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Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub Confirmed for “Master’s Sun” (주군의 태양)

Woohooo….amazing couple will be created from Hong sisters’s up-coming drama, “Master’s Sun” (주군의 태양). So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin have agreed to become couple on that romantic-comedy-horror drama. “Master’s Sun” tells about a woman who can see ghosts and a man who protects her. Actually it sounds like “Chilling Romance” for me…hmmm…okay we […]

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Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub Are Potentially Become A Couple On New Drama “Master’s Sun”

Woohooo…Hong sisters will be back this year! So please put your disappointment for “BIG” behind. I have a good feeling for their next project “Master’s Sun”. For this rom-com, they’re potentially will be pairing Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub in one frame. The rumor is that both actors are still reviewing the offer. […]


So Ji Sub Runs The Confidential Mission for High Cut

So Ji Sub looks charismatic and serious on his latest pictorial for High Cut, he transformed to become the sexy homme fatale for the ‘confidential’ theme. I always love his tanned skin, makes him looks sexier and mysterious. Beside showing off his masculinity, for High Cut So Ji Sub also shares his thought about so […]

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So Ji Sub Gets Rough for W Korea

For anticipating his new movie “A Company Man” that will be released on October 11, recentely So Ji Sub appears on W Korea magazine and shows his ruggedly charms. He posed with wounded style, as if he is the leader of gangster who’s wounded  after the gangsters war. With those poses, the messy appearance, the […]

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So Ji Sub’s New Movie “A Company Man” Released Poster and Trailer

On his new movie, So Ji Sub transforms into a cold assassin who wears the monkey suit. As always, So Ji Sub looks so cool even on that poster. “A Company Man” tells about professional assassin organization that masquerades as a metal trading company. The employers who are actually the heartless assassins run their job […]

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The Mysterious Poster from “Ghost” (유령)

The main poster from “Ghost”(유령) looked  so creepy, Okay i agree with Rizz here. I think So Ji Sub’s expressionless cold face that makes this poster mysterious. if you see the title and this poster, i bet you think this is a horror drama. But wait a minute, this drama will not involve the spirit […]

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So Ji Sub’s Ghost (유령) Unveiled Video Teaser

“Ghost” (유령) will be released next week, May 30 to follow up “Rooftop Prince” at SBS, then for anticipating SBS has released teaser video for that drama. The writer, Kim Eun Hee, once again created an action-science drama after “Sign” (2010), but from the theme, the cyber crime, i think “Ghost” will be more tense, […]

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“Ghost” Revealed The Leading Characters’ Pictures

On May 5th, SBS new drama, “Ghost”, showed the charismatic two lead characters, they filming on rooftop of a building, because the scene is related to a helicopter. From the blue nuance of these pictures i can guess that this drama is pretty serious. So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee appeared so charismatic and […]


So Ji Sub Being Mild for “Vivien”

Recently So Ji Sub’s pictures for “Vivien” popular fashion brand were published. For quite a long time, So Ji Sun has been trusted to become Vivien’s ambassador. On these photos, So Ji Sub transforms into a sweet guy who wears the sweet pink cardigan. You can’t see anymore his latest image as street boxer on […]

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