Sector 7’s Poster, Only For Ha Ji Won

Yay! More poster from action sci-fi movie “Sector 7” released on July 14. This poster absolutely becomes my favorite, I think this is the most impressive poster from “Sector 7”. The poster shows Ha Ji Won holding the gun, ready to terminate the monster, in here I can feel her passion through her gaze.

I think this poster is in line with PD’s words that “Sector 7” is a tribute to Ha Ji Won. All those emphasis for her are not excessive, Ha Ji Won deserves all attentions since she utterly works so hard for this movie. Whoaaa..hail for you, Ha Ji Won-ssi.. :o

I hope when it’s officially released on August 4th, “Sector 7” will be as cool as all the posters that’ve been released. It’s a must!!! X|

[by Blossom]

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  1. She’s an awesome, kick ass actress.For some reason, it set her apart from other actreses.I realy admire her,and I’m proud to be a fan o this great actress.

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