So, who is T.O.P?

Frankly, i didn’t know much about this guy. I just know that he had a role in 2009 drama “IRIS” and he’s involved in movie production “Into the Fire“. I never really noticed him until I read an article about his profile.

I think it’s quite funny that in Hangeul his name is written”탑” which at first i read “t[A]p”, since it used an “아” (A) instead of “어” (EO) as the vowel. But when i read further and saw the images, i got it “Oh, this man, T.O.P.”

So, who’s this guy?

He’s actually a famous Korean singer and actor. He’s one of the members of boy band “Big Bang” and have been involved in several TV dramas and movies.

Before joining “Big Bang”, he had already been known as an underground rapper with stage name(s) T.O.P or TEMPO. His name is actually Choi Seung Hyeon (최 승현). He was born in Nov 4th 1987 (still so young, aww!).

He had a role in 2007 drama “I am Sam” and 2009 drama “IRIS”. While in movie productions, he had starred in “Story of Men” (2008) and “My 19” (2009). His upcoming movie is “Into the Fire”.

Like many other boy band members, T.O.P had also released solo singles and the latest one, coming out early this year, is titled “Turn It Up”.

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  1. iy ki yang ini isinya terlalu umum hehe
    tapi muantabs koq udah bisa n sempet buat nulis berbagai macam topik hehe

    TOP why u looks so friggin’ HAWT lately aaargh sorry GD

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