Secret Garden Episode 20 Summary (Final)

Actually, I like happy ending for Joo Won and Ra Im, but like my mom said that too much candy can make you sick…yeah I think  I’m really sick because after watching this drama, I pray to God for Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won to become a couple in the real life, the thing I never do before…aaarggh..this drama makes me crazy. X|

And sorry for Rizz, I try to make this summary briefly but it’s the ending, so girl please let me be “drowning” in my writing (again)… :D

I think on previous episode, all problems had been solved, so this last episode just a kind of bonus for fans who want Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won being together in the real life, right?

Joo Won said to his mother that he will be marrying  Ra Im. Madam Moon was shock to heard that. She couldn’t believe her son said that thing.

Madam Moon said that Joo Won would regret if he was still marrying Ra Im. For Madam Moon, Joo Won’s love for Ra Im was just a temporary. He’s only bewitched for a while, the same thing happened when she decided marrying Joo Won’s father. And then she said ”But in the end, the one to give up it’s not us. It’s them”..hohoho…finally I know what happened between Joo Won’s parents.

Joo Won said that maybe he would through that way, he added “But I will not let her leave me.” Joo Won still wanted his mom to attend his wedding, but Mom got angry and said “Before I die, I will never allow you to marry her!”

Joo Won left Madam Moon who was still upset. Actually its’ so hard for him to say those things to his Mom but he look relieved. He hoped one day his Mother could send down her pride for her son’s happiness.

Ra Im approached secretary Kang who always spied on her. She greeted him so kindly and handed over coffee for him.  Secretary Park declared his support for Ra Im and Joo Won, he even cheered Ra Im saying “Soon, everything will be over!” Actually he was already tired being Madam Moon’s watchdog.

Then secretary Kang drove Ra Im to a café.  There  Ra Im had an appointment with Ji Hyun. Ji Hyun wondered about Ra Im’s medical record (conscious from coma). Ra Im just replied “It’s a miracle”, and of course since Ji Hyun was doctor, she couldn’t believe miracle. Then, Ra Im talked about body-switch-thing, and absolutely that thing made Ji Hyun more confused. For closing Ra Im said “What medical science has not discovered, Kim Joo Won and I have gone through together”

Meanwhile, Joo Won met Jong Soo to confirm about his debt. Jong Soo asked Joo Won for a favor, the first and the last time. He said that he always hoped to take the role as Gil Ra Im’s father, brother, and man. But now there’s already Joo Won for Ra Im. “For Ra Im, you have to be a father, brother, and a man from now on”

Joo Won didn’t agree with Jong Soo’s words. Then Joo Won rectified Jong Soo’s statement “I just want to be Gil Ra Im’s man because I only have the ability to do so. Therefore, you take the role as her dad and her brother. Please don’t let Gil Ra Im become an orphan!” Oh Ra Im was really lucky. She had two best quality guys in this world.

In the morning, in Joo Won’s car, Ra Im was confused where Joo Won was going to take her to. He didn’t tell her their destination.

They finally arrived at the civil register office. Ra Im wondered why Joo Won took her to that place. Joo Won said if Ra Im want to runaway, do it now, because later she wouldn’t have anymore chance to do so…Huh?

Soon Ra Im could guess what Joo Won’s intention taking her to that place. Joo Won said “Yups, I have decided to become your husband” .. huh? You think marriage is only one side’s decision? You have to ask permision from your bride!

Ra Im was surprised since it’s all so sudden. Even Joo Won didn’t say ‘I love you’ to her or propose her before. Joo Won said “I decided become your husband not because I love you, but because I have no choice but to only love you. If I don’t have you, then I will not have anyone else. You’re amazing woman”

Whoaaa … I think it’s the most romantic words from Joo Won I’d ever heard.

Then Joo Won (finally) propose Ra Im (please don’t cut this scene!). While giving his hands out, he said “No flower, no candle, no wine, not even a ring, but I’m still asking you. Will you be my wife?”

Yesssssssss …. I do! oops …Okay, I know It wasn’t for me. :mrgreen:

Ra Im was holding Joo Won’s hand and she said “Definitely”. Then they looked at each other.

Oh, Such a romantic scene, no need candle light dinner or even Eifell tower to make a marriage proposal scene become a romantic one like this.

Inside, there’re already Oska and Seul. They were the witnesses for the marriage. Oska and Seul were very happy with Joo Won-Ra Im’s marriage.

When filling out the forms, Joo Won gave Ra Im an understanding that for a while there’s no ceremony for their marriage because Joo Won wanted his mother to attend and give her blessing at that event. Ra Im understood. She also hoped one day Madam Moon would approve their marriage and came to their wedding ceremony.

Then this wedding register become silly because on a form they fill with ‘lovely’ signature.. Oska made it getting silly, he signed with a signature that he used for his fans. Oh this family was really amusing. It’s a wedding! so please couldn’t you be a bit serious! Oh whatever, the most important thing was they’re finally married. Yay!

After Oska and Seul signed the form, Joo Won and Ra Im were officially husband and wife. Joo Won asked Ra Im for a happy cheering because she got a guy like him .. hahaha .. Ra Im-ssi, you’re husband so funny.

Oska and Seul decorated Joo Won’s place for the newlywed couple, the wedding gift for Joo Won and Ra Im. Recalling the love story between Ra Im and Joo Won, Oska realized that any bad memories will lead to the happiness. That’s why Oska would remember all the memories between him and Seul, the good or the bad ones.

Oska still requested Seul for working on his MV. Seul jokingly said she would put a high charge for Oska. It didn’t matter  for him how much he would pay for Seul. He wanted Seul to make the MV for him, period. Seul just smiled.

Oska was grateful that he could have Seul back to his side. While Oska was hungging Seul, Joo Won and Ra Im came and surprised that couple. Joo Won was still objected that Seul was stuck with a person like Oska … hahahaha .. you were still cruel Joo Won.

After giving the wedding gift, Seul and Oska left the newlywed.

Ra Im refused when Joo Won wanted to hug her. Joo Won didn’t want anymore chanting “kim soo han moo…” now Ra Im had become his wife. Ra Im still made a distant from Joo Won’s arms, but she suddenly pushed Joo Won to bed…it’s so funny to see Joo Won’s expression, puzzled.

And apparently, not only Joo Won who could be aggressive. Joo Won didn’t know Ra Im had that side…hahaha.. Then Ra Im kissed Joo Won.

Yups .. there was a beautiful night for this couple.  No need any detail, right?

Next, the couple really enjoyed their time together, walking in the snow, lazing in bed, watching the sunset, and reading books in the library… what a perfect happy life!

Oh so wonderful if married life only those things…at a glance I was thinking about to get married soon…but of course with Joo Won only .

While reading in the library, Joo Won gave the little mermaid sheet to Ra Im. He asked Ra Im to read the ending he had modified. Ra Im laughed after reading the wacky-ending story. Joo Won got angry because Ra Im considered his work didn’t mean anything.

Joo Won said that Ra Im didn’t understand what love was. Whoa…look who’s talking?! The person who considered that the little mermaid was the greatest love story about mistress! Hahaha .. but I think his point of view about the fairy tales was pretty plausible. it’s all about the love between a good-looking-prince-charming from upper class with a pretty-princess from the lower class.

Then, he expressed his wonder at how a handsome prince like him could end up with Ra Im….what?hahahaha …. Ra Im was upset and beat him. what an amusing couple. Then Ra Im chased Joo Won. Ra Im said “Didn’t you say I was pretty, You said ‘Gil Ra Im-sii, at what age did you become so pretty”? While avoiding Ra Im, Joo Won just replied ” A man trying to win over a girl will obviously say these things. That time I really meant every words.” Well, women love honest men, but still they sometimes preferred not to know the truth.

Joo Won and Ra Im met Grandpa Moon and Madame Park to declare that they were married. Grandpa was very surprised and unhappy to hear that news because it was certain that the marriage was without the blessing of Madam Moon.

The wise Madam Park gave Ra Im some advice to endure the hard times with her mother in-law, Madam Moon. Ra Im said sorry to Grandpa for making all this happen, but Grandpa still didn’t give them blessing. Grandpa decided to be on Madame Moon’s side. Joo Won realized that Ra Im was sad to hear his grandfather’s statement.

At their place, when Ra Im said she wanted to meet with Madam Moon, Oska came and said that Madam Moon fainted after getting a copy of Joo Won-Ra Im marriage document. Ra Im was surprised to hear that, but Joo Won looked calm, he said “I have sent that file to her” .. huh?

At the hospital, Madam Moon looked so messy. She was very upset when Joo Won stated that he and Ra Im were already married. But no doubt, she’s a classy lady, she was able to control her emotions. She finally said “Fine, I lost, you both won.” But she kept her last dignity, she said “You’re not my son anymore,” ouch .. mom, you broke my heart.

Madam Moon said that Joo Won might be happy for several years, but someday he’ll regret his decision. Joo Won responded “I knew that, I’ll regret it at least once, but I’ll live with that regret with that woman for the rest of my life”…oooh..i want this guy to become my husband please God!!!

Then like a professional colleague Madam Moon negotiate about the rights that should be released by Joo Won now since Joo Won not her son anymore. All properties acquired Joo Won from inheritance had to be returned to Madam Moon. Joo Won had to pay the rent for his house (since the land belong to Madam Moon), and because Madam Moon only trust Joo Won to run her business, she still needed Joo Won as LOEL CEO. It’s so weird seeing them talk as ‘former’ son and mother. But I think this was more reasonable, compared if suddenly Madame Moon approved their marriage. I like your style Mom, you’re very consistent

Joo Won asked Manager Park to return to work. Joo Won believed in Manager Park’s capacity for carrying out the company. He also knew that Manager Park was very loyal to the company, but with one condition, manager Park should stop hoping to replace him as CEO, because for Joo Won it’s impossible .

Since manager Park on Joo Won’s side, then the intention of Oska’s mother to shift Joo Won’s position turned hopeless.

At action school, Ra Im showed her wedding license to her sunbae-deul (seniors) and juniors. They all look overwhelming on that paper. They couldn’t believe. Hwang sunbae asked her if Ra Im was really married to the person-who-making-a lot of-money (Kim Joo Won). Still can’t believe with jokingly he asked “are you sure you’re not force him to sign that paper?” Ra Im replied “Because I beat him enough, he became mine” hahaha .. she ‘s right!

Jong Soo came to congratulate Ra Im since she married, little bit awkward but I’m sure he’s with sincerely giving Ra Im for Joo Won, that’s the best, ajeossi.

Jong Soo Ra handed over new script on Ra Im, titled “Sector 7” .. hahaha … Ra Im  become a stunt for Ha Ji Won .. are you sure this drama was not real life?

Sunbae-deul decided to meet Joo Won. Actually they came to congratulate Joo Won, but in their own way. As the good brothers, they warned Joo Won to keep Ra Im happy and didn’t even dare making her hurt and cry. For this time Joo Won endured the sunbae-deul’s advice (warning), but then he said “If you do this again, I’m telling Ra Im.” and the sunbae-deul looked afraid to hear that … hahaha .. I finally know who the most powerful person in action school was.

Tae Sun became fussy because Oska was busy writing a reply letter to fans instead of practicing since the day after tomorrow was his concert. Oska finally practicing but Tae Sun kept scolding him. Oska knew the reason Tae Sun become cranky like that. It’s because he worried about Oska, Tae Sun didn’t want Oska to look bad in the concert. Oh Oska if you know, he worried like that because he loved you.

Seul was finally willing to work on the MV for Oska. He was surprised to know that the MV script was the story about their first meeting ten years ago. Through that MV script, Oska realized that Seul had already forgiven him.

Back to our newlywed, Ra Im was upset because she got so tired and sleepy when she should be filming that day. Joo Won banned her filming because it was dangerous if Ra Im forced it.  Ra Im with cranky face said “So please let me get some sleep!” Hahahahaha … maybe Joo Won was too “active” until Ra Im was unable to sleep since they’re married.

Finally, Oska held the concert. He was quite nervous but in fact he sang pretty good. Joo Won came to the concert, of course, because Ra Im forced him. Besides them, the hilarious couple, secretary Kim and Yeong Ah also came.

Seul also attend to that event, beside seeing Oska singing on the stage, Seul also paid attention to Tae Sun who was looking at Oska singing. She wondered to see Tae Sun left the concert. Seul pursued Tae Sun.

Apparently Tae Sun wanted to go. Seul asked why Tae Sun was going away. Tae Sun replied “Because I hate you ajeomma” .. hahahaha .. Tae Sun still addressed Seul with ajeomma .. such a polite boy.

Seul said she also hate Tae Sun. Therefore Seul thought Tae Sun should not go since they  should keep on hating each other.

The real reason Tae Sun decided to go was because they both loved Oska. Seul asked whether between him and Oska could just friends or not. Tae Sun only replied “That’s why I have to go, so do not stop me!” Seul realized that Tae Sun sincerely loved Oska.

Tae Sun gave Oska for Seul,  so Seul should hold Oska tight, Tae Sun also created a song for her. Tae Sun was a love competitor with a big heart, he knew when to fight and when to give up without hurting anyone.

Seul returned to the concert venue and realized that Oska really loved her. From her chair she wrote a message (like they used to do) for Oska that was true she liked chessnut but not with the cheesecake. Seul also apologized for being hard on Oska these days. Seul wanted to go back because she still loved him. Oska was on stage but still could read all the messages from Seul. While continue singing, Oska’s hands formed the love sign with his hands (it meant “I love you too”)

Back to Joo Won and Ra Im, after the concert there’s no more Oska-oppa, now there’s only Joo Won-oppa for Ra Im. This couple celebrating their loves in a childish way..but so cute.. Joo Won reconstruction the Sit-up scene…hohoho ..this time he tried to kiss Ra Im .. hahaha .. they really like a teenager. They were kissing and making out every where, even in the elevator because  Joo Won was no longer afraid to get into the elevator.

Five years later, two became five. Yups, after five years they had three children. The family was pretty crowded.

They, Ra Im, Joo Won, and their three children were standing in front of the gate of Madam Moon’s house. Their children were whining, they wanted to buy hats. Seeing this incident, Ra Im recalled about Yeong Ah’s last weird dream :D So this was what that dream meant.

Madam Moon opened the gate, welcoming her grandchildren happily but ignoring Joo Won and Ra Im. Madam Moon upheld her stance, she still didn’t give her blessing for Joo Won-Ra Im’s marriage, but she received their children as her grandchildren. I thought it was the best .. not all that beautiful love story ended perfectly.

Finally Ra Im could reached her dream became a martial art director, and strangely she still had the same enemy, that evil director.

And finally after 15 years, Oska proposed Seul with the ring that he used when he proposed Seul for the first time. This time Seul accepted Oska’s proposal.

Our hilarious couple, secretary Kim-Ah Yeong got a miracle because the message in the bottle for Ah Yeong that 5 years before Secretary Kim floated in Jeju island. He and Ah Yeong magically found it on the sea. Ah Yeong read the message and was touched. Oh so sweet…The comical Secretary Kim could also be very romantic.

And for Jong Soo, God recompensed his kindness, you have given Ha Ji Won to Hyun Bin so you get Son Ye Jin as the “repayment” instead. Son Ye Jin planned to make an action movie project and asked Jong Soo to work with her. Jong Soo was surprised but he was glad.

Back again to the Rugrats family. Their sons wanted to sleep with Ra Im, but according to Joo Won, Ra Im had to sleep with him, hahaha…I think it’s so funny when kids and father competing for the mother. And because the father is Kim Joo Won then I’m sorry for you sons, you lose :D

After successfully lulled their children, Joo Won carried Ra Im headed to their residence. After having put down Ra Im, Joo Won hugged her from back and they continued  walking together …. Gaaaahh … I love this scene!

Ra Im’s voiceover “After five years of marriage without a single wedding photo, but every day we fall in love again. Living a magical life, love perhaps is similar to taking care of garden, hoping that in your garden a beautiful flower will bloom, a cool breeze will blow, in the presence of warm sunlight and occasionally a magical shower..” oh so that’s why this drama was titled “Secret Garden”..Frankly I just  knew it too late.

And the snow came down .. oh damn .. this scene was.. so beautiful ..

Ra Im was still curious about what Joo Won meant as a failure to pass on the message for her at dad’s funeral. Joo Won finally told her.

This was what happened 18 years ago.

Still in a weak condition, Joo Won came to Ra Im’s father funeral room. From the outside he saw Ra Im crying but he didn’t dare to enter, he just squatted outside.

After Ra Im was alone and asleep he finally entered. He looked at Ra Im sleeping in front of  the funeral altar of her father. He was very sad looking Ra Im’s sorrow.

Joo Won was so weak that he laid beside Ra Im.

Joo Won was still staring at the sleeping Ra Im. She fidgeted in her sleep that it seemed she had a bad dream until she frowned. Joo Won, very faintly touched Ra Im’s forehead to stop Ra Im’s frown. Joo Won thereafter finally fainted  with his hand’s position was above Ra Im’s hands. beautiful scene. Turned out they had been meant to be together, that’s the Ra Im and Joo Won’s destiny.

Whoaaaa .. finally my works done ! I’m so relieved but also so sad, because it means no more things about Joo Won-Ra Im to write. Frankly, my writing spirit getting less. So I hope there will be another drama that will make me write like this drama.

But after all I hope you like my writing.  Thanks for Rizz, my beloved bestfriend, who has been fixing my lousy writings, without you I wouldn’t be able to finish it all. ;)

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