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Cha Seung Won Will Comeback For Japanese Project

Finally Cha Seung Won will end the hiatus, after a couple times refused the drama offers, now reportedly he already chose the next project, he even decide to expand to oversea. Based on the statement from Cha Seung Won’s international agency that released September 7th, the actor will be act on Japanese theater, “Bring Me […]


Cha Seung Won Being A Spy for Esquire

There’s always room for our hottest ajeossi, Cha Seung Won. This year after refusing a couple projects (The King 2 Hearts and Third Hospital), finally the actor  appeared for public, not for comeback project indeed, but at least is him, still sexy as always. Recently his pictorial for Dax  (the luxurious accessories brand) released through Esquire […]

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T-ara’s Shuffle Dance and Tears on “Lovey Dovey” MVs

Once again T-ara make a buzz through their catchy song and dance, after showing the 70’s cute dance on “Roly Poly”, now these seven girls  teach us how to do shuffling. They do the popular shuffle dance on “Lovey Dovey” MVs (from Funky Town album). “Lovey Dovey” made on  a bunch of MVs, before they […]

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Lee Seung Gi for Ha Ji Won on “The King”?

On January 19th, one of Lee Seung Gi’s staff leaked the information  that Lee Seung Gi will team up with Ha Ji Won on “The King”. Ouch..are you kidding? This kid even not in my possible-actors-for-Ha Ji Won-list , after Won Bin, Jo In Sung, then Cha Seung Won, how could they have this idea […]

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Ha Ji Won-Cha Seung Won Rumored Will be Together on “The King”?

On January 9th, the day before  Ha Ji Won’s agency  confirmed about the role for Ha Ji Won on “The King”, through his me2day account, Cha Seung Won gave some clues about his next drama project.   Then on January 10 spread rumors that recently Cha Seung Won reviewing script of “The King” carefully, and […]

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Review from 2011 MBC Drama Awards Ceremony

For closing year event, as usual, on December 30 at Ilsan Dream Center, MBC held the drama awards. So many drama actors and actresses came to that event, they are Kim Jae Won, Nam Goong Min, Lee Bo Yeong, Cha Seung Won, Gong Hyo Jin,  Son Dam Bi, Park Yoo Chun, Hwang Jung Eum,  Lee […]

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The Best Love’s Couple as The Best Couple on 2011 MBC Drama Award

On December 30, 2011 MBC Drama Award was held, and that night is for drama “The Best Love”, because that drama was success winning a bunch of awards, even the drama awarded the highest prize, Daesang Award. And the couple, Goo Ae Jung and Dok Ko Jin, get the best couple award. The duet of […]

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Cha Seung Won-Ha Ji Won’s Photos from Grimme Award Ceremony

As i wrote before, the awarding ceremony was held on December 9th. Cha Seung Won and Ha Ji Won were chosen by camera directors to be honored the Best Actor and The Best Actress award. To receive the award, they came to that event. Cha Seung Won and Ha Ji Won deserved to get the […]

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Cha Seung Won’s New Drama Will Be “The Third Hospital”

Actually i’m getting love this ajeossi more and more because he never made ​​me wait too long. Every year he’s always there for me , started with “City Hall”(2009), then “Athena”(2010), and recently “Greatest Love”(2011), then what a good news! for 2012 he will appear on small screen through his new drama. On December 9th […]

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