The Grimme Awards for Ha Ji Won and Cha Seung Won

On December 5t, The Assosiation of Korean Television Directors of Photography has announced the actors who get the 2011 Grimme Awards, they are: Ha Ji Won and Cha Seung Won. yay!!!

These my favorite actors have been chosen by camera directors due to their performance on their latest dramas. Ha Ji Won looked so stunning on “Secret Garden” until she deserved to got Best Female Performer Award and Cha Seung Won looked so hot on “Best Love”, he got Best Male Performer. Congratulations for you both! I hope i can see you soon on small screen again. ;)

Since 1993,  the Grimme award was given to the actor who appeared very stunning as visually through the camera lens, to television programs with  the best cinematography, and also to camera directors who has done the jobs very well. In short,  Cha Seung Won and Ha Ji Won were chosen as the most photogenic actor and actress of this year.

The television programs also awarded : “Princess’s Man” (drama from KBS), “TEN” (drama from OCN), and lots of documentary programs. The Awarding ceremony will be held on December 9th at 3rd floor of Korean Broadcasting Building, Seoul.

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