So Ji Sub Runs The Confidential Mission for High Cut

So Ji Sub looks charismatic and serious on his latest pictorial for High Cut, he transformed to become the sexy homme fatale for the ‘confidential’ theme. I always love his tanned skin, makes him looks sexier and mysterious.

Beside showing off his masculinity, for High Cut So Ji Sub also shares his thought about so many things, like hobby and his popularity. On the interview he unveiled his other simple side, actually he is just an ordinary guy since he also enjoys  anipang game (it’s a hit now in Korea, Kakao game anipang) on smart phone. He said that his best score for anipang game reached 159.000. but he has critics for smartphone, that lately because of the smartphone people forget about skinship or direct interaction with others, they only busy with their smartphone rather than with people they meet like family or friends. People become individualist and lack of sensitivity to others.

He also discussed about his latest appearance on the variety show “Infinity Challenge” long ago, since he’s really often appears on tv show and the fans want to see him  once again appears on that show.

This pictorial will be published on November 15th, but you can have a peek from November 13th on the website.

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