Stars Celebrating Jang Dong Gun-Go So Yeong’s Son Birthday

first time i saw these photos i thought it was VVIP movie premier event, because the people who came are celebrities, they are Joo Jin Mo, Ha Ji Won,  Song Yoon Ah, Ahn Seong Gi, Kim Min Jong, Seo In Yeong, Kim Jung Eun and many more. but, turn out they attend to event that Jang Dong Gun-Go So Yeong as host. this is a celebrating party for their son’s birthday.

On October 4th, baby Jang named Min Joon celebrated his first year anniversary. There’s a Korean traditional cereminy in every 1st birthday celebration of a child, called Doljabee where in front of the kid lied stuffs that will predict his/her life in the future. Baby Min Joon eventually picked up “rice” which means that the kid will be blessed by wealth.

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