Kang Dong Won Will Come Back From Military Secretly and Considers New Project

Yay! another good news…the mysterious guy, Kang Dong Won, will be back! Finally on November 7th, 2012 his agency gave announcement that the actor will be officially discharges from military service on November 12. He will back as he went, in peace and in silence, no celebration, no press conference, and no fans. too bad..frankly, i’m dying to see him on military uniform, i bet he must have looked dashing and gorgeous.

Kang Dong Won became my most awaited actor since he entered military on November 2010. While he was on military service there was no any report on him in military camp, he totally disappeared. All this time I could only adore him through his CF.

The agency added that after back on civilian life Kang Dong Won ready to make a comeback on entertainment industry. He will immediately sign up in some projects, until now he still considers the offers. Actually he’s likely to become Ha Jung Woo’s enemy on the new movie “Band of Thieves” (군도).

“Band of Thieves” is from director of “Nameless Gangster” Yoon Jong Bin, and i think  the director is crazy about the gangster theme, since “Band of Thieves” is also about gangsters but on Joseon era. Ha Jung Wo already agreed for reuniting with the director for this project. Meanwhile, Kang Dong Won thinks more carefully for his comeback project. I don’t mind if he becomes villain again, with his cold expression and sad eyes he will be perfect as the heartless bad guy and i still love him..no matter what… :)

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