Secret Garden Episode 4 Summary

Sorry I’m soo late. Frankly I don’t like this episode, too much tense in the scenes. After three episodes I laughed a lot, this episode I turned out sad. Unlike in the first and second episode, where Joo Won was a nobody and turned to be Gil Ra Im’s fan in a short time, here their relationship got a tension … ough … Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won acted too well to get me frustrated with their fighting. That’s why I’m making it a brief this time.

After the previous episode about crappy bag, this episode was about the vacuum cleaner.

Joo Won brought Ra Im to his office, and wondered how could her got the third prize. Joo Won did not know anything about this, and got angry with Ra Im. He said if crappy bag was not enough to insult him, then winning a mere vacuum cleaner was beyond anythoughts. Almost everyone at LOEL (his employees) knew who Ra Im was (the woman who had a fancy lunch with the LOEL CEO). If his employees saw her carrying a free vacuum cleaner in LOEL it would obviously embarrass  him. Joo Won’s statement plausible, but I don’t think he had any rights to be angry with Ra Im.

Ra Im felt humiliated once again, but she just took these insult because she didn’t want to argue too long with Joo Won.  She said not to be embarrassed by her, just tell to his employee that he just playing around with Ra Im. Then, Joo Won’s words was getting sharp. He said even if it just  just for playing, Ra Im didn’t meet his requirements.

Aaarrrgh .. If I had been Ra Im,  I’d bleed to death, his words really sharp like a knife.

Then Joo Won dragged her to showing what kind of a woman suits him. He threw a lot of dresses, shoes, bags etc and told her had to wear those items. He dragged her into a fitting room, they both were cramped in fitting room.  Ra Im then asked what happen next when she wore that dress. Joo Won only answered “nothing”. For Joo Won, Ra Im was special but she didn’t seem to understand him at all. Therefore, before going Joo Won said “it’s that you have not even thought of me for 5 minutes”.

Being in a small room was not an easy matter for Joo Won, but yet he’s in there with Ra Im…then actually what did Joo Won want from a her? Well, he just to give her “lessons”.

Joo Won attended a family dinner where there’s also Director Park (he was the brother of Joo Won’s step grand mother). Director Park  embarrassed Joo Won in front of his grandfather. When Director Park was alone with Joo Won, he talked about Gil Ra Im with threatening tone. Director Park got his weaknesses.

Ah Yeong brought home a vacuum cleaner which Ra Im was angry seeing it, and made her immediately called Joo Won to take it back soon. Joo Won said if Ra Im didn’t want keep it, just throw it out or bring it back herself.

Finally, Ra Im went to meet Joo Won. When she arrived at Joo Won’s house, she bursted out why she’s finally given a vacuum cleaner. Joo Won said that it’s just about charity, the same as when he took her to the hospital. He just a  wealthy  and kindly people who was want to help the poor and alienated neighbors…(Aaarrghh… this man was too clever to dodge)

Ra Im threw the box in front of Joo Won then left, but Joo Won threw it into the pond. Ra Im then took out the vacuum cleaner from the pond, that it shocked Joo Won. Having reached the ground he pulled Ra Im to go in to house to change her clothes. But when they got there Joo Won’s mother was present…Ough,,really not in the right time.

Just like her son, this old woman start insulting Ra Im. If Joo Won’s  level was a beginner, his mother was the expert level in insulting other people. Ra Im finally said she just a poor and an alienated neighbor who receive compassion and concern from Joo Won (repeating Joo Won’s words). Ra Im assured her not to worry because her precious son would not want to play with someone like her. Then she left.

Yoon Seul finally became the MV director for Oska, with a cunning way. She also hired Jong Soo’s stuntmen. Ra Im knew there would be filming in Jeju for MV Oska and got excited. But Jong Soo prohibited  her to participate in the team because it was too dangerous for Ra Im.

When he came to LOEL, actually Jong Soo bought a bag for Ra Im, but he asked for Ah Yeong to help him to give that bag to Ra Im and said that Ah Yeong who bought for her.

In the office, Joo Won received a report about the first winner for LOEL’s drawing with “romantic holiday with Oska” prize. Secretary Kim said that the first winner was pregnant, the second winner was a grandfather who thought Oska was a calcium supplement, so finally they decided the third winner to get the first prize: Ra Im.

Joo Won immediately saying, “don’t! Send fourth winner or Oska’s anti-fan”. Unfortunately, according to secretary Kim,  Ra Im then already in Jeju.  She just deliberately left early  to follow the MV shooting. Joo Won concluded “so I pay for Oska and Ra Im’s holiday in Jeju?”…….sort of  that exactly.

Ra Im  met Oska in hotel. She’s very excited, Oska invited her to lunch together. At the restaurant, Joo Won was already there waiting for them and say “You are late 10 minutes”

If such a man did exist, he’d be really…beyond crazy :rolleyes:

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