Secret Garden Episode 10 Summary

For me, this episode was boring and tiring, because I think the relationship between Ra Im-Joo Won just stucked, felt like returning to the days before they’re soul-exchanged, and also full of denial. Not my favorite episode, but fortunately there is Joo Won-droll-side that made me survive. Anyway, seeing Joo Won wearing purple flower tracksuit reminded me of  flower pots. :D

Joo Won already waited them, Ra Im and Oska were surprised by his presence. Oska asked Ra Im whether or not she had an appointment with Joo Won. Ra Im said she didn’t have any appointment with Joo Won. According to Ra Im, Joo Won was too stupid or too fond of her until he couldn’t understand her refusal. Ra Im commented on Joo Won’s tracksuit , “What is that ajeomma-pajamas-style?” Pajamas?! Hahahaha … :lol:

Joo Won objected Ra Im called his another-tacky-tracksuit equated with pajamas. He said this tracksuit knitted by hand by a designer from southern France (oh it seemed that he already said goodbye to the Italian designer).

Ra Im and Oska immediately treated Joo Won as an  invisible person. Ra Im said goodbye to Oska-oppa, and went straight to her home without considering Joo Won. But he chased Ra Im, and told her about his disapproval that Ra Im regarded Oska as oppa. He asked Ra Im to regard him as ‘oppa’ too because Oska only few years older than him. Ra Im ignored him. She even slammed the door in front of Joo Won and soon left, but Joo Won was still calling her out: “Gil Tang Ja!” (Tang Ja is a bitter citrus similar with Ra Im (Lime)).

Ra Im got a package of books that apparently she had ordered a few days ago. She said to Ah Yeong she went to the house of someone who had a huge collection of books. According to Ra Im, from the books that person read, she could find out what that person would have in mind and what they would feel. Oh I see, so Ra Im was trying to understand Joo Won through the books that Joo Won read … such a sweet way to know someone’s personality. So classic…

Joo Won followed Oska to his house. He warned Oska to immediately move away from Ra Im, but Oska refused.  For Oska,  Ra Im was an attractive girl who was different from the other girls he’d gone dating with. Oska said that it was Joo Won who had to give her up as soon as possible because sooner or later he would lose her. He knew just too well that Joo Won’s mother had to have prepared for the politic-marriage for Joo Won. Joo Won would marry a girl like Yoon Seul, so he didn’t have to make a hard situation for Ra Im and immediately move away from her. Oska knew his cousin was an irresponsible person. He also warned Joo Won to stay away from Ra Im and Yoon Seul, Joo Won was not a good guy for them.

Joo Won, this time please listen to your hyung!

Joo Won actually thought of  his hyung words and decided (at least, he trying) not to see Ra Im anymore.

Ra Im was very happy because Jong Soo helped her memorized the script by recording his voice. Whoa .. I would have endured my tough work  if I had had a boss as HOT and good-hearted as Jong Soo. :mrgreen:

Oska was a little worried when he’s holding a fan meeting. He feared for having no fans came to that event. But just like as Ra Im had said before, Oska’s fans didn’t care about the issues, still believed in and adored him. Meeting his loyal fans cheered up Oska.

Suddenly within the line stood Yoon Seul. Oska was surprised because she came to ask for a signature. She said, “I believe in you and you did’t believe in me, but even so I still am your fan.” Yoon Seul asked Oska to write down: “For Yoon Seul, with my eternal love”. Without much talk Oska just dutifully gave Yoon Seul his signature.

Yoon Seul returned to her car and wept, looking at Oska’s autograph. It was actually written: “Dear Yoon Seul-ssi, thanks for loving me all this time” .. Hohoho .. stupid girl, your guy was still loving you!

Still in his determination not to see Ra Im anymore, Joo Won tried to keep busy. He booked  three seats to himself while watching an opera, and soon was upset because there was a woman who put her bag on reserved seat. When the opera began he just imagined Ra Im was sitting beside him. He complained to Secretary Kim as soon as he got home. He said next time better bought one whole raw for an opera, so that no one would bother him again [or maybe so he could imagine one raw seats filled by Ra Im?].

Secretary Kim said there was a BiSang Resort presentation tomorrow. Joo Won protested why secretary Kim told him about it all in sudden. Secretary Kim said  that the project had already been signed  and he already gave Joo Won the schedule. Joo Won desperately cursed  the “lovely” signature and Ra Im: “She think she ‘s Kim Tae Hee or something!”

Ji Hyun came to Joo Won’s house, wondered why Joo Won didn’t consult and take the medicine anymore. Joo Won just realized that lately he’s no longer taking the medicine, and was able to sleep in a narrow room (Ra Im’s house.) The point was that he didn’t need medicine anymore and claustrophobia that he’d been suffered was getting a bit better.

Joo Won asked Ji Hyun, “what makes a person give up to get something?” Ji Hyun anwered that someone stopped fighting (to get something he wanted) because that something was beyond his/her reach. Joo Won spontaneously replied, “So you’re telling me that that woman is beyond me?” Ji Hyun wondered, “That woman?”

The package of his fancy stuffs from Ra Im came in the right moment. Joo Won complained at Ji Hyun how could there be someone who  acted controversially, straight-forwardly and childishly like ‘that woman’. Ji Hyun said if ‘that woman’ was the same as most women, with cool-headedly she would receive those fancy stuffs from Joo Won. Ji Hyun added, “I told you that woman is beyondyou.”

Reporter who spreaded the plagiarism issue finally admitted his mistake, so the bad rumors about Oska could be solved right away.

Yoon Seul met the songwriter and the person was actually none other than Tae Sun. On the credit title was only written as Ssun, but Yoon Seul’s investigation came up with Tae Sun’s name. Yoon Seul wanted him to make a deal with her and worked for her. Tae Sun refused, but she would succeed to convince him later.

Joo Won was in solitude at his mansion, contemplating about Ra Im. He hoped Ra Im said “Joo Won-ssi, I miss you so much, I might die,” but I thought it was actually Joo Won who was badly longing for Ra Im.

Because he was bored and couldn’t see Ra Im, Joo Won sabotaging Oska’s game machine, which Oska had ordered three months ago. Joo Won intended to keep  that machine for himself because Oska was the only one who had that machine in Korea.
Oska rushed to Joo Won’s place and demanded his stuff back soon. Joo Won offered a deal. He would hand over the Oska-Chae Rin scandal photos if Oska gave him the machine, but if Oska refused to give that machine, he would give the photos  to Dong Gyu-hyung (manager Choi). Without much thinking Oska agreed to leave the machine at Joo Won’s hands. I wondered what kind of scandalous photo that made Oska gave up that precious machine so easily.

Then Oska went on about ‘the person who couldn’t get out of Joo Won’s mind’: Gil Ra Im. I think Oska was a sensitive person who knew the anxiety of the people around him. He knew his cousin was getting mad because he couldn’t stop thinking about Ra Im. Oska was a fun person as long as there was no Yoon Seul beside him.

Oska ordered Joo Won to immediately stop acting like the character in “Lovers in Paris” [–2004 SBS drama, played by Park Shin Yang, Kim Jeong Eun, and Lee Dong Gun]. Joo Won answered he was going to give up, but not that time, latter. Right then he still liked Ra Im. He would let her go when she became “the 9th among the 10 women”. So, as  long as Ra Im still looked amazing, puzzling, cool, and sexy for him, Joo Won would continue to get her. Joo Won said he would get bored at Ra Im within a maximum of three months or at least until Joo Won met the woman he would marry. Woah…Joo Won, you’re a really crazy bastard!
Oska said he’d tell Ra Im about that, but Joo Won said Ra Im had already known that. Ra Im knew she’d only be a “little mermaid” for him. Joo Won continued that with her strong personality, Ra Im wouldn’t be a crybaby when it happened, when she disappeared like a seafoam. Oska couldn’t figure out his crazy cousin’s crazy mind. He just said, “Then you’re the one who will be a crybaby when it happen!”

Finally Joo Won couldn’t take it anymore, he went to see Ra Im. He’d meet Ra Im at the school action with all the weird reasons: blaming on Ra Im for his body gaining weight and lost his sixpack because  ate too much while her sould was in his body, giving a full box of boxer (his boxers that Ra Im washed by hand), or just blaming on Ra Im for his constipation.

Ra Im was currently reading the script in the café when Joo Won came to see her. As usual he came to blamed Ra Im for the company’s stock fall because of her ‘lovely’ signature. Ra Im didn’t think the impact would be that bad, and said that it was Secretary Kim who forced her to sign the documents. Joo Won said casually, “Then I will fired secretary Kim.” Ra Im begged him to spare Secretary Kim. Joo Won tried to make a deal with her that he wouldn’t fire secretary Kim if he was allowed to come to see Ra  Im and she had to greet him with a friendly and loving way. Ra Im said, “I can greet you with fists and weapons”.

Ra Im was drinking cappuccino when accidentally she left the foam on her upper lip. Joo Won commented, “Why women deliberately leave a foam on their lips while they’re with men?” Ra Im jus realized what happen to her and when she’s about to wipe foam out,  Joo Won held her hand, approached her, and said, “Come here” .. Damn Joo Won! He wiped the foam with his lips: he kissed Ra Im! Ra Im was shocked and immediately pulled her face. But Joo Won innocently said there was no tissue available and he was unlikely to wipe it with his pretty-handmade-tracksuit  … Hohoho … I’m glad there was no tissue in there.

Ra Im intended to hit Joo Won,  but he managed to hold her hand. Joo Won said, “I’m warning you! From now on, do not use violence to me. This is how I’m going to respond from now on.” Heh?? So he meant if Ra Im hit or punched or kicked him, then he would reply her with a kiss? … Wow! I think there would be a lot of kisses on the next episodes … :mrgreen:

Joo Won insisted on joining the shooting with Ra Im. She rejected the idea, but Hwang-sunbae permited him because the scene would just about running, so he thought Joo Won could do it. And likely Hwang-sunbae also wanted to act as the “love fairy” for them…good luck sunbae!
On the set, Joo Won refused to wear a lower soldier costume at first, but after Hwang sunbae said that he would take him to a workshop based on his performance that day, Joo Won finally agreed to participate in the filming.
In the scene, he was hit by an arrow and had to fall down to the ground. However, he prefered to throw himself on another casting’s body than on the muddy ground. The most ridiculous scene was when he had a scene with Jong Soo. He was supposed to be in same team with Jong Soo based on the script, but when the filming took place, instead of attacking the enemy he attacked Jong Soo. Director scolded him, and he defended himself by saying he didn’t know that Jong Soo was his alliance. He said he thought Jong Soo was an Arabian spy because Jong Soo’s face like an oil merchant from Arab.

During the break, Joo Won asked the filming footage for the scene whe he ran and was hit by an arrow. He said he wanted to compare his acting skills with Jang Dong Gun :rolleyes: . Clearly assistant director thought he was crazy.
When Ra Im came to the set with a female police costume of sageuk version (reminds me of “Damo”), Joo Won said that Ra Im still looked pretty in traditional clothes.

When shooting the battle scene between Ra Im and Jong Soo, Joo Won couldn’t take off his eyes from Ra Im. He thought he suffered from “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome” because everytime he saw her, he felt like being in wonderland.

“Alice in Wonderland” is a disoriented neurological condition that affects human perception. The syndrome involves distortions in body images and shapes. Either objects appear much larger (macropsia) or smaller (micropsia) like dwarf or giant in a fairy tale. But for Joo Won, Ra Im didn’t appear larger nor smaller, but she looked more charming. In short, Ra Im was too beautiful to be real for Joo Won.

During lunch, the-Jang Dong Gun-wannabe asked Ra Im why she chose as a dangerous job as a stuntwoman. It didn’t give her a lot of money nor fame. Joo Won added that no one would remember a stuntman because people  only remember the actors. Ra Im answered that what Joo Won said about money and fame was correct, but there would be people who remember her as a great stuntwoman: her colleagues in Action school (her sunbaenims). Joo Won argued that it meant that she’d be remembered by only few people. Ra Im replied “A few? Then how many people will remember you and are willing to sacrifice for you? ” Joo Won couldn’t answer that question. For Ra Im,  her colleagues at the Action School was a family who are willing to sacrifice anything for her. Ra Im reminded Joo Won to never again underestimate the job as a stuntwoman.

They had dinner together where Ra Im was giving pigs feet to everyone except Joo Won because  she knew he hated that food. Joo Won insisted that he liked it, so Ra Im quickly put it into his mouth. She ordered Joo Won to chew and swallow it, and he did. Ra Im smiled at Joo Won when he was trying so hard to swallow the food. And it seemed that Jong Soo didn’t like to see that scene.

The next morning, Joo Won was surprised that he woke up beside of Jong Soo. They’re both on Ra Im’s bed. He asked Ra Im if they had soul exchanged again, but Ra Im just replied, “Well, just remember what happened last night.”

Apparently that night Joo Won and Jong Soo escorted Ra im back home, and they were both badly drunk. When they  arrived in front of Ra Im’s house, Joo Won suddenly wanted to go in, Jong Soo didn’t let him. Then  Joo Won said to Jong Soo that Ra Im’s house was also his and he used to sleep in there. Joo Won even said, “I tried to wear her panties, I bathed her every day, and brushed her teeth three times a day ” :lol: (I think Joo Won should cut the “I tried to wear her panties” part).

Eventually they both broke into the house, and they both ended up on Ra Im’s bed. Jong Soo then woke up in a shock and found the place unfamiliar. He thought it was Joo Won’s house (that means Jong Soo had never entered Ra Im’s house). After successfully remember what happened last night, Jong Soo felt ashamed, especially to Ra Im. Ra Im prepared breakfast for them. When she was serving breakfast Jong Soo, Joo Won suddenly came out of the bathroom asking his toothbursh and thee blue towel he usually used. Ra Im didn’t know how to answered that without causing a misunderstanding for Jong Soo. So she told him that Joo Won was still drunk.

The three of them was out of the house and found Oska was already there waiting for Ra Im. Oska wanted to “kidnap” Ra Im. He requested a permission to Jong Soo to ask Ra Im as his tutor in preparation to make a CF. Jong Soo allowed her to go with Oska. After Ra Im left with Oska,  Joo Won asked Jong Soo why he let Ra Im go with him. He said they’re on the same side as long as there was Oska between them. That’s according to the proverb that came from an Arabian country: ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Joo Won wondered how Jong Soo didn’t know that Arab proverb.

Wait a minute, so Joo Won wasn’t kidding when he said that Jong Soo looked like an Arab merchant? He really thought Jong Soo was an Arabic? hohoho…

Oska asked Ra Im to be his rock climbing trainer because he would make a CF. Ra Im was happy to take the offering. Oska loved to flirt as usual, but sometimes there was a different impression when Oska said, “Ra Im-ssi,  I keep liking you more and more.” I saw a serious expression on Oska’s face when he said that…oww. Will Oska really fall for her ? :o

Ra Im phone was beeping, and it was from Joo Won’s mother asking her to have a meeting. Ra Im came to Madame Moon’s house. Ra Im had her manner asking politely if Joo Won had returned the money yet. Madame Moon was angry to hear that. She thought Ra Im asked her son to return the money that had already spent by her. Ra Im insisted not receiving that money from her. Of course Madame Moom didn’t believe it. She scolded Ra Im for keep meeting Joo Won after spending all the money she got. She even said, “Even though you’re a beggar to the bone, don’t you even have any pride or conscience at all to pretend?”

Ra Im felt really hurt with those words. Madame Moon suddenly splashed a glass of water to her, but since she had a good reflex, she managed to avoid it. Ra Im apologized and asked Madame Moon to repeat it again. Heh???

Joo Won suddenly came, and it reminded me ofthe moment when he saved Ra Im from the evil PD by saying “I’m fan of Gil Ra Im-ssi.” However this time was very different. He told his mother not to waste her time taking care of this woman, to make her looked like a character in a drama. Joo Won said he’s not going to marry Ra Im, and his relationship with her was only temporary.

Ra Im and Madame Moon were surprised to hear that…and I was surprised, too.

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