Oh Ji Ho talks About Ha Ji Won

at the first i knew that Oh Ji Ho who will be play as Ha Ji Won’s boyfriend on “Sector 7” i felt so glad, recalling his role on “Chuno” i think he deserved for that role. For Ha Ji Won’s lover you must looks manly, brave, hot, and tough, and i think Oh Ji Ho fits with all those criteria.

On “Sector 7” VIP movie premiere that was held on July 26th, Oh Ji Ho talked about his co-worker, Ha Ji Won. This was the first time he acted alongside with Ha Ji Won. He was very pleased to act with a great actors, like Ha Ji Won and Ahn Seong Gi

Especially with Ha Ji Won, on that event he revealed about their kissing scene. He said there will be kissing scene with Ha Ji Won, but he felt disappointed, because the kiss was only a brief and light kiss. He added, if there was a chance to play with Ha Ji Won again he would fix the “mistakes”. Maybe he will kiss Ha Ji Won a lot longer…hahaha..Oh Ji Ho-ssi, you’r officially caught by Ha Ji Won’s charm

In “Sector 7” Oh Ji Ho plays as Kim Dong Soo, the oil analyst for “Eclipse”, while Ha Ji Won plays as his girlfriend, Cha Hae Joon, the manager of “Eclipse”. He also praised Ha Ji Won’s acting skill and personalities. For Oh Ji Ho it’s easy to work with her, Ha Ji Won was so friendly and easy to laugh.

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  1. Oh Ji Ho sshii.. uri HJW unnie special kiss is only for uri HB oppa ;p hihihi… <3<3

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