Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 15 Quick Summary

After Jae Hee’s sudden decision of Eun Gi’s promotion, she met Ma Ru outside the meeting room. She asked how Ma Ru’s feeling after what he made her to do. “I’m happy with it,”said Ma Ru casually and quite content. She couldn’t believe that Ma Ru could use her abusive brother to threaten her. Ma Ru said he knew it’s bad thought but he didn’t know it’d go this far. He said wouldn’t give up until Han Jae Hee go down. Then Jae Hee asked if she went down and left everything, would he come to her. Ma Ru said that’s not what’s this all lead to. He wouldn’t go to her. After Ma Ru left, Secretary Ahn who overheard their conversation reminded Jae Hee about who’s the man who’s always beside her all this time.

Eun Gi was still surprise of her sudden promotion. Ma Ru told Eun Gi to be strong because this is the only way she had to run her life. Ma Ru told Eun Gi to recall the memories of him first. By doing so, Ma Ru believed that the old Eun Gi would come soon, so she would be able to face the whole challenge. So Ma Ru convinced Eun Gi to remember him first.

The couple were walking around Ma Ru’s old neighbor to recall Eun Gi’s memory. But of course it didn’t work that way fast. Meanwhile Jae Hee also visited Ma Ru’s old house right before Eun Gi and Ma Ru arrived. Eun Gi almost entered the house and met Jae Hee who was sitting at the front yard, but thankfully Ma Ru told her to just leave.

Secretary Ahn had a couple of men beating Jae Hee’s brother. He asked Jae Hee’s brother what kind of deal he had with Ma Ru.

Ma Ru and Eun Gi were sitting on the hills. Ma Ru told Eun Gi that they’re breaking up there. “You found out what kind of man I was,” he said. Of course Eun Gi asked what kind of man he was, but she determined to remember what kind of a person Ma Ru was by herself.

On their way down the hills, they came across another couple who were kissing while they’re going up the hill. Eun Gi was triggered to ask Ma Ru  why he never kissed her considering their relationship. “Or have we kissed before? I cannot remember. But we did kiss, right?” Eun Gi was optimist. “We never kissed before,” said Ma Ru. “That can’t be!” Eun Gi was disappointed. “We never kissed before.” Ma Ru lied. While saying that he was actually remembering the passionate kiss on the bridge, but he knew it was not a true sincere kiss for her so he decided to say in their relationship they never kissed.

Eun Gi woke Ma Ru up in the middle of the night, in the middle of his sleep, to go with her to the office. “You have to teach me many things,” she begged. They did go to the office and Ma Ru did teach her, but Eun Gi couldn’t fight the drowsieness. She did end up sleeping while sitting. But she continued her study early in the morning that she didn’t even realize Ma Ru came to her office. He just put her breakfast on the table.

Jae Hee invited Eun Gi’s ex-boy friend. It’s another Secretary Ahn and Jae Hee’s evil plan. Attorney Park and Secretary Hyeon also recognized that man, but Eun Gi and Ma Ru didn’t. When that man came to visit her, Eun Gi was overwhelmed. That man was briefed earlier by Jae Hee about Eun Gi’s amnesia and her bringing along Ma Ru to the company. So his mission was to pull Eun Gi away from Ma Ru. So he right away asked about how she knew Ma Ru and why she’s with him. Eun Gi said,”He’s a nice guy.” “Then what about me?What was I to you?” asked that man. When Ma ru checked on Eun Gi in her office, she was still in shock, so Ma Ru just left her alone.

Jae Hee’s brother came to Ma Ru’s house and JAe Gil and Choco had to deal with him. Jae Hee’s brother made JAe Gil accidently kissed Choco and made the couple flustered.

Ma Ru called Eun Gi that he’s not going home tonight. Eun Gi said she had something to tell him that she’s meeting someone in the morning. So they promised to meet each other the next morning.

The truth about Ma Ru’s whereabout that night was he went to see one of Taesan’s highers, President Kim, to speak with him something related to Eun Gi’s position sort of. But that man refused to cooperate. When he left that man, Secretary Jo and his men approached that man. They’re doing something bad to him. Ma Ru had no idea about it. He just stayed in that neighborhood and slept in his car. But soon police came there and also came down his place. Jae Gil called him telling about their house situation. He became the suspect of whatever crime Secretary Ahn’s men had done to that President Kim. The police also came down the company the next morning. Jae Hee had no idea about what happened.

Eun Gi knew what happened to Ma Ru was because of her. But Attorney Park tried to assure her that she shouldn’t worry about this matter. Surprisingly, Ma Ru appeared in Jae Hee’s toilet. He said it’s not him and he knew exactly who’s behind it. Jae Hee told him to surrender to the police and tell them the truth. Ma Ru, or course above everyone, knew so well that it wouldn’t work.
Ma Ru threatned Jae Hee, but she persuaded Ma Ru to talk about it in more civilized way. Jae Hee was called by Secretary Ahn asking if Ma Ru was with her. Jae Hee lied,but as soon as she went out of the toilet, the police came to arrest Ma Ru. So this was purely Secretary Ahn’s own evil plan. His motive was based on his jealousy towards Ma Ru because of what he heard earlier about Jae Hee asking Ma Ru to come to her if she let go everything.

Eun Gi burst into Jae Hee’s office. “All you want is taking all Taesan, right? Then get them all. All of it. But give me Ma Ru,” she told Jae Hee. Instead of feeling happy, Jae Hee was more upset about what she just heard. “What were you just saying? Are you exchanging this company for Kang Ma Ru? Why? What’s so good about that man that you give up Taesan for him?”
“In comparison with this company, Ma Ru is the one i love more important for me,” replied Eun Gi with confidence.
And it wasn’t only Jae Hee who opposed Eun Gi’s decision, Attorney Park as well opposed it. In that critical situation, Eun Gi’s ex-bf showed up in front of Attorney Park and offered a help. Attorney Park seemed to get a new idea.

While Attorney Park was visiting Ma Ru at the police station, Eun Gi was asked to go out by her ex-bf. Attorney Park told Ma Ru that Eun Gi was giving up Taesan for him. Eun Gi’s ex-bf was telling Eun Gi about their old relationship. He was Eun Gi’s first love, first kiss and so on. As Eun Gi was listening to that man, some more pieces of her memories came back. It’s the memory when she came to Ma Ru’s house in the middle of the rain. She remembered she told Ma Ru that Ma Ru was her first love, first kiss and everything we saw on that scene. That man then asked Eun Gi if they could start again from the beginning.
“Let go,” Eun Gi said. “Let go of my hand.” That man was holding Eun Gi’s hand and he was surprise that he thought he could fool Eun Gi but he failed. Eun Gi left immediately.

Attorney Park seemed to be able to help Ma Ru be released from any charge,but he reminded Ma Ru that his time in that game was only until Eun Gi’s memories are back. After that, he had to disappear.

Ma Ru was finally released  and the first person he met in front of the police station was Eun Gi. She said hi.
“You lied,” she told Ma Ru. “You told me we haven’t kissed?I knew I didn’t believe you.” She told him she remembered what she told him about their kiss as her first kiss. Then Eun Gi was about to leave, Ma Ru caught up with her.
“Seo Eun Gi, please remember well,” Ma Ru told her intensely. “This is your first kiss.” And they kissed. Like other K-Drama that always requires an important audience, Jae Hee was watching from her car at a distance.

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