Pray Together for “Man of Honor”

Because of the schedule that the drama has to start running on October 12, On September 28th before they started the filming, KBS’s new drama “Man of Honor” or “Yeong Kwang’s Jae In” (영광의 재인) held a praying ceremony.

All the leading roles  and crew appeared on that event, they are Cheon Jeong Myeong, Park Min Yeong (with new hair), Lee Jang Woo, Choi Myeong Gil, Lee Jeong Seob (PD) and others. As usual, their putting some money in the pig’s mouth and prayed. They prayed for this drama to be successful. They expected a blessing from God for their drama, but the important thing is the PD’s pray that everyone involved in this project would be healthy and safe without any accidents until this project is completed.

Cheon Jeong Myeong plays as Kim Yeong Kwang, a baseball athlete  who is injured, not only physically but also mentally because actually his pride is the thing that was badly hurt. Due to his injury, he must be treated in a hospital, on that place  finally he meets Yoon Jae In, a cheerful nurse, who will help him to recover the wound,  especially in his heart.

We hope we’re not gonna be too busy so we can follow this drama because it’s Cheon Jeong Myeong. Frankly we missed him on “The Duo” because we’re too busy when the drama was airing. We are disappointed being unable to see him fighting with a sword, so now we hope to be able to see him  making homerun.

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