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OST Gentleman’s Dignity

Here I post the complete Gentleman’s Dignity OST. Gentleman’s Dignity has been one of the hottest dramas this summer. Although I don’t have any more time to write summary for this drama, it’s definitely my favorite weekend drama. This drama is just great with the whole package: casts, story line, dialogues…and of course original soundtrack. […]


M-Signal “Two of Us”, a Warm Song in a Cold Day

M-Signal’s new single, Two of Us (둘이서), has its own charm when I took time to really listen to this song. It’s about the struggle after a break up, but this song has a certain optimism about heart break. And the atmosphere that the song creates actually brings a warm feeling. It’s kind of a song […]

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OST You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) – Give Me A Smile

To make our collection for You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) complete, I want to share this song “Give Me A Smile” originally sung by M Signal. This song is the ending song for the 100th anniversary drama played by Lee Kyu Won and friends. In the drama, Kyu Won sang the song. But I like […]

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OST You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartsrings) – Part 4

As we know, “Heartsrings” episode 6 ending was very heartbreaking. Shin was broken hearted by the death of his father. While Kyu Won…she had to face the ugly reality that Shin was crying in someone elses’s arms, not hers. And at that teary scene, the background soundtrack was just so perfect for the mood. This […]