Secret Garden Episode 19 Summary

Though I was disappointed with the previous episode, I couldn’t stop watching this drama. The adorable 21 years old-Kim Joo Won was too cute to ignored, and yeah..i felt sad, because soon we had to say goodbye to Kim Joo Won-Gil Ra Im…huks… T_T..and here’s the climax

They didn’t kiss, instead Ra Im borrowed Joo Won’s chanting “Kim Soo Han Moo…” and got Joo Won confused :D . Ra Im said that she would protect Joo Won until his memories back, the same thing that Joo Won used to treat Ra Im. But Joo Won denied he had attempted to kiss Ra Im by saying “You’re not attractive”..ough please stop your lie Joo Won-ssi.

Joo Won still determined to have Ra Im stayed on his side and disappeared when he didn’t need her anymore (ouch..i feel familiar with those words). Ra Im didn’t surprised. She just said “I will stay by your side and then will be disappear like the seafoam” Joo Won got confused, but that’s exactly what he meant. He wanted Ra Im become his little mermaid.

Ra Im went for her appointment with “Dark Blood” officials. From a far Joo Won looked at Ra Im who smiled at him. After seeing her smile, he was officially caught under Ra Im’s charm again. He said to himself “Wooo…that woman…why her smile is so beautiful?”

Then he chased Ra Im, and offered to drive her to the action school. Ra Im had already expected this reaction,  so she accepted it with one condition, she’d be behind the steering wheel. There was the time for the 21years old Joo Won experienced the racing.

Ra Im got a bad news that her role on “Dark Blood” was taken by another actress. She looked very sorrow, but the clueless Joo Won looked as if nothing happened. Jong Soo approached him and warned him not to dare hurting and disappointing Ra Im. It’s so silly that Joo Won just did a monologue: “I put my life for that short-legged woman!” He himself got even confused why the 34years old Joo Won fell for Ra Im.

Joo Won came to Ra Im who sat in front of her locker.  Ra Im still looked so blue but Joo Won didn’t know how exactly Ra Im’s feeling that time (for failing the “Dark Blood”). Ra Im said that she could get thepart in “Dark Blood” because of  Joo Won, so she did the job only for Joo Won. Joo Won just said it didn’t matter for him.

Then he asked about Ra Im’s locker content. Oh its seemed that his memories (a glance and a little) were back, but when Ra Im tried to dig his other memories Joo Won said “Let me think….hmmm..oh yeah..You wore sexy lingerie to seduce me” But then he got a gift from Ra Im for remembering that thing…yup, a kick on his leg :lol:

Oska ordered Tae Sun to stay in his place because he didn’t want to lose him anymore. Seul absolutely didn’t like that idea. She wondered how could Oska didn’t know if Tae Sun was a gay and the man he loved was Oska. Actually Oska already knew that fact, but unfortunately Oska didn’t know if Tae Sun loved him. Oska was so naïve in this matter.

Oska asked Seul to make MV for his come back project. As they talked, Joo Won came. The 21 years old Joo Won didn’t know Seul yet. Joo Won wondered why the woman as pretty as Seul wanted to have a relationship with Oska.

Later on, the assistant came and said that Madam Moon was waiting for Joo Won on his house.

Madam was already there when Joo Won came home. In childish way Joo Won greeted his mother and told about his lover, Gil Ra Im. Joo Won realized that his mother didn’t like Ra Im and she admitted it. She wanted him to leave her. With adorable-childish face he said “Nooooo, I like her” :D Come on Mom, you have to face it, no matter what happened, Joo Won’s love was only for Ra Im.

Joo Won asked Madam Moon about the fire fighter who saved his life. His mother just said that she would find the information about that man soon. On her face I could see that Madam Moon still had a hope, and I was little bit scared of her mind.

Ra Im said to Ah Yeong that her dreams about her came true, but Ah Yeong became more worried because last night she had a dream about Ra Im again. On her dream, in front of a tall black gate were standing three children dressed in white and crying. Beside them was the president (Kim Joo Won) who was also crying and Ra Im were yelling at them. Huh? Such a weird dream..was it a bad dream??? :?

Joo Won asked secretary Kim to pick up Ra Im. Joo Won was already in pool on sauna when Ra Im arrived and she fed up for Joo Won choosing that place again. Joo Won just said “of course to see your body”…oh Joo Won-ssi, you still obscene no matter how old you were.

Joo Won pulled Ra Im into the pool. He said that way he used to take his girls date (when he was 21 years old), the pretty girls. Ra Im got jealous and told Joo Won that she also used to playing around with another guys (actually it’s refers to her job as stuntwoman in action  movie). But Joo Won’s reaction wasn’t the same as when he first heard about that. He said he didn’t get punked anymore. Oh it’s seemed that his memories were back, Ra Im was so happy that she hugged Joo Won spontaniously.

Joo Won of course enjoyed that position (on Ra Im hug) and thought his memories would come back if they hung in there a little while. He downed his hand on Ra Im’s butt..eugh..aaarrgh X| ..Joo Won-ssi!!! Immediately Ra Im cut his pleasure by twisting his hand..hahaha..shame on you, Joo Won-ssi.

Joo Won drove Ra Im home. His reaction when seeing Ra Im’s house was the same as his reaction when he first saw Ra Im’s house, look uneasy and uncomfortable. Even before leaving he ordered Ra Im to remove his phone number on her cellphone..gaaaah…Ra Im wasn’t surprised anymore with Joo Won’s madness.

Joo Won visited Oska who’s talking with Tae Sun. Oska wondered why Joo Won still wearing that blue sparkling tracksuit. But then, instead Joo Won  and Tae Sun who  arguing about the damn sparkling blue tracksuit, Tae Sun said ”Your not alone on this world, so don’t show such disgusting stuff to others”ppppfff…bhwahahaha… :lol: but, forgivable if you were Hyun Bin, right? ;)

Then Oska introducing Tae Sun as his producer for his 7th album, but Joo Won just said “How did the entertainment industry become like this? Are you producing your 7th album already?”hahahaha…I agree with your wondered, this time we have same opinion, Joo Won-ssi. That’s why I love Joo Won, he always speak up his mind.

Actually Joo Won came to asked Oska about Ra Im, Oska said that Ra Im was his fan. Hearing that explanation, it seemed enough for Joo Won.  He said it’s impossible for him to fall in love with Oska’s fan. He’d never let go of his pride like that. huh?

Oska’s mother invited Seul to met her at café to talk about his precious son, Oska. Oska’s mother was pretty confused about Seul’s intention, because as she knew Seul would be marrying Joo Won. But now rumor had it that Seul had a relationship with Oska. Oska came to explain to her, but his effort even made his mother became more angrier that she was about to hit Oska, but Seul stopped her.

Then they continued their meeting at another place, drinking the alcohol (as if when someone’s meeting his/her mother/father in law in a casual way). I laughed when Oska’s mother said her son better than Jang Dong Gun…hahahaha..this family was so hilarious.

It was so intense at the beginning, but after these women took out their spray moisturize, everything was melting because apparently these women were in the same level. So it was definitely a green light for Oska and Seul, so lets sing on noraebang….hahahahaha…

Oska came to action school to speak about Joo Won’s condition. Ra Im said that Joo Won was very adorable in his current situation and she loved him more. Beside that, Joo Won’s memories gradually came back. Jokingly Oska said “Thank goodness…but what if he wants the shoes and the watch back? Should we sell them?” :lol:

After that he drove Ra Im home. As Ra Im smile because of Oska’s joke, suddenly there’s a voice saying, “What a nice view”…hohho…Apparentely Joo Won had already in front of them (again) but this time without ajeomma’s socking pink pajama.

Ra Im realized that Joo Won recalled some pieces of his memories again, he’s in his habit. To pushed Joo Won’s memories and also to rag him, Ra Im and Oska had a plan. Ra Im held Oska’s hand and invited Oska to drink tea in her house, and Oska accepted the offer overly nice. It’ss so silly that Joo Won got jealous and grumbled to Ra Im. He accused Ra Im for cheating and he felt deceived because apparently their (Ra Im-Oska) relationship were not only a fan and an idol but more.

From a far secretary Park was watching them. Then he unsincerely reported to Madam Moon that Joo Won on Ra Im’s house.

In Ra Im’s house, Ra Im and Oska ignored Joo Won. Joo Won wondered why that room was filled with Oska’s posters (oh yeah absolutely, since the owner of this room is a big fan of Oska, Kim Joo Won-ssi, hadn’t you already known that?)

Ra Im kindly welcoming Oska with a cup of tea. Joo Won got jealous as they planned. He tried to avenge Oska by saying “I think Yoon Seul-ssi was so beautiful. She has the ideal body of 36-24-34.” :D This cousin couple behaved like kids, so silly.

Madam Moon called her son. Madam Moon used her last weapon: to tell a lie. She told Joo Won that the fire fighter died while saving Joo Won and he was Ra Im’s father. So far Ra Im used her father’s death as a reason to make Joo Won felt responsible to her life and stuck in to her. Joo Won was surprised to hear that. After hanging up the phone he asked Oska to leave because he wanted to talk to Ra Im .

It seemed that Joo Won believed in his mothers’ story version. He confirmed it to Ra Im. She said there was a misunderstanding. Ra Im tried to explain the real situation, but Joo Won refused to hear and preferred to go. Before  leaving he said “You have deceived me. If you want to continue deceiving me, I’m afraid I might let you continue deceiving me” ironic.

Joo Won went back to his home and asked his assistant why there’re a lot of weird stuffs in his room, like the 45,000 won, a basket of fruits, women’s clothes, vacuum cleaner, and more. The assistant told him that he treasured them.

He called secretary Kim who apparently was dating with Ah Yeong. He asked him about the weird stuffs, and of course secretary Kim didn’t know about that.

There’s a funny scene with Secretary Kim-Ah Yeong’s date. Secretary Kim tried the “cappuccino foam kissing scene”, but the result was very different with the original one. Ah Yeong slapped him because he kissed her without her approval. Weeping his face he said “From what I have seen in dramas this kind of act doesn’t need approval”  :lol: it’s too bad, you’re not Hyun Bin.

Oska asked Seul to walk together on public. Everyone was looking at this couple, especially Oska’s fans. Oska intended to show to the world the woman he loved, Yoon Seul. His fans approached him and protested. For them, Oska was a traitor by showing his lover to public. Oska said, “I’m no longer a young idol, I’m 36 years old. Let me be in love. You guys should change  your favorite idol, like B2ST, I think they are not bad”..hahahaha…Nice advice oppa!

Back to our miserable Joo Won. To distracted his mind from thinking about Ra Im, he  was trying to read. When he was about to read “Alice in wonderland”, he saw a sheet in the back of the book, the last piece of “Little Mermaid” story (which Ra Im had put it in). But there was a different ending of the story.

“At the moment before the little mermaid turned into seafoam and disappear, the prince, knowing the truth, said to his princess ‘Is this the best? Are you sure?’. Then he broke the engagement and ran toward the little mermaid. The little mermaid used the foam as the basic concept and invented a washing machine and became a wealthy  and powerful person. Because the prince didn’t want to invest, he lost all his money. Then hehaul became the Little Mermaid’s secretary Kim for a very very long time”


I hope Hans Christian Andersen rest in peace and didn’t rise from the death, and hail for Kim Joo Won… :lol:

He was confused who was the lunatic person who changed the ending that way, but then he recognized his own handwriting. And suddenly he started to recall Ra Im’s words about the “Little Mermaid”. Then that memory brought him to another memory when he asked Ra Im for the first time to become his little mermaid at Jeju. Immediately he ran to his car.

Then all the memories came out to the surface, even the memory about  the incident 13 years ago.

Joo Won went straight to Ra Im and she got confused when Joo Won immediately hugged her. She thought his memories were already back. Joo Won wanted to tease Ra Im by saying he still didn’t remember her. He even said he would go to another marriage meeting. Ra Im got upset. She said that Joo Won couldn’t do that since Joo Won only loved her. Joo Won said “If love is about stubbornness, then all the love in this world is a fake.”

Joo Won kept teasing Ra Im, but she’s still unaware that his memories were already back. He finally said that his memories had returned..hearing that Ra Im started crying.

Joo Won asked Ra Im to stop crying because he wanted to say something to her. Joo Won kissed her forehead, and said “I love you, it’s from me”. Ra Im was still upset, only said, “No need, you’re a bad guy!”

Then Joo Won kissed her again on forehead and said “I love you so much, it’s  from father” Ra Im “huh?” :?

Then Joo Won told her all his memories were back, including the ones about the incident 13 years ago. He then told all the details when his father helped him while he was trapped in an elevator in a burning building. Before his father died, her father asked Joo Won to pass a message to his only daughter that he really loved her.

Ra Im’s crying went louder. Joo Won apologized for being so late to give her father’s last message. Ra Im said, “No, it’s Okay. Thank you, Dad loved me a lot, I know now, I really thank you.”

Ohh i was also crying when seeing this scene. Her father’s last words were so important to her, being late wass better than never. Trust me! I’ve been here. T_T

The next morning they both came  to father’s  cemetery. Joo Won apologized for being late to tell Ra Im his last message, in fact he had once tried but failed.

Joo Won said “Thank you for saving me. you daughter is amazing. It will be a waste to give her to me. But if you can give me your daughter, I will be her man for a life time, Gil Ra Im’s man. We will live happily.”  Then they stared at each other holding hand.

Oh God, I know it’s too beautiful to be true, but I’d agreed if Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won would’ve become the couple in real life.  Oops!oh yeah, I know he’s taken.

When they arrived in front of Ra Im’s place, Ra Im asked Joo Won about the failure that Joo Won said to his father at the cemetary, but Joo Won didn’t say anything about it.

Before leaving, Joo Won told Ra Im to wear a nice dress tomorrow because he will take her somewhere.

In the evening, Joo Won met Madam Moon. Madam Moon felt happy that his memories had recovered, but Joo Won said “Are you really happy? Are you not afraid?”

Joo Won trusted his mother but then he couldn’t bear it anymore that his mom became terrible like that.  For Joo Won what she just had gone too far. She lied about Ra Im and used his amnesia to break their relationship. He loved his mom but he was very disappointed. Finally he said “Mom, you have lost your pride and you have lost me too”..what??? Madam Moon was startled.

Joo Won continued, “I’m really sorry. I have lived 34years old as my mother’s son, but for the rest of my life I’m going to live as Gil Ra Im’s husband”..Whooooaaaah… :o

Yay!!! I forget my disappointedment and I really love this couple. Secret Garden is only for Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won indeed, nobody else. oh Hyun Bin-ssi, please kiss my forehead… :mrgreen:

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