Shin Min Ah Sings for “Arang And Magistrate” Soundtrack Part 2

Shin Min Ah contributed on her recent drama “Arang And Magistrate” soundtrack. On this second part, she sings “Black Moon” (까만달), a very mellow song. This song is so beautiful, with her lovely voice Shin Min Ah sings quite well, but frankly sometimes i feel creepy every time i hear this song, especially when i recall her role on this drama, as a ghost.

Beside her song on the track list, there’s also song from Yoon Do Hyun, title “My Secret Dream” (나.비.꿈), as if for balancing Shin Min ah’s mellow song, “My Secret Dream” sounds more beat and dynamics.

Shin Min Ah-Black Moon (까만달)

Yoon Do Hyun-My Secret Dream (나.비.꿈)

[videos: 1, 2]

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