Secret Garden Episode 14 Summary

When I first saw this episode I thought I was dreaming, because this episode was too beautiful to be real. And thanks to the Oska-Seul couple this episode has been so sweet.
Our fairy-god-papa a.k.a Oska dida good job. He brought the princess to his prince. Joo Won was very fascinated by Ra Im. He approached her and angrily asked, “Where were you?” Ra Im replied calmly she was there then. Before proceeding to speak, Joo Won wanted to maker sure that the fairy godpapa dressed her properly and correctly. He even check on the brand of clothes…he’s really a true metrosexual. Joo Won asked if the pretty Ra Im was going to leave by midnight (just like Cinderella). Ra Im said it all depended on Joo Won.

Oska gave Seul a piece of cheese cake because he knew it was her favorite, but she refused for fear of being fat. Oska innocently asked, “Who is afraid of getting fat? Is she skinny?” Ough Oska wrong again, but he still kept trying. Even a fairy godpapa could fail, dear!

Joo Won asked Ra Im what for she was coming to the party. Ra Im said she had actually been outside but didn’t dare to come in, but then her fairy god mother(father) told her to come to Joo Won and told to him directly that “I came to see you.” Ra Im said she was really mad when his tyrant mother cursed her father. She even promised her not to see Joo Won ever again, but what could you say if your heart told the other way right?. She knew if she chose Joo Won it would mean mysery and more pain, but the pain was still easy to bear rather than the pain of being unable to meet Joo Won again. Whoa…please pinch my cheeks! Is this a dream? I can’t believe Ra Im said that.

Ra Im didn’t come to be his little mermaid and she asked him if she’s only to become so. When Joo Won was about to answer a disturbance came from a woman whom Joo Won met on the last match meeting . She asked Joo Won to speak with her, but thankfully Seul came and managed to dragged her away.

Then another scumbag come again to disturb them. He asked Joo Won who was that woman with him. Joo Won then answer his question, which also Ra Im’s question. His eyes were fixed at Ra Im when he said, “She is an amazing woman. She drove like a racer. When there are oppressed people, she thrown her fist to help them. She had no money and she’s got a lot of scars on her body, but she hates rich men like us. I never met the woman as cool as her before, this is my answer. ” Ra Im looked at him with teary eyes. It was clear then that they loved each other, so bye bye the pity-little-mermaid.

Seul was outside with the irritant girl. She warned her that she’s the bitch in town (so don’t try to compete) and she also banned that woman to approached Joo Won again and not to disturb them (Joo Won-Ra Im), who were (finally) devoting their own feelings. Hohoho .. Yoon Seul-ssi, you are my favorite bitchy girl in town!

Then Oska, our fairy Godmother, played the song “She” (by Elvis Castello for Nothing Hill soundtrack) with piano, because it was Seul’s favorite song. Seul came to Oska by the piano, but not just this couple who enjoy that romantic song. Joo Won and Ra Im were dancing with that music and everyone looked at them, especially when Joo Won going to kiss Ra Im, but Ra Im refused, she wasn’t comfortable because everyone was looking at them. Joo Won said, it’s fair if everyone looked at them kissing because they had to get ready to sell their stock because the CEO LOEL was crazy and fell in love with the stuntwoman, and already destroying his politic-wedding plans.

Finally Joo Won kissed Ra Im on her forehead, but then they were really kissing on lips, they lost in their mind long enough, everyone looked at them including Seul and Oska. Yay, wrapped this scene Mr. director!!!

Oska got news that his friend, Jin Hyuk is back to Seoul, he was the cause of Seul had left Oska. Oska finally realized the misunderstanding between him and Seul, so he rushed to see Seul to explain all things. But when he was on the way to Seul, his staff called that he was in trouble, and it turned out that an ordealwas not over for Oska. Songwriter who had sold Tae Sun’s song to Oska management spread the plagiarizing rumors. She lied, she said that Oska who told her to do plagiarism. The news was spread on the internet.

Back to our main couple. Joo Won seemed to be ready with all the risks for falling in love with a stuntwoman, including when the company stock down. He even shorten the regular meeting since he said “I have a date.” Joo Won came to action school to pick up uri Ra Im-i (my Ra Im). Joo Won asked permission to Hwang sunbae to allowed Ra Im to go with him.  Hwang sunbae said he should ask permission at Jong Soo since he wasn’t officially a director until January. Joo Won said he only supported the new rezim.
Joo Won gave Ra Im a surprise. He brought Ra Im to her home. He had decorated her home with Christmas decorations complete with Christmas trees imported from Norway. Ra Im was touched and happy. Joo Won said it was his job as a community leader to please all people.
Joo Won said that from then  on Ra Im had to forget all the bad memories, the memories in his mother’s living room as well as a bad memories in her living room. Ra Im was only allowed to remember the good memories, sleep, eat, and live happier.

Joo Won pretended to call secretary Kim to hold Ah Yeong much longer in workplace, which in fact he called Ah Yeong, and immediately she got the point.
Afterward he started to get closer to Ra Im, but she told Joo Won to leave. Since her room was so narrow, Joo Won could easily catch her when she tried to go away. Joo Won said if they were adult. Are you sure Joo Won-ssi?
Joo Won actually just wanted to hold Ra Im’s hands and while doing so he said, “I just wanted to do this, hold your hands like this” little things that used to be difficult but finally he was glad to do it …Hohoho they are so adorable couple. Is there another Joo Won-ssi in this world? I reserve one, and please immediately send him to me!

Oska met Tae Sun. That bitch asked for some money to Oska, then she’d tell the reporters that she was wrong, and Oska was only victim. However, he was no longer eager to hold a Christmas concert for the fans. So he chose not to  pay the damn song writer, and took it as a karma for his wrongdoings to others.

Madam Moon received a report about Joo Won kissed Ra Im at LOEL VVIP Party. She was furious, and immediately launched another tactic to destroy Ra Im’s life. She called the Head of LOEL HRD to fire Ah Yeong.
It resulted Secretary Kim protested his boss. I like the expression of Secretary Kim when he said his boss was cruel. He even casted out his claws… :lol: he’s very comical. Joo Won was confused because he never ordered to fire Ah Yeong.

Madam Moon has warned Ra Im over the phone, saying she would make Ra Im’s life more suffering, and Ah Yeong’s”it” was just the beginning. Ah Yeong arrived with her belongings. She said she resigned because she couldn’t bear anymore working with the nagging senior. But Ra Im knew actually what happened and then understood Madam Moon’s earlier warning. She immediately went to see Madam Moon.

In front of Madam Moon’s house Ra Im met Joo Won. They argued about who would take care of this problem. Joo Won said he would ask for his grandfather’s help. Huhhh? Ough my baby boy, your so naïve.
While they are still debating, suddenly it was raining. And there came the blue veil, and Zup! Their souls swapped again…

Are you kidding Ms. Writer? :?

They were no longer surprised, but felt sorry it happened again. Shortly Madam Moon came home. They both asked to speak with her. Kim Ra Im (Kim Joo Won on Gil Ra Im’s body) took over. He outlines a Madam Moon’s blueprint to make Ra Im miserable, like making people’s lives around Ra Im suffering, making her as jobless, making her as homeless, and so on. Madam Moon was confused because Kim Ra Im could guess her grand plan very well.
Because they already knew all the plans, then to shorten everything Madam Moon ordered them to immediately stop seeing each other.

Kim Ra Im said “We will not see each other.” Gil Joo Won was shocked to hear that, Madam Moon smiled triumphantly.
But, Kim Ra Im continued his words “But instead, we’re going to live together. I can’t break up with your son, it’s all for the sake of your son’s life. If we break up, your son might die from lovesickness.” nice shot, Joo Won-ssi!

Regarding Ah Yeong’s problem, they would bring up this problem to the labour union because Madam Moon still had no right to fire an employee for no apparent reason. Kim Ra Im continued, “So please don’t bother us, if you can’t see us together then we’ll move to another country.” and that means Madam Moon would not see her beloved son again. Gil Joo Won saw sincerity in Kim Ra Im’s eyes while saying that.
Madam Moon didn’t believe in Kim Ra Im, then she asked Gil Joo Won, whom she thought was suppose to be the one saying those things. Gil Joo Won (Ra Im) said that everything that Kim Ra Im said is true, from now on she would trust this guy. another nice shot, Ra Im-ssi!
They left Madam Moon who was still in shocked…

Arriving at Ra Im’s house, with the if-they-weren’t-swapped scene, Joo Won told Ra Im rushing to pack up, because he wanted them to stay together. He couldn’t wait to live together with Ra Im. He said just thinking of it was already fun. You sick Joo Won-ssi! That means you will live together with your-body-self.

Ra Im more worried about Yeong Ah. Joo Won assured her that he would take care of that, and still sent Ra Im to pack soon. Ra Im thought there was something that’s more important: the reasonwhy they souls swapped again. Ra Im tried to analyze and then finally came o a conclusion that their souls-exchange was triggered by the rain.

She then saw the cell phone and checked on the forecast, and turned out that the next rain would bel next week, and spontaneously Joo Won said, “Then we can’t kiss for at least a week?” Huh?
He then seized the phone and check on the forecast, he saw that it was raining in New York. “It’s raining in New York, lets go!” Joo Won was a very frank person. Ra Im wondered, just for a kiss Joo Won was willing to go to New York, so all this time how he could handle it. Joo Won revealed his dirty little secret “Kim soo han moo a turtle and a crane ..” ooh .. I just realize, so far Joo Won chanting meant he wanted to kiss Ra Im, obviously he’s gone mad.

Ra Im told to wait in Seoul until next week because the rain was not definitely the trigger, she’s still not sure. Then they had to behave according to their respective roles, and because this was not the first time anymore. Since Ra Im was in the “Dark Blood” audition process and had sent a demo tape, Joo Won (as Gil Ra Im) should practice to prepare for the audition if Ra Im’s demo tape passed. Ra Im (as Kim Joo Won) should practice signing Kim Joo Won’s signature, and should be used to saying “Is this the best? Are you sure?”

Joo Won prohibited Ra Im to greet and made a bow to anyone. But Ra Im refused, she would give greetings and respect for all persons including his employees, because for her, “True charisma is the fear based on respect”. Ra Im said that Joo Won still not giving due respect, please Joo Won looking for another woman. huh?!

Joo Won still had one request. He told Ra Im to stand still and close her eyes. Joo Won approached her and hugged her. With the if-they-weren’t-swapped scene, they hugged .. oooh .. so sweet. Joo Won said, “Even if we’re swapped, let’s hug each other once a day” … ooh .. .. Such a beautiful scene! sure is not only my dream?

Ra Im as CEO LOEL successfully carried out her duties. Joo Won as a stuntwoman returned to training. Hwang sunbae realized Kim Ra Im’s weak movement. He thought she had dumped Joo Won, Jong Soo who was at his side said “Let’s get him up and beat him up!” Huh? .. I don’t believe Jong Soo could say that.

Every night they decided to meet at the café for discussing about everything they have passed all day. Ra Im got a text from Oska Fansclub leader who informed her if her money was returned, because Oska canceled a Christmas concert. Ra Im felt sorry for Oska. Joo Won was actually jealous because Ra Im was not thinking about his feelings. Joo Won asked if the concert had not been canceled, Ra Im would’ve gone to leave him alone and spent Christmas eve with Oska. Ra Im said yes, even after the concert she would directly go to action school to celebrate Christmas and exchanged gifts with school action members. Ra Im wasn’t really paying any attention to Joo Won’s feeling. I feel pity for him. Joo Won said Ra Im was not going to get Christmas gifts because she was crying.

Oska was still upset and desperate. The Christmas concert was hold. He also apologized to manager Choi since he made hard situation for all. Christmas Eve just (almost) passed Oska alone, but Seul came brought him a cake. Oska kept her stayed and took her drink and ate cake together. Seul didn’t refuse because it seemed like she wanted to accompany Oska on this Christmas Eve. Seul put candles on the cake and Oska began playing piano and singing for Seul. Seul cried because she realized that without her punishing, Oska had suffered enough.

Gil Joo Won never thought that Kim Ra Im would come to the action school Christmas party, because as he said that party was not a party, just a talent event, eating pizza, and exchanging gifts. Ra Im asked Joo Won, why he decided to come to the party, Joo Won replied “because I wanted to spend Christmas Eve with Gil Ra Im”.

In fact Joo Won was enjoying the party. He looked happy hanging out with action school members. There was a little disruption when one of the junior stated his love to Ra Im. Kim Ra Im was angry and threatened to beat off that junior. Fortunately the junior was rescued soon, Gil Joo Won just smiled seeing the scene. After that incident, the party resumed. Behind Hwang sunbae‘s back, the couples was holding hands, ooh… so sweet.

While shaving, Ra Im found a medicine bottle belonged to Joo Won. She remembered when Oska talked about the accidents, about memory, and about Ji Hyun. Ra Im then rushed to Oska’s house, where apparently there was Ji Hyun.  Since Ra Im never met her before, she acted so formal to Ji Hyun. Oska and Ji Hyun left puzzled.

In action school, Joo Won was looking at Ra Im with her father in the picture. He felt familiar with Ra Im’s father . He felt they had met and felt there’s a strong relationship between them, dunno whatever it was.

Jong Soo approached Kim Ra Im, and said based on the lunar calendar ‘that day’ fell on December 5th. Joo Won was confused with ‘that day’, but immediately asked if it was Jong Soo’s birthday. Jong Soo was confused.

Back to Oska’s home, Gil Joo Won was still confused to identify whothat woman was. She finally said “Long time no see”. Ji Hyun was confused because it’s only a few days ago she met Joo Won. Ji Hyun finally said goodbye.

Gil Joo Won immediately approached Oska and asked Ji Hyun’s phone number, she should contact Ji Hyun but Ji Hyun contact numbers on her cellphone erased. Oska confused “Ji Hyun’s phone number?”
Back to action school, Jong Soo finally admit that day was his birthday. Furthermore, Jong Soo said that Kim Ji Hoon called him and asked about Ra Im. Kim Ra Im promised to call Kim Ji Hoon later. Jong Soo’s eyes look more suspicious hearing that statement. Jong Soo said: “Who are you? You are not Gil Ra Im”
Jong Soo continued, “Kim Ji Hoon sunbae already died three years ago, and December 5th is not my birthday. It’s the day Ra Im’s father passed away” .. ouch it meant a dead end for Kim Ra Im.

Back to Oska’s home, with suspicious eyes Oska said to Gil Joo Won “Who are you? You are not Kim Joo Won “. Oska said that the woman who just left is Ji Hyun, Kim Joo Won’s therapist, Park Ji Hyun. Ouch.. it’s also already ended for Gil Joo Won.
Oska asked sternly “Who are you? Where is my cousin? ”

Gil Ra Im and Kim Joo Won was not able to answer the question, they’re trapped in their own game.

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