Son Ye Jin-Lee Min Gi on “Chilling Romance”

After a stunning look at the “Personal Taste”, Son Ye Jin is back to the big screen.
I thought her sobby face only suitable for romantic genre, but she wasn’t disappointing when appeared as a bit silly character in “Personal Taste”.  Maybe feeling not yet enough improving her acting skill in that drama, she returned again to the movie with a  romantic genre, which indeed is her expertise.

This time she planned to perform with Lee Min Gi in a movie titled “Chilling Romance”. From the title I thought this movie is gonna be a bit horror, but it seems to be dominated by romance. Son Ye Jin plays as a woman who can see ghosts, while Lee Min Gi is her “guardian angel”.
I was little disappointed when Lee Min Gi has only a small portion in “Haeundae“, I hope on “Chilling Romance” I can be satisfied by having a long enough time staring at him. :mrgreen:

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