The Brothers, Drinking, and Ja Eun on Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 45

I love the way the Hwang brothers always have time for each other. They’re solid brothers. They are always there for their brothers in the ups and downs. And the best thing to get together is of course with a bottle (or more) alcohol.

On episode 45, Tae Hee  and Ja Eun finally told the family about they’re being an item. Despite the fact that the father and mother knew the truth about Ja Eun’s father was the hit-and-run-murderer of Tae Hee’s father, the grandmother and the brothers were very happy for the couple. The excitement even went to the continues talk about marriage plan (should it be in spring or autumn).

That night after dinner, the brothers got together in a better drinking place. They usually just sit on a street vendor drinking place. And of course the busy journalist Hwang Tae Bom was also there. Among the brothers, Tae Bom and Tae Hee were closer than each of them to the other brothers.

Hwang Tae Shik, the first son and also the “old”bachelor (but has a 9 years old son from his Philippines late girl friend) was very excited about Tae Hee-Ja Eun relationship that he even gave his blessing if they’re getting married on spring.

And Tae Phil and Tae Bom who actually knew when Tae Hee and Ja Eun really started their relationship. “It’s when Ja Eun came back to the farm, wasn’t it?” right guessed Tae Bom. He once asked Tae Hee about his feelings towards Ja Eun when Tae Hee was upset about Ja Eun leaving the farm sometimes ago, so he knew that today would happen sooner or later. And when Tae Bom asked Ja Eun (on a truth game they’re playing right there) about where they had their first kiss, Ja Eun with a total blush on her face had no choice but to tell them the truth: “On the street”. And the brothers suddenly went crazy. “Whoaaaaaa on the streeeeeettt…” You know, boys will be boys, no matter how much they’ve grown up. Tae Phil also told everyone about the moment when Tae Hee confessed his feelings to Ja Eun. “It’s when Ja Eun only gave him the blur answer of ‘Yes, (let’s) go’ ”

I love the way brothers were happy for their brother. They just couldn’t stop congratulating, supporting, but teasing Tae Hee and Ja Eun in the same time. And I love watching Tae Hee’s dimples-cute-smile and Ja Eun’s cute blushing-smiles. The pairs were very cute that it made Tae Bo, who’s been having problem with his marriage with Cha Soo Yeong, felt a bit bitter inside. He lost his smile for seconds when no one was looking.

As Ja Eun has been actually part of the family, the brothers were welcoming Ja Eun once again, but this time Ja Eun as their future sister-in-law. Oh, how can I not falling i love with  the Hwang brothers? :)

[by Rizz]

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