Song Seung Hun Become Genius Doctor on New Drama?

On February 20, reportedly that our hottest guy, Song Seung Hun, will come back soon on small screen. But it hasn’t confirmed yet, the source said that Song Seung Hun is still under reviewing the role as genius doctor on new  drama, “Time Slip Dr. Jin”.

This drama is based on 2009 manga (Japanese comic) titled “Jin”, actually the theme not too different with on going drama, about time traveler, like “Operation Proposal” or that will be airing on March “Rooftop Prince”.

If Song Seung Hun agrees to become leading man on this drama, he will be act as the perfectionist doctor, Jin Hyuk. He lives in present days (2012), as genius doctor he act little bit arrogant. He’s the youngest neuroseurgeon. But due to a mysterious power, he travels to late Joseon era about 1860’s. Likely besides to heal the people on that time he also want to heal his wound because of love.

“Time Slip Dr Jin” will be airing on cable tv, Channel A. and i think this drama is too fat, fantasy-medical-romantic-sageuk-drama….but no doubt Song Seung Hun still sharp and sexy as always… :mrgreen:

[info and image source]

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