Baby-faced Beauty Episode 7 Summary

Wohoo…I couldn’t stop smiling watching this episode.This show is getting more exciting. He kissed her!!! But who kissed whom? Let’s check it out ;)

It was quite worrying when Yoon Seo asked, “So, your name is Lee Seo Yeong not Lee Seo Jin, right?” Seo Yeong tried her best to lie… “Well, my sister name is Lee Seo Yeong, so i’m used to hearing people call that name too. So sometimes I get confuse and just answer when people call her name.” And thankfully, Yoon Seo dropped it there.

The MD team decided to cut the cost for all design. So all the team informed each of the design team to change some details in their design. But unlike the rest of MD team, Jin Wook did the reverse thing to Seo Yeong. He encouraged her to add a scarf to make her design looked nicer.

They went to the pig trotter restaurant again for lunch. But this time, Jin Wook was more open and even gave Seo Yeong an “introduction to pig trotter cooking”. And it turned out that  the owner of the restaurant knew him and his father. He even knew that Jin Wook didn’t have a good relationship with his dad and that he’s been away from home to be independent from the family.

Seo Yeong was surprise, but she was unexpectedly very supportive to Jin Wook. She said she missed his dad and  people should be grateful when their father was still alive. But she supported Jin Wook by saying it’s a good thing he’s being independent.

Joo Hee asked Seo Yeong to meet at a cafe nearby the office. No idea what this woman was up to, but when President Ji suddenly showed up out of the blue, it seemed that Joo Hee intended to introduce Seo Yeong to her brother to let her get a better position at the office. Seo Yeong was sitting near by the big window glass, so it’s very easy for the passers by to see her inside. And unfortunately, when she was talking to President Ji, assistant designer Park and Jong saw them.

Back to the office both girls started to spread the rumour that their maknae might indeed had a special relationship with their president. Jin Wook was actually there buying a drink and he seemed to be annoyed by the action of gossiping and the gossip itself. So he started to act weird to Seo Yeong…

He suddenly said he’s not giving her the scarf because the company needed to reduce the production cost. Instead, he upsetly gave Seo Yeong some cheap buttons to subtitute the scarf.

But then Jin Wook overheard what his MD leader and Director Hyeon were talking about. They planned to brush aside Seo Yeong’s design and gave a full budget support to Yoon Seo’s design.

Then Jin Wook went to see Yoon Seo’s design and found out her fancy jacket budget was way more expensive than Seo Yeong’s (indeed)simple jacket. So that very moment, he decided to do the right thing. This smart guy had an idea.

He went out to the street and made a accidental market survey. Girls walked pass the street were asked to stop by and choose which jacket they prefered to buy. Then he also went to the department store asking which of the two jackets would sell more.

After all day out to conduct a fast market research, he did a presentation to his senior saying that Seo Yeong’s design was proven to win over Yoon Seo’s in the market. But as a response, his senior only said, “You’re crazy.”

Jin Wook was very upset. So he decided to give Seo Yeong a  full support. He said they were back to their first plan: adding a scarf on Seo Yeong’s design.

Jin Wook asked Seo Yeong to buy him udon for dinner. Seo Yeong told him to go to the restaurant first and waited for her there since she still had a little more thing to do at the office. He found out Seo Yeong’s cellphone was broken, so before going to the restaurant he stopped by the gadget store to buy her a new phone.

But suddenly Seo Yeong got a phone call from Hyeon-i saying she’s alone at home. Seo Yeong rushed out to president Ji’s apartment and called Jin Wook why she couldn’t have dinner with him. But when Seo Yeong arrived at the apartment, Hyeon-i just played fool to her. She still had the ajumma with her, but sent that ajumma home when Seo Yeong came.

Hyeon-i made Seo Yeong cooked for her. She cooked the rice cake snack, but the the little girl said she couldn’t eat it. That also turned out to be a lie when President Ji finally came.

Seo Yeong tried to excuse herself after the dinner was set, but Hyeon-i insisted her to stay. Hyeon-i found Seo Yeong’s ID earlier when she went to the restroom and read her birth year of ’78 without knowing what those numbers meant. Seo Yeong couldn’t answer, so when Hyeon-i guessed it as her IQ level, she just said yes. So Hyeon-i used that IQ level secret as a weapon to make her stay and had dinner with them.

But daddy’s girlfriend came by and brought some expensive bread. The situation was awkward, so Seo Yeong excused herself to go home. And just in the same time, the bell was ringing. Someone’s coming.

Jin Wook couldn’t help himself to find out what Seo Yeong was doing at their president house. But when he arrived, he found a full house. It was a funny scene when Jin Wook hilariously tried to explain the reason of his sudden coming.

He said he needed to see Seo Yeong because they had to work together very well for the benefit of the company. But you should see it yourself the way he explained it expressively witty. The “fighting!” thing was the best. He lift his fist to the air and said “Fighting!”

Anyhow, President Ji invited him for dinner together. And it seemed that Hyeon-i also liked him. She asked to  have both Jin Wook and Seo Yeong to accompany her to sleep.

So they sang lullaby together… :)

Jin Wook got upset for Seo Yeong’s coming to President Ji’s apartment instead of having dinner with him. Unfortunately, the apartment was not that large, so Yoon Seo and President Ji caught them fighting. Ji Seung Il apologized to Jin Wook.

He told Jin Wook to get Seo Yeong home, but the girl refused. So President Ji offered a taxi for Seo Yeong, but she also refused. Jin Wook looked annoyed by President Ji’s care, so he said that he would go together with Seo Yeong to get her home with the taxi President Ji got for her.

Seo Yeong was furious. He asked Jin Wook what actually he wanted by coming to President Ji and just embarrased her. She talked just too much and too fast that Jin Wook could only had teary eyes and hold his deep anger. Seo Yeong kept complaining until suddenly Jin Wook grabbed her and bent down to kiss her!

Wohooo! this guy just couldn’t hold it anymore… Just look how low he bent down his knees. ;)

But Seo Yeong got more upset because it was her first kiss and this clumsy-7-years-younger man was the one to give her the first kiss. She couldn’t sleep well that night :D while Jin Wook, though he looked sorry, but he didn’t seem to regret it.

And the next day, when they met at the elevator, they act awkward near each other. Senior Jang found that strange and then wittily hit the jackpot guess, “Did you two kiss yesterday??” And as soon as the two suspects overdenied the question, senior Jang burst in laughters saying, “Haha, that just what’s gonna happen when two people stick to each other quite often.” :D

President Ji had a brunch with Yoon Seo and her mother. Director Hyeon was obviously proposing to get rid Director Baek by saying they should stationed her in the branch office overseas.

But Ji Seung Il just loved and honored his teacher very much. He met Director Baek at her office and said, “I won’t let you go even if they told you to.”

Jin Wook apologized to Seo Yeong for the kiss. He said they need to clear the situation since they had to work together. He didn’t practically said he regreted it nor dislike Seo Yeong. He just said that he went out of his mind.

The design team got curious again about Seo Yeong’s age after she slipped her mouth when talking about watching an old adult-movie in the theater. They asked if she’s really 34. Then Park Na Ra told her to sing the song “Lie.” Seo Yeong in quite a confidence sang G.O.D’s “Lie”. Everyone was surprised. Na Ra said, “Why are you singing G.O.D’s “Lie” instead of BigBang’s “Lie”? Are you from Senior Jang’s generation?” SeoYeong said her elder sister was a fan of G.O.D. And during that time, Yoon Seo was there listening to everything. She also got more suspicious about Seo Yeong’s name and age.

Sun Nam, the ironing man slash landlord of Seo Yeong’s house, found out she got the job at The Style from her mother and Seo Jin when he made a visit to their house. So he made a call to office (because Seo Yeong’s phone was broken) asking for Lee Seo Yeong.

Assistant Jong had no idea about the name, but Yoon Seo took over the phone. She asked, “Do you mean Lee Seo Yeong who had a little sister called Lee Seo Jin?” Sun Nam said yes, but Yoon Seo said there’s no such an employee.

Seo Yeong then called Joo Hee to meet up with Seo Yeong. But when Yoon Seo asked did they know each other, Joo Hee surprisingly said, “Sure, i knew her well. I used to be her teacher. I was a teacher before i became a professor. Isn’t it right, Seo Jin?”

Seo Yeong had no idea what’s going on, so she just nodded and said yes. She excused herself first.

Failing with Joo Hee didn’t make Yoon Seo stop. She still had one card, Seo Yeong’s former boss. She instantly made a phone call to this man.

Will she find out Seo Yeong’s real name and age at this half part of the show? I really don’t know. I’m waiting for more surprises in the next episode…

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  1. thanks for the recap. hope seo young is not fired coz of lying

  2. Wow..didn’t know there’s someone recapping this drama. nice!! Coz Dramabeans only recapped ep1-4. btwm did u know that lullaby song she sings to Hyeon-i? She also did that when they were going for a workshop at some resort/hotel

  3. Wow. I really hope that Yoo Seon does not end up with Mr CEO…frankly, she does not deserve him…she is such a piece of nasty trash.

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