Nam Goong Min’s Face Belong to Whom?

There was no hurt feeling when I decided to write this article. It’s just because I’m curious and that’s it. Well, it’s a natural thing because my middle name is “curiosity”. :mrgreen:

It started from Nam Goong Min appeared on “The Birth of a Rich” where my curiosity began to grow. he always turned his face like a chameleon [surely in good definition ;) ]. Many people say he used to look like Bae Yeong Joon, but now I can no longer say that he looks like a  specific person. For me he’s looked like a lot of people. Sometimes he looked like Hyun Bin, or sometimes Kim Jae Won, or sometimes likes Park Sin Yang, and perhaps someday he would like one of my neighbors. :p

let’s check these pictures! ;)

oh yeah…lately, when he lost his weight he more looked like Jeong Yong Hwa, CN Blue’s vocalist. :rolleyes:  Just check this picture below, surely you will agree with me.

Nam Goong Min-Jung Yong Hwa

but as much as his face belongs to other Korean actors,  his smile still belongs to him. ;)

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  1. Nam Goong Min looks like himself – best features. He is charming in his own way and his acting is very good, brings out the purpose of the characters. I like his name. Look forward to seeing him in more dramas and movies.

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