked for a private conversation. He told In Hye to drop everything (her power in family’s capital). That way, he could let the current issue be forgotten. But In Hye had a strong will and was too smart for her brother to trick her. She suceeded making Sung Joon got angrier.

It was a little bit an awkward situation when In Hye, Myung Joon and Jeong Yeon met each other. In Hye was just too elegant and she kept the manner that she greeted Jeong Yeon casually. When In Hye had left, Myung Joon, in a cutely serious face told Jeong Yeong, “Remember when I told you that you can use me (as the subtitute for Do Hyeon)? That’s still valid. I juts want to let you know that.” In a shorter sentence, “I’ll wait for you. I like you a lot.”

Kim Do Hyeon had a new heair cut. A year had passed so it’s time for him to be back to his homeland. He came back as a successful Lone Asia executive. For me, he looked more like he’s one of Big Bang’s member.

Jeong Yeon met Kim Tae Sung at a bus stop. She greeted him politely and respectfully. She told Kim Tae Sung that the wedding was canceled…looked like for good.

Sung Joon had people brought Do Hyeon to him. He offered him a new alliance to fight against In Hye. But he just got the wrongest guy ever! Do Hyeon refused…

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Sung and his team had a new strategy after they found a real gold in an old abandoned gold mining. They tried to get closer with the Yoo family. Kim Tae Sung had put his woman-partner to be in a disguise and tried to seduce the Yoo’s eldest son. And it seemed to work.

On the other side of war field, the subcontractors under Lone Asia ran a protest. Do Hyeon gave a speech about what really happened and was going to happen within the industry. The company decided to take the subcontractrs from china, so that’s really a bad news for the local subcontractors. Then the company did a very dirty way to get rid of the protester. They had some people beat them up…..One of the protesters was Jeong Yeon’s dad, and Do Hyeon knew it but didn’t do anything much about it.

Jeong Yeon was looking for her father in the garage, but her dad’s friend told her he had gone to protest Lone Asia. So Jeong Yeon rushed there and when she arrived, it was the exact moment of the protesters being beaten. She found her dad on the ground, bleeding unconsciously…and there she saw Do Hyeon, staring at both of them speechlessly. I could see a tremendous hatred in Jeong Yeon’s eyes.

Let’s see how ugly this drama can be…

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  1. this show is really getter better and better! great effort in summarising it, it made my understood better. :D

  2. i love reading your summaries :D that “big bang” part actually made me laugh out loud haha. thanks!

  3. was it a compliment when you said he looked like someone from bigbang?

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