T-ara’s New Member

The new member of T-ara, Ryu Hwa Yeong, was finally announced. Hwayeong become the 7th member of T-ara. She is the twin sister of Hyoyeong, personnel Co-Ed, another idol group from Core Content Media.

And there are still other changes, Boram is replacing Eunjeong as the group leader. Jiyeon appeared together with Hwayeong in that picture. By having Hwayeong in T-ara, Jiyeon is still the one holding the maknae title because even though they were born in the same year (1993), it’s on different months.

And now, T-ara  plans to release a new album on December and comeback on the stage through “Music Bank” (December 3rd). This will be the debut for Hwayeong.  I wish a  great success for these seven girls! ;)

[info and image source]

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