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The Best Love’s Couple as The Best Couple on 2011 MBC Drama Award

On December 30, 2011 MBC Drama Award was held, and that night is for drama “The Best Love”, because that drama was success winning a bunch of awards, even the drama awarded the highest prize, Daesang Award. And the couple, Goo Ae Jung and Dok Ko Jin, get the best couple award. The duet of […]

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Cha Seung Won-Ha Ji Won’s Photos from Grimme Award Ceremony

As i wrote before, the awarding ceremony was held on December 9th. Cha Seung Won and Ha Ji Won were chosen by camera directors to be honored the Best Actor and The Best Actress award. To receive the award, they came to that event. Cha Seung Won and Ha Ji Won deserved to get the […]

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Cha Seung Won’s New Drama Will Be “The Third Hospital”

Actually i’m getting love this ajeossi more and more because he never made ​​me wait too long. Every year he’s always there for me , started with “City Hall”(2009), then “Athena”(2010), and recently “Greatest Love”(2011), then what a good news! for 2012 he will appear on small screen through his new drama. On December 9th […]

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Report From 2011 Korean Drama Awards

To congratulate the success of the most-loved dramas of this year,the 2011 Korea Drama Awards was held on October 2nd at Kyungnam Culture and Arts center. On that event came so many actors, especially those who were involved in 2010-2011 dramas. This event gave awards for 13 categories and winners were chosen by seven judges […]

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Best Photos from “Best Love” Couple on Bazaar

Dok Ko Jin and Goo Ae Jung together again on Haper’s Bazaar for September edition. Due to their latest drama “Best Love”, Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin were chosen to become the Fifth Angel Cinema actors. Angel Cinema work together with Harper’s Bazaar to promote movies and actors from Korea to overseas. Usually, […]

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Cha Seung Won, My Hottest Ajeossi is Back!!!

I really love Dok Ko Jin character, so hilarious and unique. But I miss my hottest ajeossi with his beard. Since “Best Love” project almost done (the final episode will be airing on June 23rd), Cha Seung Won let his mustache stays in his face, and absolutely he looks so hot again (no more look […]

Creepy Story From “Best Love” Set

See the picture below carefully: Look at something strange behind the big collumn. Who is she? Or should the question be “what is she?” From yesterday filming, May 26th, netizens had spotted an unknown woman figure on the background. Some speculate she’s a ghost! Considering the disproportional height and her instance disappearance behind that big […]

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From “Best Love” Press Conference

This weekend I’m sinking in my terrible home works, actually i don’t have time to write articles, but it’s about undebatable-sexy-pretty-daddy, Cha Seung Won…so… (This is the photo that made ​​me throw my homework ) At Yeoksam Novotel, Gangnam-Seoul, on April 28th, “Best Love” press conference was held. Of course the leadings came to this […]

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“Best Love” Official Poster Released

“Best Love” released the official poster On April 25th. This drama will be airing on MBC on May 4th, replacing “Royal Family”. In the Poster you can see the four leading roles: Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Seung Won, Yoon In Na, and Yoon Kye Sang. No need more words, “Best Love” is a must-watch-drama for […]

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