Sector 7

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Following the successful “Haeundae“, director Yoon Je Kyoon start working on a sci fi movie titled “Sector 7” and the movie will be made in 3D version.
Starring Ha Ji Won (Haeundae) and Oh Ji Ho (Chuno), the project is valued at 8 billion won, scheduled to be filmed in the U.S. and New Zealand. The movie scheduled was delayed for a year, but the production has begun. This is a project between CJ Entertainment and JK Films (U.S. origin).
This movie stories about creatures that mutated due to a foreign virus. The place called Sector 7 itself is an oil mining platform that stands in the middle of the ocean. On day it’s attacked by a mutant monster.
What will it be like seeing Ha Ji Won and Oh Ji Ho acting in a Sci Fi movie? Well let’s see director Yoon Je Kyoon worked on this project, which is actually a new genre for him.

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