Park Yoo Chun Confirmed for “I Miss You” (보고싶다)

Long long time ago, seriously i almost forgot about this issue, Park Yoo Chun offered to become the leading role for new melodrama drama “I Miss You” (보고싶다) alongside with Son Ye Jin (but on August, Son Ye Jin announced that she dropped the offer).

Then, on September 25th, finally, after deep reviewing and long consideration,Park Yoo Chun’s agency gave the statement that Park Yoo Chun decided to take the role. The drama tells about, man and woman who have been keeping the pain in their hearts since they were fifteen years old.  Park Yoo Chun will portray an easy going guy but a very dedicated detective, Han Jung Won, sometimes he reckless and shameless. Han Jung Won realized that he needs the woman on his life, but he loves his job too much, catching the criminals.

Although the drama hasn’t got the female lead yet, “I Miss You” is scheduled to start airing on November at MBC.

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One Response to Park Yoo Chun Confirmed for “I Miss You” (보고싶다)

  1. wow! first time I’ve read about Mickey accepting the role was
    3 days ago..just him no other cast yet..I was thinking wow!
    wouldn’t it be nice if YEH take the female lead? just my opinion
    then lo and behold read today ( but not confirm ) that Ms Yeh will take
    the lead..honestly Im not a fan of Yoochon ( find him too wooden) but I love Ms Yeh..and you can pair eun hye w/ a rock and still has be honest last drama of Mickey (RTP ),I like it..I think his starting to
    show emotion on his acting now..anyway anything of Yoon eun hye dramas I will
    watch if she will accept it ( crossfinger)…I wish them both good chemistry
    if they got to be paired, if not oh well!..I have a feeling unnie (Son Ji Jen)
    ask her to get the part :))

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