Secret Garden Episode 7 Summary

Actually I felt a dilemma with previous episode. I admitted I enjoyed the wacky-lunatic-body-swapped, but frankly I felt a little disappointed because there was something missing from Joo Won. I couldn’t find “Joo Won as Gil Ra Im’s fan”. Other than the kissing scene, I think there was no romantic things happened on previous episode. I wanted “Joo Won as Gil Ra Im’s fan” to be back soon. And thankfully in this episode I finally found “Joo Won as Gil Ra Im’s fan” again…yay! ;)

Yoon Seul was surprised to see Gil Joo Won grappled with Kim Ra Im, but managed to stay calm. She said she still gave Kim Joo Won the opportunity to marry her because she thought the relationship between Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im was only based on hormonal impulse, and Ra Im was definitely not her level (rival).

Because Oska had already been in Seoul, the MV shooting failed, and all of crew eventually returned to Seoul. Kim Ra Im looked pale and sweaty (because he still suffered cloustrophobia even in Ra Im’s body) when getting off the plane. He said he looked pale because unaccustomed flying with economic class..hohoho.. he even still arrogant.

Kim Ra Im requested permission to Jong Soo for not coming to school action because there was still “life and death” matters which had to be settled together with Gil Joo Won. School action members then guessed that Ra Im  and Joo Won were dating.

Joo Won brought Ra Im to his house, because he thought it was the safest place. He told Ra Im to quit from the job in action school and live with him as his employees. Ra Im refused, and told that Joo Won was the one who should quit the job. Joo Won  said if he stopped working, Korean economy would be destroyed (makes sense). As they were talking, Joo Won’s mother was already there. Joo Won, who forgotten he wasn’t Kim Joo Won anymore but Kim Ra Im, greeted his mother “Mother when did you get here?”  So angrily the mother jerked “Who’s your mother?” ups…

The mommy was angry to see Kim Ra Im in the driver seat. She assumed Joo Won had succumbed to that woman, to give her everything, car, money, and clothes. The mommy saw many woman’s clothes hanging on Joo Won’s wardrobe, and his mother thought it must belong to Ra Im.

Gil Joo Won was confused…woman clothes? And it turned out that it was the clothes that Joo Won thrown in front of Ra Im when he gave “lesson” for Ra Im. Joo Won apparently bought the clothes, and I guess one day he was  going to give it to Ra Im. Actually Gil Joo Won recognized the clothes, but she told the mommy that Kim Ra Im who bought the clothes. Ra Im didn’t help Joo Won that time.

The mommy said something harsh to Kim Ra Im. She regarded Gil Ra Im as a “gold digger” who used her body to get money. She told Kim Ra Im to stay away from her precious son. The mommy said that one day she would pour water on Ra Im face. The mommy did say that to Kim Ra Im, but a hit is to Gil Joo Won.  I feel pity for Gil Ra Im.

In the car (Mr. director helped us by giving the if-they-weren’t-swapped scene), Ra Im was in the passenger seat felt sorrow hugging the clothes. In the driver’s seat Joo Won tried to comfort her. Joo Won apologized for his mother’s words, but Ra Im said that Joo Won’s words before even more were painful. Joo Won said for the first time he was grateful that their soul were swapped, so he was quite know the feeling when Ra Im insulted.

Joo Won explained his family, from grandfather to Oska. His grandfather had been married for the fourth time. His mother came from third wife and Oska’s mother came from a second wife. Ra Im must always be alert on his step grandmother’s brother as well as his employees, Director Park. Joo Won also forbid Ra Im to be close with Oska. Next, Joo Won asked Ra Im to describe her buddies. Ra Im said: Ah Yeong, Director Im (Im Jong Soo), and actions school members .. that’s it. Ra Im didn’t have any family, and Joo Won was sad to know that. And about the cell phone, they had their own cell phones.

Because all the plans failed and Oska Entertainment suffered a loss,  manager Choi was angry at Oska. He carreied away Oska’s passport so that he couldn’t runaway again. He even took the car keys. Oska was officially housebound.

Ra Im  delivered Joo Won to her home. Actually, Joo Won was reluctant to live in that house which he thought was very shabby. Before she left, once again Joo Won warned Ra Im not to be too friendly to Oska.

Joo Won was very overwhelmed when he got into the house. The room was cramped and cluttered. But Ah Yeong who was just out from bathroom immediately hugged Kim Ra Im. Kim Ra Im just paid his attention to Ah Yeong’s body (which is the ideal size, 36).
Ah Yeong was afraid to because she had a dream that Ra Im driving with the president (Joo Won). She said Ra Im was asleep and the president was crying beside her. But there was ajeossi (she meant Ra Im’s father) who watched them. Kim Ra Im who couldn’t focus on Ah Young’s words because he was too busy seeing Ah Yeong’s body just asked innocently: “Ajeossi? Won Bin?” :lol: :lol: :lol:

Secretary Kim came to met Ah Yeong. Kim Ra Im finally knew his secretary dating with Ah Yeong, yet the secretary had always denied it to him. Gil Joo Won also came, she said she wanted to talk to Ah Yeong. Ah Yeong was confused. Secretary Kim assume his president will scolded Ah Yeong for getting caught dating with him. Not Gil Joo Won who had supposed to be feared, but Kim Ra Im who was staring at him with his vulture eyes. :lol:

Outside, Gil Joo Won said she really missed Ah Yeong and cherished her for a long time ago, and asked Ah Yeong to be careful with Kim Ra Im: don’t talk to him, don’t seat near him, don’t share blanket with him, and always get dressed properly. Finally Ah Yeong concluded that her president approached  Ra Im because he wanted to close with her and then Ra Im got jealous  and angry so Ah Yeong had to be careful…hohoho…there was a misconception here.

Ra Im called Joo Won to ask his house pass code. She stucked out side because  didn’t know the number. Joo Won was still upset because Ra Im considered him as a pervert, so he didn’t tell the number, and immediately cut off the phone. :lol:

Ra Im who got chilled outside tried every way to go in, from a fingerprint scan until eye retina scans, but failed because it required only a pass code. :lol: Finally she decided to go to Oska. When Gil Joo Won arrived Oska was playing a piano. Oska was surprised that Gil Joo Won didn’t scold him for runaway from Jeju.  Instead Gil Joo Won said he knew the song he played before, “the 4th song from 3rd album, its my favorite ” Oska was more bewildered with his cousin. :lol:

Gil Joo Won said she was hungry and decided to cook (because she thought it would be nice to be able to cook for her idol). While Oska was just getting more amazed by his cousin. When the dish was served, Oska told Gil Joo Won to first taste it. He was afraid Gil Joo Won would poison him. Oska assumed Joo Won became so kind because after that his cousin would sue him or even kill him. :lol:

Oska eventually apologized for Jeju events. He said actually he wanted to do the romantic holiday with Gil Ra Im. He considered her as pretty and smart woman with a good shape. Hearing that of course Gil Joo Won was happy. But when Oska talked about the “bet”, Gil Joo Won didn’t understand. Oska said he had won the bet, so what happened between him and Ra Im was not Kim Joo Won’s bussiness anymore.

After Gil Joo Won was back to the house, Oska recalled his meeting with Tae Sun at Jeju airport, Tae Sun brought back Oska’s MP3 player. Tae Sun found it at the restaurant where Oska was teasing a girl. Tae Sun heard the songs from the MP3 player, and he also included a song for Oska to listen. Thanks to Tae Sun, Oska knew that one of his songs on the next album was similar to other people’s song.

Oska was increasingly frustrated with the song matter and Yoon Seul problem. He decided to leave, but he could’t go anywhere because his passport and car keys were detained by manager Choi. Finally Oska went to Joo Won, but Gil Joo Won hadn’t been successfully got into the house. She told the Oska that she forgot the pass code and it might be because of the stress. Oska encouraged her to see Ji Hyun (Joo Won’s therapist) immidiately, Gil Joo Won was confused.

Oska took out the car key from Gil Joo Won to borrow the vehicle. It’s funny to see Hyun Bin tickled :D . Before going Oska told her the pass code, “362434”. Gil Joo Won asked him to repeat it, then Oska said it was the Joo Won ideal female body size “36-24-34”. Gil Joo Won recognized one of the numbers… “36?? Ah Yeong! ” :lol:

Kim Ra Im did not talk much to Ah Yeong. She thought Ra Im was mad at her because her president approched her. At bedtime, Ah Yeong who was sleeping next to him suddenly hugged him.They’re so close that even Kim Ra Im could see Ah Yeong’s boobs. Kim Ra Im tried to get away, but Ah Yeong still hugged him. Finally he just mumbled as usual “Han Su Han Mu turtle and crane …” :lol:

At Joo Won’s home, Ra Im found her motorcycle’s key that Joo Won had thrown into the pond on the other day. Joo Won managed to get it turned back.

In the morning, Ra Im rode the motorcycle to her place and said to Joo Won that his car ran out of gas. Joo Won still didn’t admitted that he was the one who took the key from the pond. Joo Won asked Ra Im how she could know the pass code. Ra Im replied “Such a pervert! 36! ” then Joo Won saw Ra Im breast and said “I understand why you are so sensitive” . :lol:

Ra Im told Joo Won to come to school action. Joo Won wore Ra Im’s body with his taste. All members of action school was surprised to see Kim Ra Im appearance. He then just said “Its time for me to change my style” but they jockingly  said Ra Im became snobby because her rich boyfriend :lol:

Ra Im got the opportunity to participate in the audition movie “Dark Blood”. Gil Ra Im had been waiting this opportunity for a long time. But Kim Ra Im almost blew it off.  He read the script and got angry at Jong Soo, how could he let the woman doing the dangerous stunt (jumping from running car). Jong Soo who remembered Ra Im’s message trying to understand the peculiarities of Kim Ra Im. Jong Soo finally said Ra Im was right.  Jong Soo like Ra Im indeed, but he justtried to be professional in this matter. Joo Won felt Jong Soo not only liked Ra Im, but actually loved her! So before leaving he said to Jong Soo: “Until I die, don’t ever confess to me!” ouch … cruely Joo Won! X|

Everyone at the LOEL was confused. Their president came to the office by motorcycle, and gave bows to everyone, used the elevator, had a simple lunch, and had a girly new cell phone. Director Park was confused on Gil Joo Won, assuming that it meant all these time Kim Joo Won hadn’t been suffered from claustrophobia.  :lol: he got punked.
Gil Joo Won and  Kim Ra Im came to meet manager Choi. He was confused because he couldn’t find Oska nowhere. Manager Choi helplessly asked President Kim to sue Oska Entertainment for the scheme. But Gil Joo Won said she would not sue Oska, but promised to bring him back. Manager Choi was confused and asked “President Kim, have you been drinking this early in the day? :lol:

Joo Won got angry at Ra Im. He wanted to sue Oska. Ra Im finally admitted that his car was borrowed by Oska.  Joo Won immediately reported the car theft to the police. :lol:

Oska was at the golf course, where he had memories together with Yoon Seul, when suddenly the police came to arrest him. Yoon Seul came too late. Oska had been taken to the police station.
At the police station, the four of them (Gil Joo Won, Kim Ra Im, Oska, and Yoon Seul) met each other. The police recommend that this matter to be solved in a peaceful way because its family matters, but Kim Ra Im said “Lock him up” :lol:

Kim Ra Im talked to Oska, who was then behind the bars (Gil Joo Won and Yoon Seul watched them). Oska said he wanted to talk to Kim Joo Won, but Kim Ra  Im said “He said you just talk to me”. Then Kim Ra Im talked about betting on Jeju, he said Kim Joo Won would cancel the charge if Oska agree to let go of the bet: Gil Ra Im.

Oska  was surprised by Kim Joo Won’s deal. He said Kim Joo Won often cheated, but never had done something as low as that. That meant Gil Ra Im had to be very important for Kim Joo Won. Oska said “I also can’t give up for Gil Ra Im-ssi, I don’t care even if he isn’t dropping the charges.”

Everybody was shocked. Joo Won, Ra Im and Yoon Seul didn’t think Oska would said that.

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  1. Wow i so much luv dis movie i can watch it over and over again without gettin tired

  2. Wow i so much luv dis movie i can watch it over and over again without gettin tired .tanks so much for d summary u reali did a great job

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