Park Min Yeong Transforms as a Nurse for “Man of Honor”

Undeniable thing is that Park Ming Yeong is more adorable with her new hairstyle. This is the first appearance of her as Yoon Jae In on “Man of Honor” or “Yeong Kwang’s Jae In” (영광의 재인). In that romantic drama she act as a cheerful nurse.

With her bright spirit, Jae In will make Yeong Kwang (played by Cheon Jeong Myeong), her patient, falls in love with her. Of course, with that angelic smile all male patients will inevitably fall in love with her.

Not only wearing nurse uniform, for the sake of her role she also learned the basic skill of nursing like  checking the patient’s blood pressure, reading the thermometer and so on. “Man of Honor ” will be running on KBS start on October 12.

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