The King 2 Hearts Episode 8 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts Episode 8 is surely a sad episode. I still can’t believe the King died and that stupid Mr.Eun had to bear a sin for the rest of his life!! Arrgh. However, anyway…the genius writers won’t suck up our tears just like in any over-mellow over-dramatic other dramas. I assure you, don’t miss this episode otherwise you’ll gonna regret it. There’ll be tears, desperation, but there’ll also be laughter and a piece of happiness in romance.

And here we are on episode 8.

Jae Ha came to the palace. The guard was praying for the departed King Jae Gang. Jae Ha remembered his last conversation on the phone with his brother. He changed his suit, crying. When he was out, all the royal courts and guards started addressing him as “The King.”  Hang Ah received the bad news and knew Jae Ha had come back to the palace. She was out and met Jae Ha on the way. She bowed and started addressing him “The King” too. Jae Ha approached her and said, “Not you calling me that way, too.”

Lee Jae Ha officially received his throne. He was in his king’s royal military red uniform. That made him officially became the leader of South Korea now. He started his on-job-training right away with stacks of files awaited him. Mr. Eun briefed him many things, too. This Jae Ha was so much different from Lee Jae Ha we knew. No one thought he’s gonna face this kind of situation in a very mature way. He was very serious in studying the whole documents the whole night even though in between the time, he stopped and stared at his late brother’s painting hanging on the wall, crying.

Mr.Eun got the information about the forensic result of the King’s death. It was a poisonous gas. Then he remembered when he told that western man about Anmyeongdo, it was the King’s where about. Mr.Eun checked his phone and got a image message: “Thank you for your help” with a picture of the cottage. He knew he would be doomed by the Heaven for indirectly killing his own King.

Prince Jae Shin finally gained consciousness when her mother was taking care of her in the hospital despite her own busyness. Shi Kyeong came informing King Jae Ha about his sister’s condition. They got there right away, but the Princess couldn’t remember anything later than when she made call telling her brothers about her coming down the cottage and also Shi Kyeong about her arrival time. Then she just realized that something wrong with her legs. She couldn’t move them.

Mr. Eun informed Jae Ha about the forensic result and seemed to plan to pull himself out of the royal court duty as his way to take the responsibility. But Jae Ha decided to keep Mr.Eun by his side.

Then Mr.Eun got a phonecall from John who was trying to make him his puppet. Mr.Eun said he’s not that kind of person. But since John knew Mr.Eun bear an unforgivable sin, he made an offer for him saying that Eun could be more than a mere King’s puppet.

Hang Ah made herself busy in the green house, gardening. Jae Ha was on the way out when he saw her laboring (gardening) with the cart, spade and dirty gloves. Hang Ah asked Jae Ha if everything was too hard for him. Jae Ha tried to look strong. Then he asked her to go to the hospital to help his mother taking care of Jae Shin.

Jae Shin stabbed her own leg, shock that she couldn’t feel anything. The Queen Mother worried so much, but she had to leave for her duty as the Queen Mother. In the same time, Hang Ah arrived in the hospital, but the Queen Mother received her coldly. She looked like she didn’t like Hang Ah was visiting Jae Shin.

However, Hang Ah was very smart. She made an excuse by saying she wanted to have  a medical check up because she’s not feeling well. During her being examined, Hang Ah was asking the doctor about Jae Shin’s condition.

In the ward, Jae Shin suddenly smell something. Apparently she wet herself, without knowing that she’s peeing. She called for her mother but the Queen mother wasn’t around. She’s reaching out for a tissue, but it’s on the other end of the bed and while she’s trying to reach for it, she fell off the bed. The guards hear it, but she’s screaming out for the guards not to come. That made the desperate Shi Kyeong called the doctor to do something.  Hang Ah heard the newss and was in a rush to Jae Shin’s room.

We shouldn’t forget Hang Ah’s back ground. Dealing with something like this might use to be one of her daily circumstances in the military dealing with special-need injured comrades. At first she’s taking out the wet bed, then she coldly put the Princess into the thub. She’s cleaning Jae Shin, despite that girl’s resentment. Hang Ah had to slap Jae Shin’s shoulder, telling her that she should be strong for her tired mother. She’s like an elder sister spanking her younger sister to wake up, stop whining, life is not over yet and therefore be strong. Jae Shin got the lesson.

When the Queen Mother arrived back in the hospital, she saw Hang Ah was taking care of Jae Shin well. Jae Shin looked so friendly and comfortable being taken care by Hang Ah. She’s telling Hang Ah to apply the lotion for her legs in the proper order.

Then The Queen Mother brought Hang Ah to the Royal kitchen. She’s teaching Hang Ah to cook the remis, the favorite menu of the family. When your future mother in-law is sharing their recipe to you, that means she’s accepting you as part of the family. And this also what the Queen Mother did to accept Hang Ah as her future daughter in law.

The Queen Mother, Jae Ha, Jae Shin and Hang Ah had dinner together in Jae Shin’s ward. The remis was served on the dining table. The Queen Mother made Jae Shin and Jae Ha tasted Hang Ah’s remis, and none of them could lie about the taste. It’s too hot. The dinner was very warm and in a light mood until Jae Ha brought up the talk about their eldest brother. But then they all tried to bring up the mood again. However, after everyone parted…the strong Queen Mother cried so hard in the car. Jae Shin was crying hard in her room as well.

It was the royal funeral. The new King tried to be strong while everyone was crying for the late King Jae Gang. Jae Ha became the last to cry alone in his room. Hang Ah came to see him. She’s trying to sooth him, but Jae Ha just tried to be strong. Then Hang Ah came to Mr.Eun asking to give the New King a two hours break. Then Shi Kyeong came in to tell Jae Ha that Hang Ah needed to talk to him.

Hang Ah prepared Jae Ha’s favorite midnight snacks taking Mr.Eun’s reference. This time, no doughnut. She’s having sausages. Hang Ah was planning to cheer up Jae Ha. She even learned how to speak in aegyeo, watching some drama scenes as a reference. When Jae Ha came, she right away practiced what she had learned, but more like rephrasing the drama’s lines. Jae Ha was actually about to go saying he was too busy for a midnight snack. But Hang Ah’s adorable awkward aegyeo amused Jae Ha. Since it was a rephrase from a drama, she slipped her tongue calling Jae Ha “oppa

Anyhow, his attempt to make Jae Ha stayed succeeded. Hang Ah was copying what Kim Tae Hee was saying in the drama. Jae Ha laughed. “Are you copying the drama scene?” Then Hang Ah said she had something else to show Jae Ha, but he had to promise her not to laugh.

And here’s Hang Ah performing T-Ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” dance with that cute hair band and adorable paws. Jae Ha tried himself not to laugh, but just failed at the end. Hang Ah was embarrassed because Jae Ha was laughing at her, but Jae Ha said, “It was cute, you did well.”

Then Jae Ha was lying on the bed, asking Hang Ah to join him there. Hang Ah made an excuse, but Jae Ha pulled her to the bed. However, Hang Ah was about to leave again  when Jae Ha suddenly said something about her skin. Hang Ah sat by his side saying that she’s been applying the cream properly. Then Hang Ah told him about King Jae Gang’s phone call before he died. She also showed Jae Ha the lovely picture of him and the Queen he sent to Hang Ah via mms. Jae Ha’s mood was down again and Hang Ah was leaving him to  let him have his own private time, but Jae Ha stopped her. He started crying, “I hung up the phone call. I hung up…my brother’s last call for me.”  Then he cried himself out and Hang Ah embraced him. He cried in Hang Ah’s arms.

And OMG! It was sex after the cry! Well, don’t expect any hot bed scene, please… Hang Ah woke up in her under-dress (cannot call it lingerie, yess?) looking at the sleeping Jae Ha in his bare chest. You know what, I suddenly remember my favorite US serial “Bones” when in season 6, Dr.Brennan and Booth also ended up sleeping together after Brennan cried all night long in Booth’s arm, but this Jae Ha-Hang Ah version….is better!  :)

The King passed his two hours break and that made Mr.Eun had to pick him up. Then Mr.Eun got a phonecall from John. That loony came back to South Korea and asked for a meeting with the new King.

Jae Ha had no idea about Club M, unlike his brother. Under John’s threat, Mr.Eun was approving John to meet the new King. John finally set his steps in the Palace of the South Korea. He’s bowing to Jae Ha,acting like any other devoted citizen. “It’s honor to be able to meet you again, Your Highness,” said John. “Meet again?” Jae Ha asked. “You don’t remember?” asked John.

I really don’t have a good feeling about next episodes to come. And the preview does tell so. Arrgh, so now we have to be ready for the loony John Mayer’s attack. Actually, I hate it that they have to put Mr.Eun in a very difficult situation that he had to bear that big sin. And even though we have a very big progress here about Hang Ah and Jae Ha’s relationship, but this political matter and under John’s attack, the idea of making the North girl Kim Hang Ah as the South queen would be another challenge.

People, I don’t know what foods did the writers eat, but they’re crazily creative. They put so many effort in details and very consistent on it. The result of it is that everything is logical. The argument is strong enough for us to understand the way each character respond to the conflict.

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