Secret Garden Episode 16 Summary

This episode preceded by (Ra Im’s) father’s words “When I called to duty doesn’t care about strong fire. God please give me strength to save lives, but even so I’m still scared and praying for rain to come. I’m ready if God wants me to die, please look after my wife and my family” I think this is his prayer before going on duty. And I so understand why the rain became the trigger of Ra Im-Joo Won souls-exchanged, merely because firefighters need rain to help out their duties.

After realized that Joo Won trapped in the elevator, Ra Im immediately called  Ah Yeong and ordered Ah Yeong to rescue Joo Won. Then Ra Im called 119 (like 911 in U.S.) to immediately send some rescue teams to LOEL department stores. Afterwards she immediately took a taxi to the LOEL and forgot the audition.

Joo Won almost fainted when secretary Kim and rescue team tried to pull him out of the elevator. Secretary Kim was hysterical to see his boss suffer. Joo Won was immediately taken to the hospital.Director Park realized his mistake which led Joo Won to a nearly-death situation. He felt sorry, and came to the hospital but did not dare to meet Joo Won.

Ra Im soon arrived at the hospital, where she met Ji Hyun in front of Joo Won’s room. She never really see Gil Ra Im, so greeting each other in a quite casual way was a bit awkward. Ji Hyun then sent Ra Im to look after Joo Won.

Joo Won was already  sober but still looked weak. Ra Im just stood in front of the door, didn’t dare to approach him. She asked if Joo Won was okay. Joo Won scolded her, after what he said about his claustrophobia Ra Im still used the elevator. Ra Im, started sobbing, and said sorry for her actions. She did it because she wanted to show director Park that Joo Won could use the elevator. And she didn’t see it coming. With a pitiful face she said “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry”

Joo Won told her to come closer, and then immediately embraced her. He said when the incident happened he feared not able to see her again. Ra Im who was still sobbing said  the same thing. “I thought I don’t see you again too if that you wouldn’t make it.” and Ra Im’s cry got worse. Joo Won apologized and told her to stop crying.

Joo Won asked about the audition, but Ra Im told him she left it because she was very worried about him. Joo Won who felt partially fought for the auditioning was disappointed, how could Ra Im miss the audition just for him? He immediately got out of bed and changed clothes.
They were both went to the audition place, but they’re too late, it was over.  Joo Won knew how much Ra Im desired that audition, so he knew how she felt at the time.

After plagiarism issue cleared by Chae Ri, Oska immediately came to Seul’s office, he ate tofu there (in Korea eating tofu as a sign of people out of trouble, get rid of bad luck). Oska wanted to share happiness with Seul. But Seul was annoyed by it. She asked Oska who allowed him to be back easily after hurting  her very badly and why Oska was so easy to forgive himself. Seul immediately went to her room for crying, Oska saw her cried.

Joo Won drove Ra Im home. Ra Im still looked sad, Joo Won hugged her and promised to make up everything for her. He would do (almost) everything to make that miracle, if necessary he would even ask for help from his grandfather.
Ra Im just went on crying, Joo Won told her to stop crying. Seeing her crying made him more sad. Joo Won asked Ra Im to believe in him that miracle would come.

After returning from Ra Im’s place, Joo Won met Jong Soo. Jong Soo still didn’t know that Ra Im-Joo Won were already back to normal. Jong Soo asked why Ra Im had missed an audition, Jong Soo thought it had to be because Joo Won. He asked where Joo Won was, so Joo Won answered “Here.” He said they were back to normal again. After making sure that the man in front of him was Joo Won, Jong Soo immediately punched him … ouch … Joo Won didn’t counter, maybe he also felt that he deserved to get that punch.

Joo Won requested information about the director of “Dark Blod” to Jong Soo. Jong Soo said that “Dark Blood” team had been in Japan for the next audition.
Joo Won immediately met Oska, pleaded for his help. Oska was instantly aware that the man in front him was his cousin again. Since Oska was a Hallyu star, he certainly had a good network in Japan. He asked for help Oska to looking for contact number of the director of “Dark Blood”, this is all for the sake of Ra Im. Oska asked what he would get if he could help him, Joo Won said: “Tell me what you want!” Oska bugged Joo Won, he replied: “Gil Ra Im” .. hahaha …
Oska asked Jo Won to leave his place. Joo Won said there was no place anymore for him to live, if he stayed at the hotel everyone would think he was expelled from the house after the VVIP LOEL party. Oska said ” Who told you to kissed Ra Im  and declared yourself as a lunatic CEO ?” With a smile on his face, Joo Won said if he couldn’t control it ” It was a moment I waited too long for ” hahaha…

It wasn’t easy for Oska to finally got the director’s phone number. From dark till daylight Joo Won sent a lot of voice messages for the director. Finally, the director called him back. Joo Won, without introducing himself, asked the director to go back to Korea to give another chance to one particular person for an audition. Director refused at first, because the Korea audition already ended and he should immediately go to Hong Kong after completing the audition in Japan. Joo Won said for director to take just a little time to Korea before going to Hongkong. The flight was the problem for the auditioning team, but not for Joo Won. He cooly said, “I’ll send a private plane to Haneda right now.” huh? Seriously?

Joo Won successfully created a miracle. He managed to bring “Dark Blood” team back to Korea to “audition” Ra Im right on the spot where she was in middle of a film shooting. Ra Im didn’t know that she was being assessed by the “Dark Blood” director and his team for exactly 5 minutes, as it was promised by Joo Won.

Finished filming Joo Won met Ra Im. She teased him by saying things when they first met. “You know Choi Woo Yeong? No, Oska?” Joo Won said that he came to the location only to see Ra Im and treated all the crew a nice lunch. He didn’t say if he had made a miracle for her.

Joo Won back to the office. Director Park finally admitted his fault for the elevator incident and immediately submitted resignation letter. Joo Won asked why director Park did it. Director Park just curious about Joo Won’s claustrophobia. Director Park finally admitted his sin because for him, better to be unemployed than to be be a murderer. And he was very grateful Joo Won was fine. He looked very sorry but Joo Won still received his resignation.

Actually Ra Im still thinking about her failure in “Dark Blood” audition. She was still looking at the movie script. Then voiceover from Ra Im’s father “that’s right Ra Im-a, you shouldn’t be there, you can not do that. My daughter is alright now, father felt calm now ” Ooh..what do you mean dad?

Oska went to Seul’s yoga place. He made a public apologize to her by writing in big papers (the way they used to communicate) “Please forgive me, I forgive myself easily!” And he was still curious about the Chestnut. He also wrote that Seul still looked pretty the same as when they first met .. Hohoho Oska was a woman killer.

Oska knew Tae Sun canceled a work for Seul. He still asked Tae Sun to work for him, as his producer. Tae Sun still refused. The reason remained as before, because he liked men, but Oska’s reaction just plain. He just said it’s a normal thing just like him who liked women. But  it became unusual if the man whom Tae Sun loved was you, Oska.

To forced Tae Sun work for him. Oska took Tae Sun’s MP3 player.  Oska said if Tae Sun wanted his MP3 player back, he had to get it himself at Oska’s house. Tae-Sun only smile when Oska left.

Arriving home Oska saw Tae-Sun MP3 player. It turned in which there was a song created by Tae Sun titled “Oska”, oooh .. so sweet. Tae Sun even made a special song for Oska, and strangely Oska smiled when he heard that song. I was curious about the lyrics. :o

Ra Im came to Oska’s place to retrieve her belongings. they enjoyed tea together. Ra Im wondered and asked Oska why he always gave everything for Joo Won. Oska surprised that Ra Im realized that just too long after all these times. Ra Im said she realized because Oska was always smiling when Joo Won defeated him. Oska finally said that so far Joo Won had suffered enough from the effects of an accident 13 years ago, so he just wanted to make Joo Won happy. Ra Im asked more about the accident 13 years ago, but Oska felt it would be better if Ra Im heard the story from Joo Won directly, if Joo Won remember it later. After the accident, Joo Won got a trauma, and unconsciously removed that bad memory to protect himself.

When Ra Im went home, she met Joo Won there. Joo Won asked whether recently she got a call that said congratulation or something (Joo Won meant it’s from “Dark Blood” director). Ra Im was confused with his question.
Joo Won drove Ra Im home. He then forbade Ra Im adressed Oska with “oppa”, because the only oppa for Ra Im just himself. If Ra Im adressed another man with “oppa”, Joo Won would consider Ra Im was having an affair .. whoa .. you silly Joo Won-ssi!

Ra Im circled January 8th  on the calendar that had been given by Oska. Joo Won asked why Ra Im circled that day, Ra Im didn’t answer it. Joo Won threw the new calendar to bed. Ra Im was trying to take it when Joo Won forced her to lie down. Joo Won said that her eyes were beautiful. Ra Im said, “I know that,” then she kissed Joo Won briefly. She said that kiss was to repay the hugs she could not give for these days … Joo Won was surprised by a brief kiss. He then said, “It will do, I’m going to make Ah Yeong-ssi stay out all night “.. Hohoho … but trust me nothing happened that night.

The scandal about Oska-Seul became the headline in newspapers. Oska went to Seul at work, and was pleased with the news but Seul wasn’t. She wanted to clarify that all the news wasn’t true. Oska was sad.  It was more painful for Oska because Seul denied that they had good memories together. However, after Seul gave clarification on the telephone to reporters, Oska embraced her, because he knew it’s just another Seul’s denial.

Joo Won started to discover something strange. His accident was the same day with Ra Im’s father death. He asked Oska if it’s true when he was 21 years old he suffered from a traffic accident just like what the family always told him. When Joo Won was trapped in the elevator on the other day, he remembered something like he’d been in that kind of situation long ago. Oska didn’t really know what to say, so he told him to meet Ji Hyun.

Ji Hyun finally reevealed the truth. It was not a traffic accident, but Joo Won was trapped in an elevator in a burning building 13 years ago. After the accident Joo Won unconsciously forget the incident. As hispsychiatrist who’d been trying to protect Joo Won’s mental, Ji Hyun created a story about traffic accident. Joo Won asked what exactly happened when he was in the elevator, Ji Hyun said no one knew. They just knew Joo Won’s condition when he was already at hospital. Joo Won still curious because he felt like losing something precious.

January 8th, Ra Im went to her father’s cemetery, but she was surprised by the presence of Madam Moon who had laid flowers in front of her father’s memorial. Owowow… I started to feel bad. She greeted Madam Moon. The lady also wondered why Ra Im was there. Ra Im asked, “Did you know my father?” Madam Moon startled by Ra Im’s question, she didn’t replied and went.

At home, Madam Moon remembered when Ra Im talked about her father who died when saving someone…Could it be??

Joo Won was ordering an accessory for Ra Im. He designed it himself. The head of a cat. He knew Ra Im liked a cat. He met Ra Im at school action and then went home together. Ra Im was going to cook for him. Joo Won wanted to embrace her because he was cold. Ra Im refused saying she was too hot if she got close to Joo Won. Hot? Joo Won started to have a naughty thoughts. He wanted not only a nice dinner tonight, but Ra Im didn’t want to continue Joo Won’s improper fantasies.

Suddenly Ra Im got a text from Ah Yeong saying that Madam Moon was at their home waiting for her. Reading the message Ra Im recalled about their encounter in her father’s cemetery, so she thought the arrival of Madam Moon in her home definitely had something to with it. Ra Im soon said good-bye to Joo Won. She lied saying there was an emergency matter in action school so she had to immediately go back there.

When Ra Im at home, Madam Moon said that she came to answer  Ra Im’s questions. Ra Im still confused. Madam Moon finally told that Joo Won’s accident when he was 21 was not because of a traffic accident. He was trapped in an elevator in a burning building, and the firefighter who saved Joo Won died. That’s why she went to the cemetery that morning, to pay some respect to the man who had saved her son’s life. Ra Im was shock. Madam Moon continued, “Yes, that person is your father.”

WTF?! So this is all just about the tragic fate Ms. Writer? Aaarggh … X|
Ra Im was speechless and started to cry. Madam Moon immediately knelt before her. She said she would pay compensation for her father death and asked Ra Im to immediately leave Joo Won. Madam Moon pleaded tearfully.
Ra Im was still in shock and unable to say anything. All she could do was crying. Ough Mom .. I don’t think you’re as shallow as this??!

Rizz additional: I’m so sorry for a very very late editing…

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