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Cha Seung Won and Tattoos on L’officiel Homme

Oh GOD!!! Your creature….aw..aw..aw…oh damn! Maybe I’m too late to be born. He appeared with tattoos for L’officiel Homme magazine, a male fashion magazine. On that magazine, the actor who’s born in 1970, also talks about his struggle in Korean entertainment industry. Actually I don’t like guy with tattoos, but because he is Cha Seung […]


Cha Seung Won on Shanghai for Highcut

Forget about the amusing Dok Ko Jin on “Best Love” , and back to my hottest ajeossi, Cha Seung Won. Recently, Cha Seung Won flew to Shanghai to do a photo shoot for Highcut magazine which published on July 21st. In China he’s become ‘Shanghai tough guy’ with fatal attraction…gaaah… i feel so hot in […]

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Cha Seung Won, My Hottest Ajeossi is Back!!!

I really love Dok Ko Jin character, so hilarious and unique. But I miss my hottest ajeossi with his beard. Since “Best Love” project almost done (the final episode will be airing on June 23rd), Cha Seung Won let his mustache stays in his face, and absolutely he looks so hot again (no more look […]

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From “Best Love” Press Conference

This weekend I’m sinking in my terrible home works, actually i don’t have time to write articles, but it’s about undebatable-sexy-pretty-daddy, Cha Seung Won…so… (This is the photo that made ​​me throw my homework ) At Yeoksam Novotel, Gangnam-Seoul, on April 28th, “Best Love” press conference was held. Of course the leadings came to this […]

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“Best Love” Official Poster Released

“Best Love” released the official poster On April 25th. This drama will be airing on MBC on May 4th, replacing “Royal Family”. In the Poster you can see the four leading roles: Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Seung Won, Yoon In Na, and Yoon Kye Sang. No need more words, “Best Love” is a must-watch-drama for […]

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Leading Roles on Best Love’s Poster

It’s dilemma. There were two expressions when I saw this poster. First I smiled looking at Gong Hyo Jin’s badass face and her eccentric-dressed-style (she looked like a kindergarten’s student) , and second I was drooling (as usual) when looking at my lovely ajeossi, Cha Seung Won. On “Best Love”, Cha Seung Won plays as […]

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Finally, Cha Seung Won for “Best Love”

Omo! I’m speechless…(drooling) Why this ajeossi has to be so hot??? impossible to ignore him. He’s already forty something but I don’t give a damn! These are stills from his new drama “Best Love” (최고 의 사랑) shooting location. I think “Best Love” is gonna be a success because it has the best (body) actor, […]

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Gong Hyo Jin’s Stills from “Best Love” Location

As we already know that Gong Hyo Jin will play on “Best Love“ (was known as “Discovery of Affection”). She will play as a rude woman with a tough personality, a “badass” girl. She appears with shorter hair cut, chic look and casual style but seeing her skull scarf…hmm, whatever, I still believe in her […]

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Gong Hyo Jin-Cha Seung Won’s New Drama

Kyaaaaaak .. aw .. aw … aw … finally there is a good news in this month, Gong Hyo Jin will play with my hottest Dad, Cha Seung Won. This is not a rumors that they will be together in drama “The Discovery of Affection”. The drama is scheduled to replace the “Royal Family” on […]

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