Shin Ha Kyun’s Up-Coming Movie “Running Man” Gets Hollywood Inverstor

20130215-Running Man

Shin Ha Kyun must be proud since 20th Century Fox, one of the biggest Hollywood investors, decided to join on his up-coming movie “Running Man” (런닝맨). This movie becomes the first Korean movie who gets support from 20th Century Fox.

“Running Man” is thriller movie about ordinary Seoul citizen, Cha Jong Woo (Shin Ha Kyun) who accidentally witnessed a murder scene. As the witness his life is in danger because the murderer eventually hunt him down, and wants him dead. The movie will describes his escaping and running around Seoul for avoiding the murder. Just seeing the poster, I can imagine that this movie will be quite intense.

This character is challenge for Shin Ha Kyun because it requires not only his excellent acting ability, but also his load of energy because he always runs in this movie.

The movie will be released on April this year.

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  1. im very happy for those movies because i like watching Korean movies

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