The Innocent Ha Ji Won on “Sector 7” VIP Movie Premiere Event

On this article i don’t want to talk about her movie, “Sector 7” that will be released on August 4th.

I just want to share my opinion about her appearance on VIP movie premiere event on July 26th. as always, Ha Ji Won looked gorgeous, but i saw something a bit different with her that evening. She looked so innocently younger and fresh with that pretty minidress, and simple make up. and with that hair cut she looked like a cute little girl. It reminded me of the innocent Gil Ra Im in “Secret Garden”. :o

Her appearance was so contrary with her role in “Sector 7”. In that movie she plays as Cha Hae Joon, a tough woman who will fight scary monster. But now she looks so sweet and pure. With all the cuteness, she still received many compliments from her co-workers for her totality on “Sector 7” in that event.

[by Blossom]

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  1. Ha Ji Won was sooo cute. She’s my favorite female actress for all time.

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