Rain: Red Scarf or Military Service?


While still being occupied by the production of drama “Fugitive“, Rain was reportedly will joining the next project, a movie remake, “Red Scarf”. Red Scarf  is a classic movie produced in 1964, a story about an air force pilot’s life.

However, Rain’s plan to be the leading actor in the Red Scarf is not that smooth because on September 28, Rain is scheduled to sign up military service for two years. So what do you think will Rain do? Will he join the production of “Red Scarf” or go for military service?

It seems likely that Rain will postpone his participation in military service, not because the Red Scarf, but because he still had to complete his master degree at the School of Arts Department of Performing Arts, Dankook University. So his fans must be happy to postpone Rain’s farewell party and still have a chance to see Rain as an Air Force Pilot …

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