Baby-faced Beauty Episode 14 Summary

I bet everyone is so curious about what happened after Jin Wook’s love confession :) ….well, he’s drunk. He’s surely couldn’t go anywhere far.

And no he couldn’t. He ended up sleeping on Seo Yeong’s lap. While Jin Wook was (pretending to be) sleeping, Seo Yeong admired his perfect figure. She admire how perfect his eyebrows were. She also said that seeing him that way made her more worry. She always worry about him and Director Baek.

Seo Yeong called senior Jang to pick up Jin Wook.

Yoon Seo begged for an explanation from Seung Il of why he’s breaking up with him. She’s been loyal to him and waited for him for 10 years. Then Seung Il made a surprising revelation.

He said at first he thought Yoon Seo could be a good mom for Hyeon-i. He thought after failing on his first marriage, all he need to consider was to have a woman who loved him and Hyeon-i and she could be a good mother for her. But after this incident, he said he wanted to start over for himself. He wanted to be with a woman HE loved.

It’s definitely a jaw-dropping moment for Yoon Seo, “Could she be….?”

Kang Yoon Seo was furious, and it got worse when she found out Seo Yeong was re-hired for another week job. She asked for a private time with her. Everyone was wondering what really happen…so Kang Yoon Seo decided to play nice that moment. She officially started an open war with Seo Yeong. She swore to made Seo Yeong never to come back again to the office.

Yoon Seo then volunteered herself for a competition with Seo Yeong, since it was Seo Yeong who was assigned to design the romantic theme. Yoon Seo was in the mood for revenge. She said if she won, President Ji should let Seo Yeong stepped on The Style company as anything she’d possibly be. President Ji approved her request. He said if Seo Yeong won, he’d hire her as a permanent employee. Yoon Seo believed she could beat Seo Yeong. With her international reputation and high knowledge-skill in fashion design, she’s no way a match for a high-school graduate Seo Yeong.

Jin Wook found Seo Yeong at the roof garden trying to cheer herself up. She was saying “Seo Yeong, you can do it,” but in a very down tone and sounded hopeless instead. Jin Wook approached her and taught her the right way to do the cheering: “Yooouuuuu caaaaannn dooo ittttttttttt!!!”

Seo Yeong worked hard along with the rest of Design Team 5. But she was left alone at the office since she had fallen asleep while finishing her sketch. Jin Wook came to check on her but found the woman was already in her deep sleep. It’s so sweet to see Jin Wook’s expression watching her sleep. Jin Wook covered Seo Yeong with a jacket before leaving.

The day of the assessment had come. They invited three professional designers to review Yoon Seo And Seo Yeong for their design plan. The judges praised Yoon Seo for her work and excellent resume..but when it came to Seo Yeong, they kind of intimidated her. The male designer even asked Seo Yeong her design school background and what she had learnt there that her design looked artless.

The female judge who sat next to President Ji said Seo Yeong’s design was very ammateur. Seo Yeong explained that her design was not regarding to any art or merely for the fashion show sake. She said she was thinking about what women in their 20s would want to wear on their date.

The team was very anxious to know the result. Seo Yeong’s self confidence dropped low deep since most of the judges thought it was a useless competition because Yoon Seo was no way a competitor for Seo Yeong. But when the voting result came out, the female judge who said Seo Yeong’s design was ammateur did an absent vote. She said she did say Seo Yeong’s design was ammateur and Yoon Seo’s was professional. But that didn’t mean the later one was better than the former. She also said that fashion design couldn’t be reviewed only from the design (sketch drawing) stage. Design was a continuing process that they could see separately.

Yoon Seo actually already won with 2:0 score, but she wanted an absolute victory. She believed that Seo Yeong was not in her level to be her competitor, so she agreed to have the competition started over from design. They’d be reviewed by bringing along their samples.

Park Na Ra recommended herself to be transferred to Design Team 5. Senior Jang knew one of the reasons of her transfer was because of Jin Wook. She said she felt tired by being the maknae in Design Team 1 since Seo Yeong left that team. Hmmm I guess she forgot that she’d also be the maknae if she transfered to Team 5 :?

And yes she did forget it. At first she still thought that she could play nasty to Seo Yeong because Seo Yeong was still the maknae. Even when Seo Yeong talked to her in private…look at the way she looked at Seo Yeong:

But just a moment later, Seo Yeong reminded her, “You maybe twenty four, but i’m ten years older than you. You should remember that.” Gotcha!

Director Baek gave Seo Yeong a ticket to an international color exhibition. Director Baek thought it could give Seo Yeong a little break and gave her inspiration in design. Jin Wook couldn’t come along this time, but he lent Seo Yeong his mp4 player. He said he had recorded some general knowledge about fashion design she could learn about since she had not much time.

And when Seo Yeong played it on her way to the exhibition, in the middle of the record she found this writing:

It said “You can become the best. Lee Seo Yeong you can have a self confidence. You’re able to do the best.”

Surprisingly, Seo Yeong met President Ji at the event. They spent sometime together before heading back to Seoul.Seo Yeong saw a man teased his girl by doing poke-a-cheek and that reminded her of Jin Wook. With a smile on her face and she said that they (the couple she saw) reminded her of someone, President Ji kind of knew she’s thinking of another man….Choi Jin Wook.

Actually President Ji went there by driving his own car. He had offered Seo Yeong to go back to Seoul together, but Seo Yeong knew it’s inappropriate. But for Seung Il, it was a rare chance to spend some time alone with Seo Yeong out side the office. So he purposely left her key inside the car, called a car service to pick his car up, and he himself suddenly appeared next to Seo Yeong on the train.

Their situation was awkward of course, but Ji Seung Il tried to break the ice. He stopped a vendor and intended to buy him and Seo Yeong some boiled eggs (a common snack on the train). But, he had that rich man bad attitude…having no cash in the wallet! So he comically shameless borrowed 10,000 Won from Seo Yeong.

Meanwhile, Jin Wook was waiting for a call from Seo Yeong when his phone was ringing and a name called “dictator” appeared on the screen. His father protested about Jin Wook went to a competitor pig trotter restaurant and bought a big portion of pig. Jin Wook promised not to go there anymore, but his dad’s real point was not that. Mr.Choi said, “Bring along that girl you went there to come to our restaurant sometimes.”

And what a small world when Mr. Choi told his employee that his son’s girlfriend loved eating pig, that employee murmured, “Our Seo Yeong also loved pig.” So this man should be Seo Yeong’s father.

Jin Wook called Seo Yeong as soon as she arrived home. Though they’re not officially a couple, they started to act like one. That night call was just so sweet when Jin Wook asked her how her day was, how was the exhibition, bla bla bla…I’m optimistic for this couple. Age gap is just no more than numbers.

Meanwhile Kim Joon Soo wouldn’t stop trying to attract Ji Joo Hee. He asked for an opinion of his design. But the result was still no good. Joo Hee ended up felt like being offended by Joon Soo and that just made her dislike him more.

Seo Yeong insisted on returning the mp4 player to Jin Wook though he insisted on keeping it for a while. But then he suspected Seo Yeong wrote a love reply for his love message…but found none. He insisted Seo Yeong to write one then. this couple is really funny. :rolleyes:

But Seo Yeong hadn’t yet writing anything when Ji Seung Il walked by and saw the cute scene. He was disturbed. So he stepped in to ruined their mood by giving Seo Yeong his debt (the 10,000 Won he borrowed on the train). But he didn’t say anything. He just took out the money, handed it to Seo Yeong and made this shot look to Jin Wook:

And Jin Wook just had this expression watching the scene in front of him:

So Jin Wook decided not hesitate anymore. He’d make a quick move. He grabbed Seo Yeong out of the office, but said it wasn’t a date. It was a job-related outing. They went to a baseball game. Jin Wook was actually helping Seo Yeong to make a live observation on dating couples. Many couples went to a baseball match, what a clever idea Jin Wook.

And yes it was very helpful. Jin Wook told her that men never really coordinate with their women of what outfit should they wear for their date. And just at that point, Seo Yeong immediately got an inspiration.

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