Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 16 Quick Summary

After watching Ma Ru and Eun Gi were kissing, Han Jae Hee drove back home broken hearted. Meanwhile Ma Ru and Eun Gi went to Ma Ru’s old house. At the front gate, it was Eun Gi who asked, “Don’t you remember? It’s here when I told you (what’s in my heart) back then. You don’t remember?”

Ma Ru did remember the scene, they both did. “I remember,”replied Ma Ru short. “Shall we go together?” asked Eun Gi. Ma Ru said nothing. “Please answer me,” demanded Eun Gi. Ma Ru answered it with a short kiss. Eun Gi’s demand didn’t stop there. “Let’s get married,” she said. “I want to get married to you. We lie about our engagement,but let’s get married for real. I want to make a family with you. A warm family. Let’s get married, eung?” Eun Gi was getting excited about the possibility. “Alright, let’s get married,” said Ma Ru calmly, but with a sincere smile.

Eun Gi then brought Ma Ru to a bridal house. She showed Ma Ru the wedding dress she wanted to wear on their wedding. Eun Gi then got very excited about this wedding plan. She wanted to start the preparation as soon as tomorrow.
She planned this and that. Ma Ru smiled, but it wasn’t a full-happiness smile. Something held him from having that high hope for himself, and I think we all know why. Then Ma Ru asked about their plan of having children…how many would they be? Eun Gi wanted to make a baseball team with their children, 9 kids!

Jae Hee went out drinking in the drinking place she used to go with Ma Ru. She’s making a scene with some bad guys who tried to do something bad to her. But thankfully Secretary Ahn came right in time.

“Eun Gi, about the wedding, let’s do it after you get your memories back. What if you change your feelings. We never know the change of our heart. And what if a nice person appeared at that time? So just wait until your memories are back. If your feelings stay the same after your memories are back and you still want to get married, let’s get married. At that time, if my feelings stay the same, I will not leave you, too. I will never leave, no matter what happen, no matter what people say.” Then Ma Ru hugged Eun Gi tight.

Jae Hee was frustrated with herself. She kept comparing herself with Eun Gi. In her case, she changed Ma Ru for Tae San, for her current life. While Eun Gi was now doing the exact opposite way.  Secretary Ahn then challenged Jae Hee if she really could do it. Then his challenged turned into a threat. He gave a clue that if she would do that, she would be responsible for (something’s going to happen to) Ma Ru.

Eun Gi was making a very hard effort that night to recall her memories. She borrowed Choco’s laptop and searched for her own accident’s information on the internet. She found out that there’s another victim driver in that accident. Choco saw what Eun Gi’s seeing and was a bit nervous.

At Ma Ru’s study room, Jae Gil suddenly burst in and said,”Do you want to die??” Ma Ru asked what the heck happen to him coming in and mad at Ma Ru without any clear cause. Jae Gil said he met Ma Ru’s senior, the doctor, and found out about MA Ru’s condition. He was sad, angry and confused so he just cried and said he would tell both Choco and Eun Gi everything.

Ma Ru brought Jae Gil out for a drink. “I’m not going to die,” said Ma Ru. “Do you think by undergoing the surgery i won’t die?”
“Let’s go to the hospital now and receive the surgery dammit! I will tell Choco for sure!” Jae Gil insisted, frustrated.
“Don’t you know?I don’t go for the surgery because of Choco and Eun Gi.” Ma Ru told Jae Gil that he’s not receiving the surgery in order to help Eun Gi getting back her memories and also having another memory of him. “What if the surgery failed?”
Ma Ru tried to assure Jae Gil that he’s not going to die and for him not to worry. He would get happy. Jae Gil started to weep like Ma Ru was already dead.

In the morning, while Ma Ru was still on the bed, already awake but still closing his eyes, Eun Gi and Choco were planning to cook eel, Ma Ru’s favorite. Jae Gil was playing the eel and scared the girls. But then he helped them with the eels. Ma Ru, who was listening to their laughter while closing his eyes, made a smile and his voice over said:
“I heard the voices of my friend, my sister and my woman.This is the most beautiful and gratitude dream I get. This morning gift is worth to be grateful about.” Ma Ru said he wasn’t sure if he opened his eyes the dream would stay this beautiful or  not. Eun Gi came to him to give him a kiss. “I’m now happy,” continued Ma Ru in his heart.

Jae Hee got an uninvited guest in the morning in her house, her brother.After bothering Jae Hee, Jae Shi visited Ma Ru’s house, bothering Choco and Jae Gil. He said JAe Gil and Choco had been alone at home many times, so they better get married soon.

There’s a news in the internet about Eun Gi’s planning on marrying Ma Ru. JAe Hee was upset reading it. She confronted Ma Ru protesting about they didn’t say anything to her first before announcing it to the media, considering her as Eun Gi’s legal parent.

She begged Ma Ru to cancel the wedding and re-think about everything really really carefully. Ma Ru leaned towards her and said, “I need Eun Gi. Without her, I cannot face even a single day…Noona.” He set back, smiling. “You get my reply now, Chairlady?”

Jae Hee asked Eun Gi about Choco and JAe Gil and Eun Gi was about to ask how she knew that particular information about Choco. But Attorney Park came and walked her to the meeting. The wedding plan was for fake plan, part of Attorney Park’s strategy to support Ma Ru’s position. I think it’s related to Taesan highers’ objection on Ma Ru being in the company. When the meeting was over, Eun Gi asked about another driver in the accident to Attorney Park. He said that another victim was a woman and she’s healthy now and live abroad with her family. He also said Secretary Hyeon handled the matter well at that time. Then in the toilet, Eun Gi confirmed it to Secr Hyeon. She told Secretary Hyeon that she felt strange with Attorney Park’s explanation. “He said the person was a man, but i think what I’ve been seeing in my dream was a man.”

JAe Gil accompanied Choco going for a singing audition. Choco got the stage fever as usual, but this time, Jae Gil helping her by playing the piano, Alicia Key’s song.

Secretary Hyeon was discussing about the matter with Attorney Park. He told her what to tell Eun Gi about the other victim at the accident.

Eun Gi saw the official information of the accident. It’s written clearly on the document the name of the other victim of the accident. Finally she remembered it was Ma Ru who was another driver…the wounded Kang Ma Ru.

She dropped to the floor, knowing that everyone was lying to her, especially Ma Ru. But when Ma Ru came to her office, Eun Gi had already on her seat again, looked as if nothing happened. Eun Gi remembered Ma Ru’s harsh words on the beach before the accident, all of them. Even about Jae Hee as the person he’s after and loved. But Eun Gi kept putting a smile on her face and didn’t tell Ma Ru anything about what she remembered.

In the board meeting, Eun Gi was attacked by the board. So she stood up and told everyone that she lost her memories and wanted to start over everything in company. And this was actually on their plan and Eun Gi did well.

Ma Ru congratulated Eun Gi for doing a great job at the meeting. Then he asked if she wanted anything from him as a gift.”Tell me, I have alot of money,” said Ma Ru. Then Eun Gi requested more than gifts, “Flower, bag, samgyeopsal (Korean food, pork grilled), and kiss.”

Ma Ru looked for an expensive bag, bought a couple cup of coffees, a bouquet of flower. Meanwhile Eun gi went to see her father cemetery. “I’m sorry, Father.” Her memories are all back. She even remembered her childhood when her father started to teach her hard and treated her like a son. Her father told her not to let anyone see her weak, in that way she would be strong holding Taesan. She begged forgiveness to her father for abandoning him for that bastard, Kang Ma Ru, and she couldn’t go back because of that. Eun Gi stayed there, crying, while Ma Ru was waiting for her in the park.

Eun Gi finally came and saw everything Ma Ru had bought for her. “Now you come,” said Ma Ru. “My gifts. Gift one, gift two, gift three. Do you like them?” Eun Gi said they’re all her style. And then Ma Ru came closer and said, “And then, gift four.” He kissed her.
At first eun Gi closed her eyes during the kiss,but then she opened her eyes…and it seemed to mean something.

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