Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 10 Summary

Ma Ru couldn’t say anything when Eun Gi asked him if they used to love each other. The secretary lady who was panicking looking for Eun Gi here and there finally found her and Ma Ru in front of the wall. Ma ru brought Eun Gi to his house. Eun Gi was so confidence she had been there and she asked Ma Ru not to tell her anything, not to teach her anything, just wait and she would remember everything by herself.

The Secretary told Ma Ru that Eun Gi not only lost her memory but also her intelligence for even basic things like distinguishing left and right. She believed that Han Jae Hee was the big threat of Eun Gi that if she found out about Eun Gi, she might come to bring her down even more. That’s why the Secretary had been hiding Eun Gi all this time. And the doctor said it might help Eun Gi’s memory recovery if she stayed with Ma Ru because all she got the trace from her past was him. But Ma Ru, despite the teary eyes, with his cold expression, just asked, “Why me?” and then he approached Eun Gi.

“You found the wrong person, Miss. Love relationship? Us?” he told Eun Gi and then told the Secretary that he had nothing to do with the company’s intrigue. But suddenly Jae Hee’s brother suddenly came and Ma Ru had to cover up Eun Gi’s face from him by hugging her tight.

Ma Ru was about to leave and Eun Gi caught his hand. she asked if he’s shameful of him. Ma Ru kept saying harsh thing to Eun Gi that they’re just two people who knew each other from the past. Ma Ru just left and Eun Gi was very upset about it. And when the two women was leaving Ma Ru’s house, unfortunately, Jae Hee’s brother saw it.

Jae Hee was holding a meeting with the her company’s highers. They’re discussing about Jeju’s roject that was led by Eun Gi. Jae Hee wanted to change the scheme, but the directors said they couldn’t do it because Eun Gi had been fighting hard for that project for years, so they needed Eun Gi’s approval for any change. Jae Hee was furious. She’s planning of dismissing Eun Gi’s power from the company in anyway.

Unfortunately, Jae Hee’s brother tailed Eun Gi and he tried to contact both Jae Hee and Secretary Ahn.

Attorney Park gave a visit to Eun Gi. Meanwhile Ma ru was meeting with the geeky guy. That guy wass crying pitying himself and Ma Ru said that God doesn’t exist. Ma Ru got a phonecall from someone whom he called as “hyung” and summoned him to the hospital. So it’s not only Eun Gi who got the injuries from the accident. MA Ru’s head was injured so bad that usually only 20% of people could survive such a wound in their head. The doctor was Ma Ru’s senior and he’s been so desperate to persuade Ma Ru to get through a surgery. Ma Ru said he would do it, but he had something to do first before doing it. For the time being he just need some painkiller. Ma Ru had been hiding this thing from his family. When Ma Ru arrived home, he saw Eun Gi’s note giving him her contact number.

JAe Gil told Ma Ru that Choco left home and had been cancelling all money Ma Ru had given her. She didn’t want to use Ma Ru’s dirty money and decided to live in student’s house. Jae Gil told Ma Ru that instead of stopping Choco from doing such a thing, he actually supported her and would also leave Ma Ru alone. He knew what kind of dirty business that Ma Ru had sold his soul to, so he couldn’t stay with Ma Ru anymore.But when Jae Gil met Choco in the public bath, Jae Gil was actually defending Ma Ru in front of her.

Jae Hee’s brother finally met Secretary Ahn and threatened him for an officetel.

Jae Hee came to Attorney Park to threaten him when he protested of what Jae Hee had done with Eun Gi’s files in her computer at the office.

Jae Hee’s brother came to Eun Gi’s home saying that he’s Ma Ru’s hyeong and told her that Ma Ru had something to tell her so she should come with him. The innocent Eun Gi was very happy that she asked for a moment to prepare herself. Jae Hee’s brother had told Secretary Ahn if he could get rid of Eun Gi, Secretary Ahn should give him amount of money he asked for. And he finally managed to get Eun Gi on the wheel with him and planned to sell her to a pimp.

Lady Secretary came to Ma Ru to pick up Eun Gi.because Eun Gi had left her a note. Ma Ru remembered Jae Hee’s brother and tried to call him but of course that man turned off his call. Thankfully, LAdy Secretary had installed a tarcking application in Eun Gi’s cellphone after the accident, so they could track her location. Ma Ru immediately went off to look for her. they all stoppend in a rest area, but Ma Ru couldn’t find her there. Thankfully he saw Jae Hee’s bro’s car and saw Eun Gi was there. MA Ru chase the car and managed to stop its moving.

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  1. I think that she didn’t lose her memory and that she’s doing this to get revenge :-)

  2. deal with it, she has lost her memory and she has only three people to depende on until she recovers. The problem is that Maru is sick as well, i don’t think that this story will have a happy ending; because he keeps postponing the surgery to help Eun Gi until it’s too late for him. Only then she’ll recover and revenge his death, which means that she’ll take care of Jae Hee (kill her). And that’s how Maru’s dream of not going alone will become true, because his first love is with him now. I know it’s so sad, but life isn’t always about happy endings.

    • how do you know about that? Are you just guessing or you read it somewhere….i really hope that this story will end up happy…though I know the sad end is inevitable if the writer decide it so……

  3. ahhhhhhhh………… i want eungi to be in love with maru.

  4. i want eun gi to be with maru too. but i kind of confuse with maru’s feeling. did he loves eun gi or not? ><

  5. Maru’s character SUCKS! He stink — is immature, indecesive, unreliable, and he’s pathetic! He bears no semblance to being a man.
    I can’t stand this wimpy teenage drama!!! I’m Out of Here.

  6. mimi’s POV, i think have a point.. actually i have watched dramas like this (revenge thingys like bad guy by KNG) and their endings are really tragic.. i can actually see that happening here in nice guy but at the same time i was also hoping that eun gi will be together with maru just like her dreams. i was just hoping that this will be different.. that though they started tragic somehow they can have happy ending.. well they deserve it..

    i cant wait for next wed and thursday for next episodes..

  7. Some of the comments on here truly make me wonder whether some people understand the essence of the drama. Maru himself is such a deep character, I love him. How can any of you be confused to whether he loves Eun gi or not? Ofcourse he does, which is why he let her go at first, how he stopped swindling women, how his life never evolved around Jae Hees thoughts but rather Eun Gis. It is evident when Jae gil said to him in episode 9 that he was never like this even after Jae hee left him so why now? Im totally in love with the depth of his character!!! At this moment I do feel that the drama will have a rather tragic ending.. but for now, I cant wait for Maru to unravel himself, show his inner sincerity, love, affection and kindness.

  8. poor Maru. He had to suffer a lot of thing. but he’s a nicest man, he always forgive Jahee and help her, he thinks he will die early, so he have to earn dirty money to save his sister. Enough, guy. it’s time you live for yourself. u will be happy !

  9. your quick summary is really a big help for me specially i just started watching this drama and because of your quick summary i know what episode is exciting to watch…and you really exert effort on explaining every episode well that’s include that maru is sick…..oh i love how you describe or tells what’s going on… thanks so much keep going and aja.!!!!!

  10. i like the new kang ma ru…

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