Nam Goong Min With Younger Look

I think it’s been almost a year since our last article about him. It was when “The Birth of a Rich” was aired on TV. Nam Goong Min is back on the small screen play for MBC’s weekend drama “내 마음이 들리니?” (“Do You Hear My Heart?”) where he played with Lee Hye Yeong and Kim Jae Won.

As you might have known, weekend dramas are mostly family-themed drama, so this one doesn’t really stray from that line. I think it’s been aired for 3 months or so. He played as Jang Joon Han.

Anyway, what i really want to talk about is his look. If you had read our old article “Nam Goong Min’s face belongs to whom?” you’ll get what I mean. Frankly saying what interests me the most about him is this topic: his always changing faces! Looking at this picture, I think he looks younger. A bit remind me of idol group type of face…don’t you think?

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  1. I think you should watch CYHMH. NGM play bliriantly in this drama. To me CYHMH is be best drama of the year by far.
    The drama was so heartwarming and touchy, I love every aspect in this drama. If you like NGM, i believe you’ll be in love with him once you start watching this drama. Trully recommended !

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