Secret Garden Episode 13 Summary

I love this episode, the moments when Ra Im started to open up her heart and the moments when Joo Won began to wonder if he could make Ra Im his little mermaid only,because from then on Ra Im meant everything for him.

They still look at each other long enough, very romantic, but unfortunately Joo Won ruined it when he said with a  low voice “You know, there is an empty room next door” What?! Ra Im straightly threw a pillow to his face and turned back.

Joo Won pretended to fall asleep when Jong Soo entered the room. Jong Soo dragged him away from Ra Im. Jong Soo then took the place near Ra Im. Joo Won who was still pretending to sleep, with a sly like a snake writhing movements shifted Jong Soo’s position, until he finally in the position he was before, next to Ra Im. With a smug face he huddled to Ra Im …hohoho… he was so cute.

In the morning, Ra Im and  Jong Soo went hiking. Joo Won was lame in sports, so he couldn’t reach them easily. He just waited them to go down again and when they did, Joo Won said he couldn’t walk for having a sprained ankles when he chased them. Ra Im and Jong Soo braced Joo Won, but he took the opportunity to embrace Ra Im in an unbelievably annoying way.

Jong Soo finally offered to piggy back him, but Joo Won said his ankle “magically” was fine again  :lol: .. so he lied. Ra Im was upset because it was a lie, so she  kicked Joo Won’s leg (as usual). Jong Soo and Ra Im continued to walk, but Joo Won who was still in pain unable to hold this balance and finally fell for real .. :lol: .. its your karma, dear…

Back to Seoul, Oska invited Seul’s friend to meet. He wanted to ask about Yoon Seul. Seul’s friend was surprised because Oska didn’t know the reason why they broke up. Oska just knew that she rejected his proposal and Seul chose to go with Joon Hyuk to U.S.. From her friend, Oska finally knew that Seul was lying about going to the U.S. They both just left Korea on the same day, but different direction. During that time, Yoon Seul moved around from Florida, Toronto, London, to Switzerland.

Her friend even said that Oska was a bad person because he had been treated Seul as bad as ‘it’ in front of others. Oska didn’t know what she meant. She said Oska should ask  Seul directly. Apparently Yoon Seul was really hurt by Oska that she even once attempted suicide. She needed Oska but he never was there for her. Oska was shock and sad to know all of that, the woman he loved suffered because of him over the years.

Finally Seul’s employee admitted her sin of causing Oska’s song leaked on the internet. Seul finally realized why Oska accused her, because indirectly she did. Oska suddenly arrived and dragged her to a room. There Oska stripped a chesnut for Seul and asked Seul to eat it because he knew she really liked the roasted chesnuts. But Seul said that she didn’t like roasted chestnut, maybe another girl!…oops..Oska you’re in trouble.

Oska had a long thought about it but he was wrong. Before going Oska asked, “Why did you go out with a bad guy like me? Why did you like me so much?” Oska determined to start recalling memories together with Seul. He was confident he could put together again the missing pieces. He wanted to heal  Seul’s wounds.

Because there is a meeting with his staff at Bi Song tomorrow, Joo Won hang in there one more day. But Hwang sunbae told Ra Im to accompany Joo Won because she was responsible for guarding him since he was hurt because of her.

Ra Im no longer believe in Joo Won’s pain. But he still asked to do the first aid,
because she’s definitely an expert in wound healing since she was used to injured. When Ra Im was about to treat his wound, Joo Won stripped down his pants, instantly Ra Im turned her back.Joo Won thought she has seen his body when she became Gil Joo Won.

Joo Won asked about the Ra Im-Oska meeting the other day. Ra Im said they only went out to eat pig skin. He mocked her as hogs company agent for always had people eat pig skin with her. Ra Im then decided to go out. Joo Won insisted to joined, he said it was part of his therapy.

Finally they walked side by side. Joo Won said to Ra Im, “I walked like this with you before.” Ra Im was confused, but Joo Won continued, “You kept appearing in my thoughts, so two of us walked like this.” Ra Im seemed to realize that Joo Won really did love her.

They continued to walk side by side in silence. Sometimes they stop to look at each other.Ough…they look sweet together.

Secretly Ra Im looked at Joo Won, she remembered a quote from a book she had read to find out Joo Won’s feeling to her.

Something feels like fantasy because they’re distant. Just like a star, the people who are too beautiful, they also can disappear easily

This quote lingered in her mind for a long time, and then she was aware about Joo Won, but she realized one day Joo Won will disappear.

When Joo Won smiled looking at her, she thought, “I have realize that now, what a beautiful person he is, and that is why he is so distant from me,
and one day he will disappear  as well as this person who is too beautiful”

In her room, after she realized the seriousness os Joo Won love, Ra Im started to think about her feeling. Suddenly, Joo Won opened the door and began to interfere Ra Im with stupid requests (washing his feet, pouring his water, change the TV channel) until he insisted on sleeping together in her room, Ra Im clearly rejected.

Ra Im pretended to be out to deceive Joo Won. When Joo Won followed her out,  she rushed into the room again and immediately locked it. Joo Won, stupidly, tried to open the lock with a pen and clip, clearly failed.

But Joo Won didn’t give up. He made some noises with his feet and speak as if there is Jong Soo who returned to retrieve his items. Ra Im thought there was really Jong Soo outside, so she opened the door and Joo Won immidiately pushed her onto the bed. He hugged her tightly and immediately told her to sleep. Ra Im struggled to push him away, but the more she tried the more tightle he hugged her. Ra Im finally gave up and stared at Joo Won who pretended to fall asleep.

Ra Im looked at his face for a while, and Joo Won finally opened his eyes, they stared at each other for a long time, but then Joo Won hugged her again deeper while he chanted as usual (kim soo han mo turtle and crane ..). Ra Im confused and looked at Joo Won again. Once again Joo Won hugged her deeper in his arms while chanting in a trembling voice.

Ough .. actually while watching this scene I felt my heart would explode, especially when Joo Won hugged Ra Im while chanting, looking from his eyes he loved Ra Im so much and do not want to lose her …ooh I’m dying.

The next morning, heh morning?! Sure nothing happened last night? All night Joo Won just hug Ra Im? :rolleyes:

Joo Won asked Ra Im to bring him to the doctor. Ra Im then believe that Joo Won was really injured after a doctor said the injury is severe enough  and he should be difficult to walk.
Hohoho …if only Joo Won hadn’t been injured, last night would be another story .. ough Blossom enough! stop your dirty thought!  :mrgreen:

While she forced Ji Hyun to disclose Joo Won’s mental disorders, Madam Moon got a report that Joo Won was injured after falling while hiking with Ra Im.

Oska drove home Ra Im after they were practicing rock climbing, but Oska prevented Ra Im into the house after he recognized his aunt’s car there. Oska asked Ra Im to leave and not to go back home before Oska ordered. Oska immediately entered, and sure enough, inside there was Madam Moon and Ah Yeong.
Oska asked his aunt to get out but she refused. Suddenly Ra Im went inside, she was surprised there Madam Moon at her home. Immediately Madam Moon scolded her, she insulted Ra Im that she didn’t have any pride after saying Joo Won’s nothing for her.
Oska said it wasn’t Ra Im she should look fo then. Oska know who was crazy about Ra Im.

Madam Moon has found a box full of Joo Won underwears (that Joo Won gave to Ra Im). Madam Moon threw Joo Won’s underwears to Ra Im’s.Too difficult to defend for Ra Im if at her home there was a bunch of tacky Joo Won’s underwears.
Madam Moon said that her parents who teach Ra Im use her body to survive by getting wealthy men. Ra Im startled and asked her to take back those cruel words. Madam Moon refused and said because of Ra Im she could cursed her parents.

Ra Im’s defense finally burst, with tears she said if it’s true Joo Won likes her, and she began to like him, but if her parents were humiliated like that, she wouldn’t going to see Joo Won again and she’d forget him. Joo Won was worthless when compared with his father who was willing to sacrifice lives to save many people, her father didn’t deserve being insulted like that. Once again she asked Madam Moon to pull her words. Madam Moon refused, instead she said could say anything more cruel. Oska immediately dragged his aunt out. Ra Im crying is getting worse until she down, she felt treated like a beggar. Ah Yeong hugged her, crying as well. Oska back, and he felt sorry to see the two women were crying.

Secretary Kim told Joo Won that Madam Moon was going to Ra Im’s house.
Joo Won met his tyrant mother. Joo Won asked his mother if she had made Ra Im cried. Madam Moon said no problem she cried, at least Ra Im was in a right state of mind to not seeing him again. Joo Won didn’t believe that.

Madam Moon immediately shifted the topic to mental illness. His mother asked him to tell the truth about his illness. Joo Won said it was a small thing so no need to fuss. He was more worried Ra Im now.

He still couldn’t believe Ra Im said that she wouldn’t see him again and considered him as worthless. Finally Madam Moon said “fine, do whatever you want.”

She said Joo Won actually fighting not with her but with himself, all decisions in Joo Won. Madam Moon let Joo Won go with that girl but he had to leave all (the power, money, house). Even if they have children later, Madam Moon may receive Joo Won and the baby, but not Ra Im. she would never ever accept Ra Im.

Joo Won was speechless to hear those words, he even almost cried. Maybe he didn’t think his mother would be so cruel. And he knew the journey would be more difficult for him and Ra Im.

Joo Won back to Ra Im’s house. He knew there was Ra Im inside because he heard Ra Im’s cellphone ring. Ra Im still didn’t open the door. She also forbade Ah Yeong to open the door. Joo Won desperately said “Ra Im-a, please see me, let’s talk!”

The next morning, Joo Won was still waiting in front of her home. He said he would do anything for Ra Im, so no problem to wait outside for 8 hours from last night, he almost freeze. But Ra Im wasn’t touched by his words.

Ra Im said after her mother managed to embarrass her in her luxurious living room, now she put Ra Im in hers, where she was sleeping and waking. So then in her living room, every moment of her life thinking about the incident that happened. She must breathe, eat, and even joked with that bad memories lingered in her mind.

Ra Im said Joo Won didn’t need to complain because it was cold last night. she ordered Joo Won to get out of her miserable life and back into his life which  like a beautiful fairytale.

Soon Ra Im left with tears in her eyes, and Joo Won just stared at her, unable to say anything.

Life must go on for Ra Im, she continued practicing for  “Dark Blood” audition.
Joo Won was really suffered thinking of her. He even took the medicine again. Finally he decided go to action school to see her.

Ra Im asked Hwang sunbae to tell Joo Won that she wasn’t there. Joo Won didn’t believe it and started yelling Ra Im as a coward if she continued to dodge. He wanted to talk to her. He said this was not over, because he thought they hadn’t started yet, so Ra Im couldn’t expect he would surrender.

Ra Im heard all those words but still didn’t want to see Joo Won. Jong Soo approached Ra Im in her hideout and said although he didn’t know the problems between them but he thought avoiding him was not a best way out.
He also said it was definitely hard for Joo Won to act crazy like that, coming to school action seeking for her and screaming out. But Ra Im just said “I’m sorry” at Jong Soo, and then cried.

Joo Won returned to behave as CEO LOEL on VVIP event party held in one building in EChun house. But he still worried about Ra Im, every few minutes he sent a text to Ra Im.

Ra Im who was still in locker room, read all Joo Won’s texts. Finally, after thinking long enough, she decided to meet Joo Won at his home. But when she got there she was confused because there was a party at EChun house.

She approached the party and saw Joo Won was greeting his guests. She wanted to go inside, but she remembered the crappy bag incident that could make Joo Won felt offended. So finally she just waited outside because obviously her dress was not suitable for the party. After a while she was still outside and freeze, while Joo Won called her she didn’t answer, instead she decided to go … It was the best you can try girl??? :?

But, Oska came and greeted her, Oska asked why she didn’t go inside and see Joo Won. Ra Im said that Joo Won didn’t know she was there. Oska said the first thing to do was to bring her into his house because Ra Im was freezing. Oska invited Ra Im to come along to the party and sent Ra Im to Joo Won and directly said “I came to see you.”

Oska immediately called up the experts to makeover Ra Im. Oska said “tonight I’ll be your a fairy god mother.”

Joo Won still kept trying to contact Ra Im but failed. Yoon Seul came over and said that she felt like the queen of this party. But they both overwhelmed when Oska came holding Ra Im. She looked different, she was the queen of the party.

Ra Im looked very pretty and graceful with a sexy simple black mini dress. Joo Won stared Oska and Ra Im between shock and jealous gaze.

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