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Only You, So Ji Sub on High Cut

Continuing his new movie “Only You” promotion, So Ji Sub appears on High Cut for October-November issue. He’s alone now, without Han Hyo Joo, his co-worker from that romantic movie. For this magazine he’s lying and roling on the bed..ouch..you looks so hot my dear ajeossi. , suddenly i feel sleepy, may i ask for […]


The Mysteriuos Gorgeous Kim Tae Hee on HighCut

Kim Tae Hee appeared on HighCut magazine for September edition. With gorgeous theme, Kim Tae Hee shows her classy charisma. She looks mysterious and glamorous. She succeeds to hide her innocent baby face, because on this photo shoot she looks mature, bold and sexy. The photo shoot took place at old house near Paris, France. […]


Cha Seung Won on Shanghai for Highcut

Forget about the amusing Dok Ko Jin on “Best Love” , and back to my hottest ajeossi, Cha Seung Won. Recently, Cha Seung Won flew to Shanghai to do a photo shoot for Highcut magazine which published on July 21st. In China he’s become ‘Shanghai tough guy’ with fatal attraction…gaaah… i feel so hot in […]

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